Title: Contorted

Summary: Uke Roy 25 Themes. Ed/Roy, Hughes/Roy, Al/Roy.

Rating: PG-13/T

Disclaimer: If I owned FMA, then this wouldn't be fan fiction, now would it?

Warnings: Shonen ai, lime, a vague spoiler or two, drabbles.

1. Hand

Roy shivered. It was cold, too cold, practically freezing against the burning heat of his skin, but Ed was stronger than him and kept him firmly in place. Or maybe it was that masochistic side of him; the Alchemist that was forever eager to explore or, in this case, be explored.

But why? How? No matter how well-made the automail was, it was still just that. There was no way for a hunk of metal, even attached to your nerves, to be able to actually feel anything, right? The way Ed's eyes were focused on his hand, and the way his flesh thumb was brushing over Roy's shoulder was probably evidence to that fact. So then why?