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WRITTEN IN THE SIGMA 6 TIME. I've never really watched the original... Saw the movie, but it kinda did defy all logic...


Tunnel rat groaned. He was doing more box lifting... Again... Heavy Duty had already nagged him about it and worst of all-

He was hungry. Tunnel Rats stomach gave a pathetic growl.

"Just a little longer..." Tunnel Rat whimpered. Suddenly something hit him from behind. He looked around ready to smash his box over anything that posed as a threat. Tunnel Rat frowned in confusion and looked down seeing a back pack.

'Eh? What's that doin' there?' he wondered.


"GAAAAAAH!" Something suddenly landed on him sending him face first into the dirt.

"Cool! I landed in the Amazons!" a voice above him said happily "It actually worked!"

"Aw man... today sucks... First I get hit by a back pack now some other UFO..." Tunnel Rat groaned trying to lift himself up. The person who landed on him looked down and grinned.

"Oh, Hiya!"

"You land on top of me and all ya have to say is Hiya!" Tunnel Rat exclaimed. The person stepped off of him and he jumped back to his feet rubbing the back of his neck. A young girl stood in front of him holding a camcorder looking around like some kinda tourist.

'Probably is one...' Tunnel Rat thought dully.

The girl wore a black cap that looked like his own, a green and white hoody and jeans frayed at the cuffs. She even had a pair of goggles swinging around her neck and was wearing work gloves. He had to admit, she was kinda... Cute. What was weird though, was her hair... Bright orange with a few blonde highlights. And her eyes... Dark swirling green eyes that seem to glow when she faced the sun.

"Who're you? Are you one of those Amazon indians I've heard so much about? You look so modern! Maybe even futuristic!" she said excitedly filming every waking moment. Tunnel Rat cocked his eye brow at her.

"Amazon? No no no, you're in Arizona" he said "Where the heck did you come from anyways?"

"I COME FROM VERY FAR AWAY!" the girl said slowly.

"Hey I ain't dumb, you don't have to talk so slow." Tunnel Rat replied shaking his head then yelped when a box flew into the back of his head.

"T. Rat! Get moving and quit foolin' around! We got cargo to move!" Heavy duty shouted ready to hurl another box.

"I had no idea people in Arizona were so huge!" the girl exclaimed

"Hey, who's that?" Heavy Duty asked. Tunnel Rat shrugged

"How'm I s'pose to know?"

"I suppose we should bring her back with us then hm?"


"An idian guru too! What's up brudda?" the girl snickered under her breath.

"Come on Spirit, for all we know this kid might be from Cobra!" Heavt Duty pointed. The girl frowned looking away from the video camera

"Stop calling me kid! I'm like 19! Well, Almost 20 but... you don't need to know that!" the girl said before looking up "Wow! An eagle! In Arizona! This trip is wicked!"

"Spirit, did you get them yet?" Dukes voice emited from Spirit's gauntlet.

"Yea, but we've got bit of a... problem" Tunnel Rat said using the finger quotations.

"...How big of a problem?"


"Ok, so... Care to summurize all of that?" Duke asked the girl after she explained her whole little story. The whole team (minus Hi-tech) were there in the command center.

"I invented a travel machine, that transported me here" the girl said twiddling her thumbs "Ingenius eh?"

"Not really..." Tunnel Rat muttered and was smacked in the head by Scarlett.

"Who are you?"

"Just call me Fen," she said playing with her camera lens "Who're you people?"

"Why do we gotta tell you?" Heavy Duty snapped.

"Hey, I have a right to know!"

"Yeah, she landed on me..."

"I'm Duke, leader of the Sigma 6 team"

"I'm Scarlett."

"Long Range!"

"I'm Kamakura, and that's bad luck Jinx, Ow!"

"I am not bad luck!" Jinx huffed hitting Kamakura upside the head.

"I'm Spirit, and this is Billy"

"Don't forget me! Tunnel rat! Nice ta meet ya!"

Fen quickly fed him an apology for landing on him then looked at Heavy Duty.

"So, who's he?"

"'He' has a name! Heavy Duty! Remember it good kid!"

"Stop calling me kid! It's Fen! I have a name too! And it's remember it WELL you dork!"

"Ok stop bickering" Scarlett said "We still have to figure out how to get Fen home"

"I don't wanna go home though"

"Don't be a brat, you better get home." Fen frowned at Heavy Duty as he walked away.

"Don't worry, Heavy Duty's always like that" Tunnel rat said "You'll get used to him, eventually..." Fen smiled weakly then turned seeing a person leaning against the door way. Complete black attire, and his helmet and visor covered his face.

"Hiya!" she greeted. The man just looked at her and walked away. Fen frowned again. How rude!

"Don't mind Snake Eyes-sensei, he doesn't talk much" Jinx said

"Try NEVER" Kamakura added "Hey how come your name's Fen?"

"What's wrong with my name being Fen?" Fen said getting defensive.

"Nothing! Just, isn't Fen kinda a weird name for a girl?" Kamakura said and started backing away. Fen's aura seemed to have some kind of...Obliteration mode on it...

"Actually, my name was Fenrir, my mom thought it was a neat name" Fen said turning Obliteration mode off "Fen is just shorter then Fenrir"

"Oh, neat"

"But then... GAH!" Jinx was already dragging Kamakura away to avoid Obliteration from coming back on.

"Anyone else I should meet before I run into someone I'm scared to be near?" Fen asked looking around.

"Oh yeah, Scarlett, go meet up with Hi-tech, he might be able to figure out why Fen popped out of nowhere." Duke said.

"Sure thing sir" Scarlett said "Oh yeah, you haven't met our little Tech-E have you?"

"Tech-E?" Fen shook her head. Scarlett lead her into the room full of computer monitors and key boards with only one chair at the desk.

"Hey Tech! Duke fill you in yet?" Scarlett asked "Oh yeah, and there's someone here I want you to meet" The chair swiveled around and Fen jumped back seeing no one sitting in it.


"Huh? Oh no it's just a cover." a boy with a visor said appearing out from under a kind of blanket... Fen stared

"Whoa! That's SOO Cool! Cloaking device! I tried making one, but it didn't work out, blew up in my face. THIS IS SO AWESOME! Can I see it? Please please please?" Hi-tech handed her the cloth and she ran her hand over it putting it in front of her nose.

"So what's the scoop now?" Hi-tech asked Scarlett.

"Well, Fen told us she came here from a machine she made, she called it the Time Travel Thingymabob..."

"Thingymajiger" Fen corrected and looked underneath the cloak. Where's the off switch!

"She made it huh?" Hi-Tech rubbed his chin "Hey Fen, do you remember how to build the machine?"

"Huh? Yeah, I have the blue prints" Fen said lowering her bag to the ground and pulling out a roll of paper "I drew them in blue ink, so they really are blue" Hi-Tech looked over the scematics.

"You did this?" he asked. Fen nodded. He jumped back into his chair and began typing. "Let's see... If it did that... and this... Ah! I got it! Amazing, you made some kind of dimensional gap to let you travel here, ingenius."

"Thank you!" Fen said with a grin.

'HA! It's not everyday my genius is reconized!' she thought triumphantly.

"But, if you were to travel from one place to another on this thing, wouldn't you need another port on the other side so you could get back? The schematics are right don't worry, just they need a bit of, Adjusting"


"No adjustment? Come on, some of your calculations are wrong"

"Are not! It's just you!"

"Me? I'm a mechanical genius, don't question me!"

"Pfft, Genius eh? I don't think so! I'd like to see you build an old fashioned super computer with a broken mother drive and spare parts!"

"Oh yeah? Follow me then!" Hi-tech said running into a large room. Fen froze wide eyed.

"Those... I'm in heaven..." she said drinking in the sight of the vehicles. Shiny, awesome vehicles! Some brand new, some looking like they were only used once.

"Told you I'm a genius" Hi-tech said with his arms crossed over his chest "I designed and built all of these"

"That's our Tech-E!" Scarlett smiled.

"Yes, you are a genius" Fen admitted, much to her distaste...

'Oh well, at least now they're someone else out there in the world who's brains help balance out the world of geniuses like him and myself along with a few others, and those brainless idiots from school' Fen thought happily.

"So you said it took you 4 years to build this?" Hi-tech asked. Fen nodded "Great, so it should take you only 4 months if I redo your schematics and if you borrow some spare parts from us"

"Aw man, only 4 months?"

"Do you want to stay here? You had better leave as soon as possible, otherwise you'll get mixed up in alot of things" Scarlett said

"Like what? Heavy Duty's temper tantrums?" Fen said with sarcasm grinning misciviously.

"Everyone report to the command center, now!" Dukes voice rang from the gauntlet on Scarlett and Hi-tech's wrists.

"Come on, we better check it out!" Scarlett said running towards the CC with Hi-tech and Fen at her heels.

"What's up now?" Tunnel Rat asked with his arms behind his head.

"The cameras picked something up some footage earlier, I'll put it on" Hi-tech said typing a few commands into them main computer "The Amazon base is infested with Cobra bots, looks like they remembered where we put it and decided to move in."

"Aw man, I thought we got rid of them before! All because SOMEBODY blew up half the base..." Heavy Duty said glancing at Tunnel Rat

"I couldn't help it! It was that or we would've been Cobra meat! And I wanted to live ok? Plus it wasn't half, it was the WHOLE thing" Tunnel Rat said with a frown.

"Whole thing? YOU SOUND PROUD THAT YOU BLEW UP THE BASE!" Tunnel Rat rubbed behind his head

"Well I try my best!" he laughed.

"The Amazons huh? So there is a difference between Arizona and the Amazons" Fen said fixing her cap.

"Yeah, you see? Amazons, Arizona, Amazons, Arizona, BIG Difference" Tunnel Rat emphasized pointing to the screen and outside the window. Fen smacked him in the shoulder

"I'm not an idiot! Don't mock my genius!"

"What genius is there to mock?"


"You shut up!"

"Arg, anyway. Scarlett and I will take the copter. Long Range, Spirit, Heavy Duty and Tunnel Rat will all take the Rhino" Duke instructed.

"What about me?" Fen asked hopefully, her craving for adventure growing.

"You stay here at HQ and start your machine, the sooner you get out of here the better" Duke said "It's too dangerous"

"Aw... Alright..." Fen sighed. When everyone left, Hi-tech directed Fen to the garage telling her where the spare parts where and fixed her schematics in a total of five minnutes.

"You stay here ok? I'll be busy so don't get yourself into trouble or anything." Hi-tech said before the door of his computer room closed. Fen stared at the wall for a moment and sighed walking into the garage.

'I don't want to leave...' Fen thought picking up a cresent wrench and dragging a few pieces to a corner 'This place is better then home, even if that Heavy Dirty Jerk is here...' She worked for about half an hour, tighting bolts, loosening screws, melding things together. Standing up and stretching, she started to wander down the halls. Break time!

'Maybe that's why it took me so long to build it' Fen humoured to herself.

"Go left!"



"Go right? You just told me to go left!"

"No no, go left! I just meant right that it was the right way"

"Stop confusin' me already! Is it left or right? Nevermind... I choose right."


Fen tapped her chin with her finger thinking whether to walk away or listen in, her options like an RPG command screen.

She decided to listen in.

"Ok Tunnel Rat, if you go down the path to your left you should be able to set the explosives there, I'll detonate them so you have time to get away" Hi-tech instructed.

"Aw, but I wanna blow em up..." Tunnel Rat complained adjusting the goggles over his eyes "Alright, so it's down the right right?"

"Go right once, then left, then down."


"Hi-tech! Any ideas so far with the sheilds?" Duke asked

"Not yet, even if I did have an idea those bots are all in the way..." Hi-tech replied scratching his head.

"Well you better think of something quick!" Heavy Duty shouted

"Give me a few seconds! I can't direct Tunnel Rat and think of an idea at the same time! You know how bad Tunnel Rat is at following instructions!"


"I can't believe you're going to let him blow up the base again..."

"Hey it's what I do HD!"


"Kamakura's down! Hustle is up Tech!" Duke ordered. Fen stared though the crack of the door at three screens. One that showed a diagram of a dot moving through a maze labeled Tunnel Rat. And another screen with footage of Spirit, Scarlett, Duke and Long Range shooting rounds of laser blasts at blue robots with a red symbol on their chests. Snake Eyes was charging at the bots slicing them up with his two katana.

Hi-tech cursed "Arg, I can't do everything at once..." he looked up "Hey Fen!"

"Uh-oh..." Fen began to back away quietly from the door.

"I can see you, I have camera's posted all over the base" Hi-tech said "Listen, I need you to go the camp and help out. You don't have to do any fighting, just help out with Kamakura. He seems to have gotten hurt..." Fen rubbed her chin uncertainly then grinned.

"Yessir!" she saluted.

"Great! Go to the garage, there should be a Ninja bike still there, you know how to ride one of those? And don't look at me like that Snake Eyes! This is an emergency!"

"I only rode on one once" Fen said and turned to leave. The door opened and Hi-tech handed her a gauntlet

"Wear this, it'll let us keep in contact" he said strapping it on her wrist "Don't break it or anything, ok?"

"Can do." Fen said and ran to the garage.

"It should be in the corner somewhere, with a black cover on it." Fen followed and ripped the cover off. Another grin split her face.


"Ok, there's a hover mode on it so it'll get you there faster. I'll send you the directions. You...can read a map can't you?"

"Course I can" Fen said pulling her cap snug over her head and snapping her goggles over her eyes "So, all I need to do is help Kama with an injury right?"

"Right, I'll instruct you later how to treat him. There's a First Aid kit on the side of the bike" Hi-tech said typing rapidly.

"No need Tech-E, I took medical school, this genius is a true one!" Fen said and sped out of the garage.

"Arg... that kid has quite the ego..." Hi-tech sighed "I really hope I made a good choice..."


Jinx shot lasers at the Cobra bots that got too close to her wounded friend. Kamakura lifted his arms and fired rounds while holding his bleeding leg. The wound wasn't deep, it had just grazed him but since it was a laser blast it burned more then it bled...

"You doing ok there Kama?" Jinx called

"Yeah, just be careful yourself though" Kamakura winced then gasped "Jinx behind you!" There was a screech of metal and a loud BANG as a motorbike smashed into the cobra bot crushing it. Fen pulled her goggles down and rose her hand in greeting.


"What're you doing here!" Jinx asked while Fen jumped off the bike, grabbed the first aid kit and started treating Kamakura's leg

"Ow ow! Hey don't be so rough!"

"Do you want to keep you leg?" Fen asked tieing the bandages "There, done! Now all we gotta do is wait for the fireworks to go off and we'll call it a day!"

"You sound like you're enjoying this..." Kamakura groaned.

"Hit the deck!" Jinx shouted as she, Kamakura and Fen dove behind a large rock.

"Ow ow ow..."

"Sorry Kama, didn't mean to crush your leg" Fen grinned sheepishly rubbing behind her head.

"There's so many... We're totally out numbered!" Jinx said firing then retreated behind the rock when laser fire rained at her. Fen pulled out a screw driver from her pocket and ripped the gauntlet off her forearm.

"Hey hey! What're you doing!" Hi-tech cried, his voice sounding paniced from the speaker.

"Making myself a weapon! Sorry, uh, I'll pay you back later!"

"Fen don't you dare cut me o-!" Hi-tech's voice died when Fen removed the speaker and started rearranging wires attaching a dail from her pocket with airplane glue.

"I'm confused too, what are you doing?" Kamakura asked.

"I already said, making a weapon!" Fen said closing the casing and snapping the gaunlet back on "There! Now to test it!"

"I have a bad feeling about this..."

"Recca!" Fen shouted and fire blasted from the gauntlet searing the trees in front of them "Wow! I knew it was going to be big, but not THAT big! This is sweet!"

"Yeah, she's definately enjoying this..." Jinx said. Fen grinned and turned the dail

"Now let's see what this can really do... ON FULL BLAST!" Jinx and Kamakura shared a nervous glance. Yeah, she was definatly enjoying herself...

"Hey hey! Kamakura! Is Fen with you?" Hi-tech's voice came from Kama's gauntlet.

"Yeah, she just changed her gauntlet into flame thrower"

"Flame thrower!"

"Oh shush you, it works like a charm!"

"Ok then, go test your charm! Scarlett just got shot, she closer to the base and needs medical attention. Think you can make it?" Hi-tech asked.

"I don't think. I know!" Fen jumped onto the ninja bike and pulled her goggles up again "Good luck you two!" with that zoomed off leaving a cloud of dust.

"Have no fear! The medic genius is here!" Fen announced running towards the group, whom were taking cover behind a few barrels. Scarlett had a shot right through her shoulder while Long range and Duke had a few burns from near misses.

"Tech sent YOU as the medic?" Heavy Duty exclaimed "In that case we're doomed!"

"Hey I...took...medical... school!" Fen shouted over the explosions of lasers "Oh for the love of... RECCA!" she fired over the barrels and wiped out the front lines of bots.


"There, much more quiet" Fen said calmly and finished dressing Scarlett's shoulder "So, where's Tunnel Rat?" A couple of explosions was her answer.

"There he is now" Spirit said pointing.

"FIRE IN THE HOLE!" Tunnel Rat shouted jumping behind the barrels with the rest of the team. The explosives detonated making debris fly everywhere showering the group in dirt and compost along with little parts of machines.

"Fireworks!" Fen smiled.

"Bombs and fireworks have no simliarities..." Hi-tech groaned.

"Sure they do! They're both flashy" Tunnel Rat grinned

"Tunnel Rat I was the one who was suppose to detonate those bombs! You put them on a timer!"

"Yeah well, I got tired of waitin' for ya so I just did it myself"

"Arg... You hardly ever listen to me..." Hi-tech mumbled while Tunnel Rat gave a nervous laugh.

"Good job everyone, Mission complete" Duke said "Now let's get back, before anything else bad happens..."


"Well, what now?" Fen asked building the base for her machine.

"Well, If I help you for about 6 to 10 hours straight we could finish the travel machine in about a month at most" Hi-tech said fixing his visor

"Not that! I mean with those machines! What're they anyways?"

"Cobra, an evil organization trying to rule the world. That about sums it all up" Scarlett said

"Oh..." Fen frowned "So... It's a month you say?"

"If you and I work together for 6-10 hours yeah, a month" Hi-tech said

"Well scratch the ten hours, I can't work that long! I'll be deprived of energy and I'll burn my hand off or something..." Fen stated.

"Tell me about it, they work me like crazy!"

"YOU DON'T EVEN DO ANYTHING TUNNEL RAT!" Heavy Duty shouted grabbing Tunnel Rat by the collar of his shirt and shaking him.

"GA-ah-AH-ah-AH! STOP. SHAKIN'. ME!"

"Well, if your not going to work for that long, it'll cause you to stay longer" Duke said "Team meeting, now. Fen you stay out here"

"Huh?" Before Fen could answer they had already left. About half an hour later, they all came out.

"Well Fen, we all dicussed it and decided." Duke said with a smile "We don't exactly have a medic on our team, which would be pretty useful so..." he tossed Fen a communicator. Fen stared at the tiny card.

"How about it?" Spirit asked.

"This is..." Fen started

"You don't have to, it's kinda dangerous but I guess it's up to you" Kamakura shrugged.

"This is..." Fen jumped to her feet "TOO AWESOME! I TOTALLY ACCEPT!"

"Great! But one condition..." Long Range gestured to the side "Heavy Duty has to be in charge of you"

"Yeah! So start movin' them boxes out!" Heavy Duty ordered. Fen's mouth dropped open.

"What! But it's like, 9:30 pm!"

"No, your watch is 3 hours faster, so it's 6:30pm! So get haulin'!" Heavy Duty snapped. Fen muttered curses trudging to the boxes and picking two up.

"Where the hell do I put 'em?" Fen asked

"Right there, Hey T. Rat! You work too! You didn't work all day!"

"What! But I did do work! I deserve a break!" Tunnel Rat protested until Heavy Duty shoved him towards the boxes "I blew up the base and got rid of the bots!"

"Yeah but that's something you enjoyed!"

"Gr, You ain't the boss of me!"

"Actually, now he is" Long range said "Duke said you've been slacking a bit, so you're under Heavy Duty's commands"

"WHAT! Awww..." Tunnel Rat lifted a few boxes reluctantly and followed Fen.

"Psst, don't worry... I'll wake him up by dropping an ice cube down his shirt..." she whispered and Tunnel Rat grinned.

"Just lemme get my camera and we're set!" They both shared a chuckle.

"Hey! Move it people!" Heavy Duty barked carrying a bunch of boxes

"Yeah yeah keep your head wrap on!"



Authors notes: Blah... I'm not too happy with this fic, it was just something to get my G.I.Joe fetish out of my system. But then my friend Fira-san said he would've like this published so I happily obeyed. Sorry if some of the characters are out of character, I'm still a bit new with the show. Alright! Thanks for reading y'all!