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Incest (Father/Son)

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Just another Training Session? I think not.


Lloyd's P.O.V.

With Genis, Colette, and Raine teamed up against the ladybugs and Kratos taking care of the other Grasshopper, Lloyd rushed towards the last monster, hoping to land the first strike. He lashed out with both his swords just as the creature bowed and covered its head with its front arms.

Eyes widening as both his swords were deflected off the hardened shell of the monster's unnaturally long arms, Lloyd was rendered completely defenseless for a split second. But a split second was all that the insect needed to turn the situation into its advantage.

Quick as lightning, the Grasshopper sank its fanged jaws into Lloyd's right arm, right between the wrist and the elbow. The sword in that hand instantly was rendered completely useless. Lloyd's eyes narrowed at the jarring pain in his right arm, but he brought the sword in his left hand down to cut through the creature, only to be blocked by one of the insect's long hooked arms. Sensing an opportunity, the monster's other arm launched towards him, the sharp end of the claw facing him as it maneuvered to slice through his torso.


Gritting his teeth, Lloyd closed his eyes as he heard Genis, Colette, and Raine call out his name in horror. He waited for the unavoidable bow, preparing himself for the pain.

Instead, the sound of something clashing with metal was heard, and Lloyd opened his eyes slowly. He jumped in surprise to see Kratos standing in front of him, blocking the insect's claw with his double-edged sword.

Lloyd turned his head to watch the creature Kratos blocked, standing still. As he turned his head back to the other swordsman in front of him, Kratos was already sheathing his sword and walking away. Lloyd swung his gaze back to the frozen monster, only to gape and drop his swords as he looked at the Grasshopper he had been fighting fell apart with every step Kratos took until it was an unrecognizable pile of still-quivering flesh.

"I-I didn't need your help!" Lloyd yelled at the retreating mercenary's back, straightening himself up to make himself as tall as he could be. Kratos paused without turning his back.

"Your technique is weak…" And Kratos continued walking away, footsteps silently marking his passage down the path. Lloyd bit his lip in anger and moved to follow the older male, but stopped as Raine smacked the back of his head.

"You idiot!"

Covering the back of his head, he turned to face his teacher, a hurt expression on his face while Raine glared. "B-but, professor! What did I do?"

Raine scowled and smacked him again, and Lloyd brought up his arm in self-defense. He flinched as he was reminded that his right arm was injured. Colette rushed forwards to take a look at Lloyd's arm.

"Are you okay Lloyd?"

Lloyd's pained expression disappeared as he nodded, a goofy smile on his face as he said flippantly, "Yeah! Yeah! Of course I'm fine."

Raine gave him a concerned look as Colette tended to his wound.

"I'm sorry. It's just that, you could have died."

Genis nodded as he stood behind Colette, his arms behind his head and Kendama in his hand. With a tilt of his head, he motioned at the two females in front of him. "Yeah, they thought you were a goner, but of course I knew you could have handled it." He said with a grin that disappeared quickly when Raine smacked him too. "Ow…"

Raine hmphed at Genis, who was crouching and rubbing the new bump on the back of his head. Taking no notice of this, Raine turned back to Lloyd, who was paling slightly at the mildly angry expression on his strict, young teacher's face. When she spoke though, her words were still directed at the cowering youth behind her.

"You were just as worried as us." She pointed out, as Genis pouted.

"Geez, I just love the faith you have in me, guys." Lloyd said dryly as Colette finished wrapping up his wound.

Then, patting his arm a little too hard, Colette stood up obliviously and said, "Take it easy for a couple of days and you'll be healed in no time."

With a slightly pained look on his face, Lloyd nodded. "Yeah, yeah…." And moved a little bit away from the dense blonde, edging away slowly. As Colette and Raine moved out, Genis and Lloyd hung at the back as they watched the two females take the path Kratos had followed down.

"Genis, wait…"

Curious as to what got into his friend, the shorter boy waited patiently for his friend to start speaking.

"Genis, I… I think I might have overstepped myself today… Like, maybe I'm not as good at battles as I thought I was… If Kratos hadn't stepped in when he did today… I don't know what might have happened… I don't think I… I might not have…"

Genis gave him a small smile. "I know Lloyd… Don't worry about it. You can still learn from your mistakes."

Lloyd gave him a grateful smile and nodded, heading down the path Raine and Colette took, before pausing with a vein pulsing on his forehead. He turned back, facing the other boy.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'You Know'! WHAT HAPPENED TO 'You can handle it'?" Lloyd shouted, shaking his injured fist at Genis as he slowly advanced on the smaller boy. Genis sweat-dropped as he backed away slowly, paling at the slightly crazed look on his friend's face.

"Well… um… you see… Gotta GO!" Genis dashed past the fuming Lloyd towards Raine and Colette, hoping to save himself from the wrath of his best friend.

Scene Change – Colette's P.O.V.

Colette looked behind herself, worried. "I wonder what's taking them so long."

Rain waved her hand lazily. "Don't worry about it. They're probably just doing some male bonding. Beside they can always take care of themselves."

Colette nodded, still a little unsure. "But Lloyd's injur—"

She was interrupted as Genis ran past her making faces at the following, and very much angry, Lloyd.

"Slow in body and in mind, eh Lloyd?"

With a growl, Lloyd sped up. "Get back here Genis!" He shouted, still shaking his fist as he and Genis disappeared from the view of the females. Raine sweat dropped as Colette smiled.

"I think Lloyd's feeling better."


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Here's the preview for Chapter 2:

As Genis' laughter died away, Lloyd rose to his feet and dusted himself off. Kratos turned to follow the rest of the party when Lloyd's voice quietly called out his name.

"Uh… Kratos…?"

Pausing to show he heard, Kratos waited for Lloyd continue. Face blushing red, Lloyd coughed and cleared his throat. Then swallowing his pride, he said.

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