To start us off, I don't own Saiyuki. I own the first 2 volumes, and Reload.. But I'm not allowed to read it until Christmas. But I love it a lot. I love how they bicker, it's really funny. So I wanted to see if I could write some of it. By the way, there's shounen ai in this, but it's not really active.

Gojyo leaned into the front seat. He wasn't wearing his seat belt, but it wasn't like we were gonna hit anything. The middle of nowhere is generally pretty empty.
"My lighter's dead. Gimme yours, Sanzo."
"Like hell."
"Come on, it's one light."
I leaned back in my seat and crossed my arms. I wasn't giving that damn kappa a thing. He could try to steal it, but it was securely hidden away in my robes. Which were, by the way, wrapped around my waist. He might have been nicotine- deprived, but he wasn't desperate yet.
"Fine, keep it. Dumbass."
"Did you know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?" Hakkai asked good- naturedly. Gojyo gave him the finger, but he couldn't see from the front seat.
"Go to hell."
Running out of ideas, Gojyo punched Goku in the shoulder. He woke up almost instantly, punching Gojyo back before he was quite conscious. The kappa really should know better than the mess with Goku while he's sleeping.
"Hey monkey, get Sanzo's lighter for me."
"Why me?"
"Because he won't give it to me. You're his lover, not me."
"So he listens to you."
Goku looked puzzled. He still wasn't really awake.
"No he doesn't."
"Well, will you just get it for me?"
"I won't give it to him either," I told him.
Exasperated, Gojyo gave up and slumped back into his seat. The unlit cigarette hung from his mouth. He chewed dejectedly on the end.
"You woke me up just for that? I was dreaming! It was really awesome. I was dreaming we actually stopped."
He aimed the last remark at Hakkai, because Hakkai was the one who decided when we did and did not drive.
"Yeah, keep dreaming. Stupid monkey."
"Don't call me that, Kappa!"
"I wouldn't call you a monkey if you weren't one."
I wondered briefly if I could fire a cigarette butt, because it seemed a shame to waste a perfectly good bullet.
Nah, they're too soft.
Bullets it is, then.
"Jeezus Christ! A little warning next time, your asshole-ship!"
"Oww! That hurt, Sanzo! What're you shooting at ME for?"
"Well if you would stay off Gojyo's lap maybe bullets meant for him wouldn't hit you."
"I wasn't anywhere near him!"
"Hey! The homo monkey wasn't anywhere near me! I'm straight, you hear me! Straight!"
"Did he really hit you, Goku?" Hakkai asked, concerned.
"Nah. I think he took some of Gojyo's hair off, though."
"He did? Really? I didn't think he was that-"
Gojyo abruptly stopped talking. I took this to be a bad sign, and turned around in my seat to see what had shocked him. He had his fingers embedded in his blood- red hair, and as he pulled then slowly away, strands of it came away. It wasn't that big a deal, why was he so-
Goku began to laugh his head off. Hakkai, turning around as well, stifled a giggle. I resolved to sleep with my gun loaded full- barrel or the next couple of weeks.
Or at least until the antennae grew back.

I'm sorry, I can't help but poke fun at the antennae. Those things are just too funny.