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"Face it, you'll never beat me." Fen smirked, arms crossed as she stared her enemy down.

"Oh yeah? We'll see who will win..." Kamakura panted.

"Really? I'm pretty sure my next attack will determine the outcome of this battle." Fen said and jumped up, "AND BY GOLLY YOU ARE GOING TO KING ME!"

"Just move the stupid checker piece!!" Kama shouted in exasperation. Fen whipped out her Odin gun and shot a bullet straight at the checker board and it ricochetted into the ceiling.

"What on earth are you guys doing here?!" Hi-Tech shouted hiding behind a door. He reached over and yanked a shuriken out from the face of the door, "Care to explain this?"

"We're just playing checkers." Fen shrugged.

Tech's jaw fell open onto the floor, "CHECKERS?"

There were kunai and other various weapons embedded into the walls along with bullet holes and scorch marks. There was a small raging fire burning in the corner of the room and the checker board looked as if it was brutally stabbed, shot, and fed through a wood chipper after a bear probably mangled it up. The bad part was they were staying in a nearby inn. Hi-Tech inwardly sobbed at the expenses of repairs.

"Yeah, checkers!" Kama's eyes turned into happy arches.

"This isn't checkers! It looks like you both tried to maim eachother! And get rid of those eyes!" Tech cried. They two young adults looked around the room as if they never noticed the room nor that they were the cause of the damage.

"We're playing VIOLENT checkers." Fen grinned while rubbing her hands together, "Alrighty! New game!"

"Yeah!! I'll go get Tunnel rat! Maybe your little bro and sis wanna play too!" Kamakura said just as cheerfully as he and Fen traded weapons, "FINALLY! A GUN IN MY HANDS!! MUAHAHAHAA!!"

"I'll go and get the mines!" Fen said with an almost hyper active glow coming from her, "Oh, Tech-E, could you please put out the fires? I think we might've caused a gas rupture here somewhere."

"Bye bye!" Kamakura said happily as he and Fen ran out.

"Wait, what are you guys going to do now?" Tech asked. The two of them popped their heads back in the room and grinned..


Hi-Tech stared at the destroyed room.

"I'll kill them..." he muttered picking up a fire exsinguisher.



"NO. I'm busy..." Jorden snapped and used a towel to wipe the sweat from his forehead as his blue hairs stuck to his skin, "I'm training. SO GET OFF MY BACK!!"

"You can practice swinging around your giant toothpick later! Come and play!" Fen begged clinging onto her brother's back and rubbing her head against his neck like a cat. Kamakura could just imagine the ears poking up from her cap.

"I said NO!"

"Aw but you never play with meeeeeeee!!!" Fen whined as her brother started to drag her on the floor.

"Last time we "Played" you almost killed me!!" Jorden shouted.

"Come now, you still hold that grudge against me?" Fen purred.

"You almost landed a sniper shell in my skull!!"

"We were playing Reality Halo." Fen whispered to Kamakura, who nodded.

"Ya know we should play that later..."


"Fine! We'll see if Helen wants to play!" Fen shouted running off.

"See if she cares!!"

Thus, Helen did not care, for she was busy as well.

"You nerd... GET OFF THE COMPUTER!!" Fen cried trying to pull her sister away from the console. Helen meerly shook her head rapidly and clung to the desk. Fen huffed in annoyance and set her hands on her hips, shaking her head, "Jeez... 10 years and you both haven't learned to live yet... Come on Kama, let's go!" Fen dashed out of the room with the ninja at her heels and Helen glanced back at them leaving.

"That's because it's YOUR fault sis..." There was a loud beep as the computer console called for a meeting inside the ROCC. Helen blinked at it and sighed.


"Alright, what was so important that you had to stop our game of Reality Minesweeper...?" Fen asked, fuming while sitting on the table. Tunnle Rat was leaned against the same table with her and Kamakura, the three of them having soot, dirt and black sludge covering their faces.

"You'll see as soon as Hi-Tech gets here." Duke said and after a light cough, nudged Scarlett. She gave him a bit of an annoyed look but then later handed Fen a piece of paper.


"Your bill so the damage to the hotel room you guys were in earlier, including the damage the the land outside." she said.

"Hey don't look at me like that, that golfcourse was in the way." Fen shrugged innocently.

"Yeah! Those holes were peeerfect for my new bug bombs..." Tunnel Rat grinned and held up a tiny beetle that looked like it was made of rubber, or was from the dollar store, "Ain't it cute?"

"Yeah yeah, just don't swallow it by accident." Heavy Duty snorted with a roll of his eyes. While Tunnel Rat was busy sticking his tongue out at him and then running for his life, there was a hiss as the door opened and in strolled Hi-Tech. He glanced to the side, and gagged.

"By all that is Holy WHAT the HELL did you guys do to change colors...?!" he shouted and Fen rubbed at the sludge stuck in her hair, a long string of goop following her fingers.

"T.R. had glue bombs, and that mixed with the smoke and debris of the demolition zon- I mean, golfcourse, mixed in with it." Fen chuckled, "So Tech, what was it you wanted to discuss, and do you have any idea why my adorable little brother and sister can't be here?" A long silence suddenly filled the room and Fen rose her eyebrow. Duke sighed, scratching at his blonde hair.

"Sorry Fen, but..."


"Huh...?" Fen lifted up her arm curiously as a handcuff was put on her, "So, what, now we're playing Cops and Robbers?"

"Fenris Fenrir, you are under arrest." Hi-Tech said strictly, a hint of triumph was in his voice.

Fen glanced at the handcuff around her wrist and then sighed, as if she expected this.

"Under what charges...?" she asked, annoyance crawling into her voice.

"Yeah! What exactly's the meaning of this?" Kamakura demanded but was held back by Jinx, "Jinx...!"

"Shut up for a minute would you Kama...?"

Kama stared at his team mate and then his eyes narrowed.

"You know why, don't you...?" Jinx looked away and Snake eyes nodded.

"But why?" It was Tunnel Rat's turn this time.

"Because..." Hi-Tech pointed at Fen, "She's a snake, or more precisely, She's a COBRA!"

"Hey take that back! There's no way Fen's part-a COBRA! She's been helping us beat them for a while now!" Tunnel Rat shouted, "Yo, Heavy Duty! Undo those cuffs man, this has gotta be a mistake!"

"No can do."


"We've been doing some digging around, and found Fen's, Jorden's, and Helen's files in the COBRA mainframe." Hi-Tech said bringing up their pictures on the screen, the three of them being younger looking, "So, can you worm your way out of this one Genius?"

"Hey just cause her files in there doesn't mean-!"

"Tunnel Rat!" Everyone looked at Fen, who seemed to almost glare out at them all, her green eyes blazing, "Stop, that's enough."


"I said that was ENOUGH! God dammit, are you even capable of shutting the hell up for even a second?!" her voice raised itself, "I know Destoy and Storm Shadow, personally, and my brother and sister were found with COBRA's men, er, BATS. I think it's all pretty obvious, oh wait, I almost forgot how idiotic you are." Tunnel Rat frowned, his eyebrows knitted together and he looked away.

"F-FINE THEN! BE THAT WAY!" he shouted with anger and turned his back to her, "You dirty snake...!"

Fen hopped off the table she was sitting on, looking satisfied with herself, allowing Heavy Duty to place her other hand behind her back and cuff them together.

"What now?"

"I knew this was going to happen, so I got Hi-Tech to build a cell specially for her." Duke said, "The drunk chair is in there, so strap her to that." Heavy Duty nodded and pushed Fen towards the door.

"Sorry kid..."

Fen was silent for a moment then managed a smile, "Yeah, me too..." she glanced over her shoulder, "Hey Tech-E!!"

"Huh, what NOW?" Tech smirked, "Can't resist another smart ass remark?"

"... Good job finding my corrupted file, you really are more of a genius than I am. For now anyways." she grinned, "Well, it was fun everyone. I'll be in my...Throne. But dont worry, I'll be back." The Joes heard her laughing the whole time she was being pushed away into her cell, which was in a seperate part of the ROCC.

Duke ran his hand over his short hair and sighed, "Well everyone, get ready to move out. We're heading north to investigate a BAT attack." no one moved for a moment.

"You heard him everyone! Get to your stations and let's leave!" Scarlett called, snapping everyone to attention. As the team was assembling themselves, Scarlett turned to Duke.

"So, you really think she was part of COBRA?" she asked, "Sure we found her file with them but..."

"We can't risk it right now, I feel unsetttled too yeah but we can't take any chances." Duke pat her on the shoulder, "Don't worry too much, it's not like we're going to execute her or something."


Fen, who was strapped to a the modified chair that Jinx was in when she had gotten drunk, hummed to herself and swung her legs back a forth. As she felt her weight shift to the side, she assumed that they had started to move out of the parking lot of the inn and were now on the road.

Well, guess it wasn't all bad that she'd been found out. It was going to happen eventually.

"Ha, now I dunno which it worse. Me getting ratting out or me being nice to Hi-Tech." she mused to herself, "I wonder where Jorden and Helen are... Hope they're not being chewed out by Heavy Duty or something." There was a light tapping sound and she quickly looked up. Hearing it again, she glanced around her and heard a chuckle.

"Well, you've got yourself in a strange situation Fenris."

"Ya know, you're gonna get caught Storm Shadow, Tech most likely has camera's in here to monitor me." Fen said and slouched in her chair, "And so what?"

"You just seem uncomfortable." Storm Shadow tilted his head to the side at her, "You want me to break you out?" Fen shrugged.

"Nah, don't bother. I'm sure something lucky will happen for me or something." she said, "And when were you so generous?"

Storm Shadow stared at her hard and seemed to shrug himself.

"You're still useful to COBRA. I was sent to retrieve you and your siblings."

Fen rose her eyebrow at him and laughed, "Oh, I get it. My services for my freedom. Yeah, about that..." she sat up straight and her eyes flickered, "Tell Destro and Cobra Commander that if they want me, they'll have to hunt me down and drag me back with them."

Storm Shadow seemed to sigh and shook his head, "Very well, I'll relay that message. But I'm here to warn you..." he slipped into the shadow and his voice echoed in the tiny chamber, "The hunt has already started, and you so far are the one with the biggest bounty."

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