Chapter One

What's going on?

Of all the years I been alive, I never in a million years thought I would fall for this guy. Ever. He would have never crossed my mind. I knew that he existed, but he was just a familiar face with the crowd I surrounded myself with. He was none other then an acquaintance. How could this happen? I frowned shaking my head. I'm Hermione Granger. I'm not supposed to place all this nonsense in my head. I should be studying to be a healer for St. Mungo's hospital. Placing my hands on my lap I sat there staring out towards the witches and wizards passing through diagon alley for a day of shopping unaffected by my eyes on them.

The sun was at its highest as I started to wonder were the heck everyone was. I had been here nearly an hour at Florean Fortescues's Ice-cream parlour and there was no sign of them whatsoever.

"Hermione." I heard a female voice call as I turned around to see Ginny walking towards me. "We're so sorry we're late." We? Whose we? I looked passed her to spot a dark hair guy walking towards us. The only person in the world that you would know right away, just by his features alone. Not to mention the scar parading so smoothly on his forehead with its lightning bolt shape. This guy was one of my best friends.

Harry potter. The boy who lived. Actually now that Voldemort was defeated, the boy that survived the war. It was almost a year now since the battle and the wizarding world was settling down once again.

As angry as I was at them for being late I couldn't help but pull myself up to embrace Ginny first, for she was the only other girl in my life besides my mother and Mrs.Weasley whom I was close to, then my best friend.

"Just the two of you came?" I questioned looking for a certain redhead. Who I was sure had grown taller since the last time I saw him. He was impossible to miss.

"Just us for right now. We don't have any idea what's going on." Ginny answered taking a seat across from me as Harry sat next to her.

"What do you mean Gin?" I asked.

"Well, Mr. Weasley was insisting that he stay at the burrow for some strange reason. And we didn't want to be late meeting you here so we left." Harry explained. I blinked at those words.

"Well anymore then we already were." Harry corrected himself. Looking at Ginny avoiding my glare.

"His situation does seem a bit strange. But I'm sure it's nothing extremely dangerous or worse life threatening." Ginny laughed.

"So it was just Ron that was asked to stay behind?" I questioned staring at the both of them once more.

"I think it was the whole lot of them. The twins, Charlie included." Harry replied.

"How strange?" I whispered softly. They nodded agreeing with me. The topic had to change so I smiled and took both their hands.

"So how have you both been? I haven't seen you since the summer." I began.

"Well with Voldemort gone they reopened Hogwarts. And I should be returning there in two weeks." Ginny responded.

"Are you excited?" I asked still beaming.

"Not really. You're not going to be there. Neither is Harry. I don't care all that much for Ron being there so. I wouldn't say excited. Because I'm not really. Just average I guess." She had taken Harry's hand as my focus was else where. They seemed more in love then ever.

"And you Harry?" I asked turning to smile at him.

"Well..." He had just started.

"HOW CAN THEY DO THIS TO ME?" Boomed an all too familiar voice. We all turned around to see a flushed face red hair male storming towards us. The redhead was my other best friend Ron Weasley.