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A/N: This story is a AU and in Mandy's POV.

I often wondered what I have left to live for anymore. There are very few answers left for me, I see him staring at me again. I held my eyes shut...and held my breath wondering what is he going to do. I always did what he said without question, ever since we were young. I guess I shouldn't have been such a fool. Now that I am older and wiser. I can see him for what he really is an, evil: selfish, greedy, tyrant: Who only dose for himself. I was just his plaything; his toy is a way better of putting it. Grim warned me so many times about him: But did I ever listen...no. I was always so blind, and foolish. Hopelessly in love was the better way of putting it.

I could never believe till this day that I could fall in love with somebody this callous, and cynical. Many years has passed

and he still hadn't changed. I wish I could have taken Grim up on his offer and go to another plane of existence..if I wasn't

so foolish back then I would have been gone. It has been many years since that offer, and I regret not taking it.

He rules the earth now and everything with it. Billy has made me his queen to rule beside him. (Or so he said.) He doesn't see me as his equal, he sees me as less. I am just a toy, a slave, and mother to his children. Anything he wants me to be really. I regret many things now. My life in general is nothing but a nightmare. If I didn't have children with him, I would have killed myself by now. All

I feel is emptiness in my life anymore, and I only blame myself. I regret having that stupid hamster, or ever making that bet with Grim. If that never had happened Billy would never be ruling the earth right now, and I never would have been in this mess to begin with.

I guess the old saying is right; we weep what we sew. I regret so much; I wish I could just take it all back. But I can't.

I can't alter fate no matter how hard I try. I feel him coming near...Mandy; he spoke to me in a low voice. "Yes." I answered with nothing but emptiness in my voice.

I feel his breath against my skin; the feeling makes my skin craw. "Not tonight." He tells me, I took a collective sigh of relief.

I watched him as he walked away. When will I ever be free from my cage? That I may never know.

A/N: This story is crappy! The details were lousy, and it had no real plot and everyone was ooc. I hate it…really I do. This story is a AU…and in this universe Billy was the evil one in case you didn't-know. But I am pretty sure that you figured that one out by now. :P The only real reason I have this account is for one-shots only. This one-shot I written two weeks ago, it's been rewritten many times and I still think that this story sucks. Anyways until you all figure out who I am, you shall call me The Night Writer. Anyways reviews, CC, and, any kind of feedback is always welcome.

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