This is Very AU tons of OOC-ness…Sorry in Advance…I don't own GH or RENT…The only character I own is Tracy's Daughter Amanda (Mandy)...brief prologue the rest takes place AU in present day PC….

Changed my mind yet again…This will be the end and I will start a second story soon(er or later) about the virus and beyond…

Amanda was now fully moved in to the apartment above Kelly's with Mark. She was loving her new freedom from her crazy family and all their fighting.

"I should have found a guy and moved in with him sooner," Amanda said smiling at Mark.

"And what would Tracy have to say about that," Mark asked.

"If he were a Doctor or a Lawyer," Amanda said, "not that much, if he were a gangster she'd kick me out personally."

"But its Monica's house I thought," Mark said as Amanda knowingly nodded, "and what would she say if he were a poor filmmaker."

"He seems like a nice enough guy," Amanda said, "but don't think I approve of him because I don't."

"I take it that's what she told you," Mark said.

"Word for word," Amanda said.

"And what did she have to say about our new neighbor," Mark asked, "or did you not tell her."

"She doesn't need to know about that psycho living next door," Amanda said, "besides Jesse said he has our backs."

"And what about at the hospital," Mark asked.

"I can take care of myself," Amanda said, "and besides I've dealt with the mob before I mean my cousin is."

"Jason Morgan," Mark said, "I know he's a good friend of mine."

Amanda smiled at Mark.

"I'm going to go downstairs now," Amanda said, "maybe stop by the mansion and check on my Lulu before my shift."

"I heard Luke skipped town again," Mark said.

"Well after that scare Tracy gave us," Amanda said kissing Mark, "see you later."

Amanda left and headed downstairs to see Lulu, Dillon, and Georgie.

"I was just going to check on you sis," Amanda said.

"Don't call me sis," Lulu said, "I'm not your sister."

"Technically," Dillon said looking up from his lap top.

"So," Amanda said, "what's new."

"Dad's back," Lulu said, "brought me a chimp, but it escaped."

"Excuse me," Sam said, "did you say you lost a chimp."

Lulu nodded.

"It's at my place right now," Sam said, "Jason and I found him or rather he found us."

"I want to see Jase," Amanda said, "I'll bring it over Lulu."

"Thanks," Lulu said.

Little did anyone know what was yet to come. It would be a disaster bigger then the crash and would change everyone's lives forever.


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