To Die For Heaven

Disclaimer: All the characters in this story belong to Martha Williamson not me

Author: Alexandra Lucier


A dark, almost evil shadow crept over the angel as she slept. Monica lay in her hotel room on assignment in a sound sleep. Dreamless peaceful, and completely unaware of the fateful danger she was in. With her long, auburn hair draped like silk over one shoulder and her petite figure as still as stone, she was the definition of peace and beauty.

But then everything changed, for – as an angel – she was suddenly able to sense a second presence in the room with her. Though it was the sort of presence that made her very uncomfortable. Seconds later she was awake and staring up into the very eyes of evil itself. Fear and dread struck instantly in her heart and she breathed one last desperate prayer up to the heavens, as she knew what was to come. "Oh, Father help me."