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Chapter One

Family Reunion

"Isn't it wonderful to have all the family together as one?"

Silence rang like a bell, it echoed through the room.

Everyone stared at the bony kimono-clad figure at the front of the room.

"Not in a chatty mood today, are we now?" Akito Sohma said in a soft but stern voice.

His laid his eyes on each and everyone sitting at the table and a smile spread across his pale face. You could feel the tension in the air. It was really suffocating all those who were in the room. Finally his eyes rested on the young man sitting next to him, a young man who had mouse-grey hair that shone purple in the dim light.

Akito gently put his hands on Yuki's cheek and leant towards him. Everyone stared at the two carefully, too afraid to say anything. Hatsuharu looked as if he was going to implode.

"Yuki, Yuki, Yuki…my favourite little rat," Akito whispered so that only Yuki could hear, his voice sharp and dangerous as a samurai's katana "Why did you choose to skip the New Years Celebrations last year? Was it because of your precious Honda-san? Did you really think-no, let me rephrase that…do you think she could ever love someone like you? She may act like she cares about you, but she doesn't, like Kana. You don't want her to be hurt like that and most of all Yuki…"

Akito paused for a second and looked around at the other staring Sohmas.

"You don't want me to stop loving you"

Silence. Akito was not someone you could easily defy. A punishment was always around the corner for those who did.

"This has nothing to with Honda-san"

Akito sneered, his hand still resting on Yuki's cheek.

"And…" Yuki paused, his face turning a bright shade of red "So what if I like her?"

Akito looked as if he was angry and was about to slap Yuki. But then his face reverted back to his normal sinister smile and with that he slowly took his hand away leaving a small scratch on Yuki's otherwise unblemished face. Yuki flinched, who knew what Akito would do next. He was the most unpredictable, unreadable person he had ever met.

"Kureno!" he called out to the tall, tired looking man on his left.

"Yes, Akito-san"

"What are we to do with Yuki's precious Honda-san?"

Yuki's eyes widened in alarm, he was a fool to have spoken against Akito.

Before Kureno could answer, Akito placed a finger on Kureno's lips.

"I know just what to do," he said as his smile broadened "Come with me, Kureno"

Akito walked away slowly almost as if he could fall over any second. The Jyuunishi watched him walk open the sliding door and disappear into the darkness The two walked away to Akito's quarters.

A few minutes later, when the Zodiac members were sure Akito had left; they picked up their chopsticks and started their New Year's Feast.

"ITADAKIMASU!" eleven voices chorused. All members of the Jyuunishi were starving. Akito had kept them waiting for at least half an hour. The delicious food was in front of them as he made his annual New Years speech tempting them, testing their patience. Everyone was afraid to move when Akito spoke. His shilling words sent a chill-no, an ice pack down each of their spines.

"Yuki," Haru said, filled with concern "What did he say to you? Are you hurt?"

"Quiet Haru, you sound like a mother with a four year old"

"But I'm worr-"

"Don't worry, Haru" Yuki said and flashed one of his best reassuring smiles.

'He only smiles like that when he's really upset' thought Haru who knew Yuki better than he knew himself.

"If there's anything I can do-"

"You can't" said Yuki abruptly

Haru opened his mouth to talk when suddenly Ayame and Shigure started loudly started confessing their undying love for each other. Before he knew it, Yuki had crept away.

Haru shook his head. Despite all the good Tohru had done to Yuki, he was basically still the same person he was when they met.

Yuki had snuck off to his favourite part of the maze-like Sohma estate. It was a small tree he liked to climb as a child. He remembered hiding from Akito in it when he was eight (But he was later found and beaten). It was always there to offer him comfort in the past, why couldn't it now?

He actually felt a bit foolish as he was climbing up. 'What am I, a six year old?' she asked himself as he made his way up the tree.

He climbed it until he was high enough so that the leaves would hide him from any unwanted visitors. He looked at the starry night and sighed.

The tree he was sitting on was in the centre of one of the smaller Sohma gardens. There was a border of pink Cherry blossom trees that surrounded the garden. A small pond full of koi fish was next to the tree and a neat little path ran down the middle. The best thing about it was the little fountain that was beside the pond. It made such a calm and soothing sound. The garden was a perfect place to meditate.

He closed his eyes…

"Yuki-kun!" a voice rang out.

Yuki was so surprised that he almost fell off the tree and into the pond. He turned around quickly and to his surprise, Momiji was standing there waving to him.


"Haru-san was worried about you. He went looking for you…"

"How did you find me?"

"This is my favourite hiding place and I was short enough to see you up in the tree!" he said in his own unique peppy way.

Yuki 'anime sweatdropped'. Momiji climbed up the tree.

"What's wrong, Yuu-kun?" he asked innocently

"Don't call me that"

"Fine, what's wrong Yuki-kun?"

Yuki sighed. Strangely enough he felt that he could tell Momiji.

"Akito's going to do something to Honda-san"

"He's bluffing. He must be-"

"He sounded dead serious this time"

There was silence. All you could hear was the birds twittering and the sound of the fountain's water gushing into the pond.


The little boy looked unusually mature now. His closed his big brown eyes as if he was lost in a distant memory. Then he spoke with such a gentle and soft voice you wouldn't recognise him to be the noisy hyperactive young boy he was.

"Sometimes we have to hurt the ones we love to protect them."

And with that, he jumped off the tree and walked into the building. Then he turned around and smiled at Yuki.

"Do what your heart tells you to do." He said simply.

Yuki sat in that tree and wondered how such simple words of wisdom could come out of the mouth of the boy who wore a girl's uniform at school.

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