Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom, nor any of the characters there-in. I do not own rights to the "Ultimate Enemy" Story, nor any other story line used in the show.

I started writing this after watching The Ultimate Enemy a few times and realizing that the events were given in the most basic terms. So I began to wonder how a more flushed out version of the events might have played out. Here is what I came up with. The basics that were in the show are still in this story. It is, as I stated, simply an idea of a more detailed account of what happened that led Danny down the path to the "Dark" side.

The Beginning of the End

Prologue: How it happened ...

Danny stared in shock at the crumbly ruin that had, a few moments before, been the Nasty Burger. True, it had been mostly destroyed in the earlier battles with Lunch Box and Skultech 9.9, but this was different. This was a total annihilation of the building. As well as the total annihilation of his friends and family. Danny fell to his knees, shaking in disbelief and shock. They shouldn't have been there. Not even Mr. Lancer should have been there, and yet they had been. Worse yet, the teen-ager knew that it was all his fault.

Sirens bleared in the background and for the briefest of moments, Danny thought he heard a strange hideous cackle at the edge of his hearing. His breath had turned cold for a moment, before going back to normal. The ghost? Most likely. He didn't care though. All he could think about was his family and his friends, who wouldn't be coming back.

A tiny voice in the back of his head screamed at him.

'He's getting away! Stop him! He killed your family! He killed Sam and he killed Tucker too!'

However, as much as part of Danny wanted to listen to that voice, to go ghost and hunt down the ghost that had done this horrible thing, he just couldn't get his body to respond. Numbness was all that filled his limbs and senses as he continued to stare into the blazing fire before him.

At some point, someone had lifted him from the ground, put a blanket around him and hauled him in an ambulance to go to the hospital. What happened after that might as well have been a dream for all the good it did Danny. When the dawn would break the next morning, through the curtain of the hospital room, all Danny Fenton would remember was that for the first time in his life, he was truly alone. Even Valerie, who had rushed first to the Nasty Burger and later to the hospital when she heard the news, could do nothing but hold him against his will as he wailed and screamed in torturous pain.

For fifteen-year-old Danny Fenton, the world had indeed ended over a few simple stolen test answers.