im sorry for all u ppl who have been reading my story!!!

i've been a bad author slap slap slap

i have a sever writer's block and have been busy with school. and every friday my english teacher assigns us writing assignment. There's a picture on the paper and we have to write a story based on the picture, somehow the picture has to fit in the story, it may be in the beginning, middle or end.
And only one person in the class can get a 100, if its the best story in the class, plus we get to have 1 free assignment. so far from the 4 that we got not including today, friday, i have already gotten 2 100. which i think is really awesome!
here's my grades for the stories:
1st pic- 95
2nd pic- 100
3rd pic- 100
4th- didnt turn in cuz that one was hard

so anyways thats wats happening so far. and sorry for my spelling and maybe grammar, just got off my aim.

i'll try to finish as soon as i can!

also i'll post up my o-so-very-good (maybe) short stories. just so u know what i mean.