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Being Pregnant, being mostly pregnant and being slightly pregnant…

In all the hell bend things that could have happen today this had been the worse. I slammed the door open into their shop. Of course we didn't stay long in Sweden because I was getting home sick and needed to be near my parents and my new large family and had nearly begged him to come back home. With a lot of persuasion I was actually able to convince that redhead that I needed to be here in London. We only spend six months there. Yet not even a week home I was discovering that maybe living in Sweden wouldn't have been so bad. Seeing as I could have murdered him in his sleep and no one would have been the wiser.

"WHERE IS HE?" I shouted storming into the shop. The customers stopped their movements to stare. I ignored them as I advanced further in. I spotted Katie and George talking to Lee Jordan and Ron. Ginny was sitting on Harry's lap by the corner chatting with my doomed husband. They looked up as I drew closer. Harry and Ginny both waved, George, Lee and Katie back away already drawing the conclusion. Ron seemed confused so he was staring blankly at us. Fred shot up grinning broadly.

"Hello darling." He smiled but remained behind the counter. I saw him eyeing my outfit. My long lab coat and my bare feet seeing as this was his entire fault.

"Hermione what happened?" Ginny questioned as she saw my outfit as well.

"HIM." I pointed to the redhead trying so hard to contain his laughter. The other three were already quietly snickering and my rage rose.

"Now Hermione before you do any damage…" Fred said coming towards me slowly.

"I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU." I shouted taking a step forward. Ginny and Harry were moving to join the others as Fred now was standing to his full height and staring down at me with amused eyes. He didn't even seem bothered by the daggers I was shooting. I heard the rustle of feet as some of the customers made there way out of the store fearing death would have been upon them.

"Why is she in that dreadful coat?" I heard Ron whisper to Harry.

"Ron now is not the time." Harry warned.

"The better question here mate, is why is she not wearing any shoes?" I heard George join in.

"I want to know why you aren't at school Ginny?" Katie asked her a bit off the topic.

"Well you see here was the thing…" Ginny started to explain but stopped at seeing my head turn.

"So Hermione are you going to tell us why you're in that white coat?" Fred spoke causally as if it was an everyday conversation.

"Do you remember what you said to me when I asked you for that headache medicine?" I asked still moving towards that redhead.

"I told you grab the bottle by the nightstand." He answered sheepishly.

"Do you know which bottle I grabbed?" I was still trying to restrain the need to strangle him.

"The one by the nightstand without the label." He continued to smirk.

"Please tell me why I am wearing this lab coat?" I tested him.

"Because you grabbed mine and George's clothes dissolving potion for one of Lee's projects." He answered laughing as the four males joined in. I heard Ginny and Katie gasps behind us.

"And…" I pushed at him to stop his laughter.

"And all the hospital staff saw you in your…"Then he stopped as those words begun sinking in. "Who do I have to kill?" His face was now dark.

"You don't have to kill anybody seeing this all your fault." I placed my hands on my waist glaring up at him.

"Actually Hermione this really wasn't Fred's fault, seeing as you do live with the infamous prankster and should know by now that you should be careful about what lies around the house." Lee's voice came at me. I spotted George mouthing the word for him to cease his ranting but it had been too late.

"Of course you're right Lee. Why didn't I think about it like that? I mean of course I should have figured my husband has made clothes dissolving potion and placed it there for me to take so that everyone at the hospital would have a heart attack as my clothes starts melting off my body and the fact I was screaming bloody murder waking half the people there, not to mention I was in an important meeting. Oh why was I not thinking about that?" I turned full circles to glare at him as well. He moved to hide behind George who put Katie in front of him. Not doing any good seeing as Katie was no where near his height.

"Why are you two perverts making such a potion?" Ginny shot scanning the two tall redheads.

"It was a project to try and better our jokes on the unexpecting public is all." George answered smiling oddly.

"Why are you leaving stuff like that lying around the house anyways?" Harry asked.

"I wasn't thinking about it then…seeing that she said I forgot to label it." Fred shrugged.

"I want to know what happened to your foot wear Hermione?" Ron asked staring at my bare feet.

"I threw them at some gawking teenagers on my way here." I responded as if this was something I did regularly.

"Question?" George asked. I turned my head to challenge him. To see if he dared. "So all your clothes melted away?"

"No just the top layers. My underwear is still intact but your stupid potion ruined my favorite outfit." I threw at him. Fred then moved in closer and pulled me into his arms.

"I wish I could have been there." He smirked and duck quickly as I pulled my wand on him. The three of them apparate laughing as I stood there dumbfounded.

"Sorry they're idiots Hermione." Katie apologized as she came towards me.

"Come on lets get you home and changed Hermione." Ginny offered as she took my hand. "We'll see you guys at the burrow." She waved to Harry and Ron who looked relived as the girls pulled me through Diagon Alley.

"Did you know that Professor Lupin and Tonks will be there tonight and you should see how big Tonks stomach has gotten." Katie informed me.

"Everyone we know is either pregnant or having a baby soon. I heard from Luna that she's one of the many mothers to be. Cho has given birth to a baby girl. Oh and the good news Charlie is planning to tell everyone at dinner, which I betting is that Alicia is pregnant as well. Of course I want to be pregnant too but Harry says that we should wait until after I'm finished school so everything would be easier." Ginny pouted then and this was what I realized I missed being away. At that moment I never realized that Katie remain very silent.

"Soon you'll be telling me that Oliver and Angelina are going to be proud parents too." I joked which either of them laughed. "Are you serious?" I couldn't imagine Oliver being a father. Not yet anyways.

"Yes, she found out last week." This was insane; everyone was living their lives, which was so different from the life at Hogwarts. Where asking someone to the Yule ball was near impossible. I didn't want to be pregnant right now. Not if I could help it, there was too much to do and so much I need to accomplish before I was ready to be a mother. Living with a prankster was going to be disaster trying to raise a child, there was no telling what that crazy husband of mine had develop with his other half. The baby would be in danger from the beginning.

"He's not going to be a terrible father, if that's what you're worried about?" Ginny caught the expression on my face.

"I have a feeling out of all the Weasley men, he'll be the best." Katie grinned placing her hand on my shoulder.

"Better than George?" I questioned raising an eyebrow.

"Much." She answered and I nodded.

After much debating on what to wear we headed to the burrow. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were in the backyard talking with Professor Lupin and Tonks. I could see Bill on his broom with his wife in his arms flying around. There was Charlie and Alicia sitting by the small pond throwing food towards the ducks in the water. The weather was perfectly warm for late March but it was still a bit chilly due to the light breeze.

"HERMIONE." I heard as turned to see Lavender walking towards me in an afterglow of radiant warmth. She was indeed expecting a child as well I could see the small smile she plastered on her face trying to hide her happiness as much as possible. I embraced her seeing that she was my sister-in law now. Everyone welcomed me all with smiles and open arms.

"Have you see Lee?" Parvati's voice came from behind Lavender.

"He and the twins disappeared somewhere." I shrugged.

"Do not tell me that you discovered one of their insane potions as well?" How did she know? I gave her a questionable look. "If you took a little yellow and purple pill in unlabeled container too then you have been pranked." I nodded as she laughed. "I would have nearly beaten that prat to a pulp. If the marriage law wasn't so serve then I would have killed him." I smiled then. Guess I wasn't the only one who would have to return home everyday finding new stuff to argue with my delinquent husband about. All the girls with the exception of Alicia and Fleur had their hands full. Ginny being married to the savior of the wizarding world, Lavender having to constantly put up with Ron's arrogant ways, Katie was in love but was doomed to be in harm ways being married to the other infamous twin. Lee being their best friend was putting his wife Parvati in just as much trouble. So we all were connected through the marriage bond and the link of loving and knowing a Weasley.

"Darling." I heard my mum's voice filling my ears. I turned and saw her brown hair and hazel eyes staring at me walking hand in hand with my father, who was waving as well. I ran to embrace them.

"How was the honeymoon and life in Sweden?" She asked pulling back to stare at me.

"It's a long story saved for another time." I smiled as she laughed.

"We've missed you." My dad kissed my cheek.

"Believe it or not I've missed you too." I teased. After getting everyone caught up we went inside to start dinner as the male remain chatting outside. I spotted Tonks and helped her to sit on the couch.

"Wow." I gasp as she sat herself down. Her stomach was nowhere near what it had been since I last saw her.

"Only two more months to go." She placed her hand on the swallow belly.

"I'm so happy for you Tonks." I smiled.

"Why aren't you happy for yourself?" She asked. What was she talking about?"

"I don't understand." I replied looking at the pink hair witch.

"You're bathing in your own afterglow and not even noticing it." She laughed. My afterglow? What? I was so confused. "Katie as well I can see it but she's not sure." Was she saying that I was pregnant as well along with Katie? No way.

"But…" I tried.

"It's just been recent, there is something there. That's the thing about being married to a werewolf you can sense this things too." I took a seat beside her finding it hard to breath.

"You healers are always that last one to know these things. Imagine knowing plenty about the human body and not realizing anything about your own." She was still laughing.

"Tonks do you suppose Fred knows?" I asked.

"How can he possible know if you didn't know?" She questioned.

"It's just he's more aware of things, more so then I am." Did he know? I was a bit nervous at seeing his respond. But then again anything that would surprise that redhead was worth doing in my book.

"Men tend to be uncaring in that area so you might actually have the advantage." When professor Lupin joined her I took my leave and strolled to sit outside with Harry and Ron seeing as the ladies rather I not be in the kitchen, remembering what was done during Christmas dinner were we all had to visit Diagon Alley and eat at the Leaky Cauldron. The whole meal had been a disaster seeing that I was reading from the wrong book and ended up almost food poisoning everyone. The twins however thought that it was a real gag and never failed to mention it if that topic of me cooking came up. I had cried a couple of times in Sweden when Fred had hired a chef to cook for us and almost hexed him too had we both not been so busy.

"Hermione you can't be good at everything. And if you were then what's the fun in teaching you anything?" He said to me one night after coming home to my sulky mood. I learned that being home now were it would help me master the abilities to cook and throw that in his face. At least I needed to for our unborn child. I placed a hand on my stomach and sat down with Harry and Ron on the bench.

"I can't believe that I'm going to be a dad soon." Ron turned to look at me.

"You'll be wonderful." I smiled taking his hand.

"Just a couple of months ago I was just about to join the Aurors now I'm going to be a dad." He seemed in a daze.

"Ronald you have nothing to worry about." I squeezed his hand tighter.

"Everyone's probably just as nervous as you." Harry patted him on the shoulder.

"Easy for you to say, you're the savior of the wizarding world no ones going to expect less from you because you can do it all." Ron shot back at him.

"What is Ginny pregnant?" He asked standing up. Me and Ron were unsure.

"Harry I don't thin…" But he had headed into the house.

"GINNY…GINNY COME TO ME." Shouting for her. Me and Ron staring at each other burst out laughing loudly.

"This is pretty surreal isn't it?" He asked.

"Yes." I placed my head on his shoulder and sat like that until a voice interrupted us.

"My own brother, of all the bastards she could have had. It turned out to be you." It was Fred.

"Hey, you were too busy pulling pranks someone had to keep this lovely girl company." Ron stood to glare at his older brother. "She better be smiling when she comes inside or I'll kill you in your sleep." Ron smirked and let go of my hand walking into the house whistling. Fred sat down beside me ignoring Ron's threat and he placed his arm around my shoulders.

"Feeling better?" He smiled. I was unsure; I mean we were having a baby. I was sure I was fine. But it didn't feel like it. I had no idea how I was suppose to feel. Until I heard a loud cry coming from the house as Fred grabbed my hand and we raced inside to see what it was. Ginny was raised high in the air by the dark hair guy laughing as she braced her small hands on his shoulders.

"WE'RE HAVING A BABY." Harry was shouting as he spotted me and Fred. Everyone else was laughing and joining in his merriment. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" He asked placing her down on the ground unable to let go just yet.

"I was going to but I needed the right time." She turned and flashed Ron an angry look. "I wasn't sure how you would react so I kind of hid it. I don't know how he found out but I'm sorry I didn't tell you right away. I didn't want to upset you being in the middle of your season and my schooling."

"I love you Ginny. There was no way having our baby would upset me." He smiled kissing her. Everyone cheered. Unbelievable everyone really was having a child soon, including me.

The dinner announcements were made and it seemed Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were going to be proud grandparents of many little Weasley's running around. Seeing as I haven't told anyone yet, Tonks being the exceptional one, who found out on her own, my parents were just overjoyed by the others news.

"Did you know that one of the members of the ministries found a letter containing a prophecy that professor Dumbledore found stating that it would be your child that will prevent the massive destruction of the world?" Professor Lupin explained looking from me to Fred. Was that why he hinted the necessary to Fred early on? There was no way.

"Professor enough stories for one night." Ginny cut in smiling as she raised a toast to everyone at the table. "This is to family…"

"I want to name our baby James after Harry's father." I turned and said loudly to Fred who was in the middle of eating a large portion of his potatoe and started choking horribly. Then he had fallen off his chair, I smiled sweetly at everyone as their jaws dropped including Tonks who had known but, was shocked to hear this announcement and I found the food was to my liking after all. This pay back was simply brilliant if I did say so myself. I'll help him in a bit I'm sure but, right now I needed to savor this.

The End

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