Chapter 8

Andrew was almost afraid to move. His heart pounding in his chest must have been so loud that people around for miles could here it. Did he just hear what he thought he heard? It was impossible. That voice, that accent. It was so familiar he was sure…but it was impossible. But as something inside him reminded Andrew that with God, nothing was impossible, he decided he had better do something. Anything.

Taking long, deep breaths, Andrew slowly turned to face the spot he had laid out Monica's body just moments before. As his eyes fell on the sight before him, a new flood of tears leapt into his eyes once again and now he knew it was true. There she stood. Happy and healthy. Not a scratch on her. Her hazel-brown eyes stared back at him with joy and energy. Without a word said, Andrew raced forward and embraced his friend so tightly that he was sure never to let go. She rested her head on his shoulder lovingly and closed her eyes for a moment. She couldn't believe she had almost given up like that.

"How…?" Andrew sobbed as he continued to cling to her, though he didn't really care how, as long as it was her and she was here. Monica felt steaming tears of her own pour down her angelic features as she held onto him as well. "I didn't let them take me, Andrew. Just like you told me. I let the grace of God fly me back. I fought…and I won." She choked in reply, still not letting go of him. Andrew laughed out loud he was so happy. "Oh, Monica, I knew you were too strong to be taken. Promise me you'll never let them do that to you again." He begged as he buried his face in her amber hair. Monica smiled broadly as her tears of joy fell onto her friend's shoulder. "I promise." She vowed, knowing how much he loved her. "I love you, Andrew. And I'm so glad to be back."