Pirates, Phone Calls, and a Photo.

Rating: G

Pairing: Sam/Daniel implied
Category: friendship/humor
Spoilers: Season 8 and 9

Disclaimers: Not mine. I just like to take them out to play.

"This man is brilliant" Vala exclaimed, tossing another handful of popcorn into her mouth. "Excellent strategy." She turned around in her chair to face the man studiously ignoring her behind a mountain of books. " Did you see how he took their best ship right out from under them?" Still no reaction from the man behind the paper barricade. Sighing, she leaned over the back of her chair and playfully tipped a stack of paperwork over. Without missing a beat or raising his head the man effortless put up a hand to steady the papers.

"Yes, Vala, I saw the first three times you watched the film," he sighed heavily, irritation heavy in his voice.

"Where would I find a man such as Captain Sparrow?" She turned back to the television, sprawling haphazardly on the chair, her feet propped up on a box. " I could certainly use a man of his talents and not just for his piratical prowess." Tilting her head to one side she watched for a few moments in speculation. "Of course this Will character has merit as well with the "noble hero" thing. . ."

"I'm certain many women on -this- planet are asking the same question."

"But are the possessed of my irresistible charms, Daniel? Not to mention my seductive. . ." The phone ringing put an abrupt end to Vala's self congratulatory list of perfections. Daniel grabbed the phone, slouching further down in his chair. He scowled for a moment in the general direction of Vala.. "Jackson." he grumbled into the phone. "Oh, hey, Sam."

Vala straightened up in her chair. Instantly, Daniel's entire tone had changed. Where he had been argumentative and grumpy with her all morning, all week if she was honest with herself, his voice was even and had an undercurrent of warmth to it.

"Yeah, I know," he sighed, "I was looking forward to it, too," he laughed, the smallest of smiles spreading across his face. "Well, I guess that is one way of looking at it."

Vala turned slightly in her chair, surreptitiously glancing at him. She was stunned to see the man smiling. In fact she didn't think she had ever seen him with a look other than annoyance or exasperation on his face. He took of his glasses and rubbed a bit at the bridge of his nose.

"I might be willing to take a raincheck," he said playfully, "If you make it worth my while." He grinned. The man actually grinned. Devilishly attractive, she had to say, even with his less than sunny disposition, he was down right gorgeous when he smiled. It must be his eyes, she thought to herself, they mirrored his emotions perfectly. A mischievous spark lit up his eyes, the cerulean blue intensifying in color.

She was speechless. Vala Mal Doran had never met a man as impervious to her charms, and here she had been rebuffed constantly my Daniel Jackson. Now this phone call from this 'Sam' made him act in all the ways she had only hoped to. Frantically she glanced around the room for some sign. After all it wasn't her fault that he was spurning her. She could understand playing hard to get, thrill of the chase. What was it about this Sam that made him respond in this manner? She stood up, and walked around the room fiddling with things, absently working off her energy. And then she stopped.

Arrayed on a shelf were a variety of small images in frames. One was of a much younger Daniel riding some dubious looking beast with a shaggy hairstyle. Next to that was one of a group of Taur'i wearing those hideously unfashionable drab olive ensembles that were so popular here. There were several photos of a blonde girl holding some four-legged creature, riding an unstable two wheeled contraption, and one of her surrounded by a group of people with a flaming confection. It was obvious that the photos showed the passage of time as the girl grew older in each. Yet it was the last one that held her attention. It was in the center of the small collection. The girl, now an adult was wearing a wine colored gown, in the Renaissance style, a huge bouquet of roses in her arm. Standing to her left was Daniel, dressed in a dark grey suit and smiling proudly. On the other side was a blonde woman wearing a floral print dress and smiling just as proudly. Her arm was wrapped around the girl's shoulders. In her left hand she was holding a small booklet that read 'Romeo and Juliet', a play by William Shakespeare. On her hand sparkled a diamond ring. Even with her limited exposure to Taur'i culture she knew the meaning of those rings. They were used to bind the Taur'i together.

"I love you, too, sweetheart. You can count on it." Vala leaned against the bookshelf, the framed image in her hand, and she studied Daniel. He leaned back in his chair, more relaxed then she had ever seen him. His eyes were closed and a small smile played about his lips. A sigh escaped his lips and he opened his eyes, apparently lost in his own thoughts. Across his desk his papers lay forgotten. Slowly she sauntered across the room, sliding one hip onto his desk.

"You've been holding out on me, Daniel," she purred, trailing a finger down his chest. Instantly his eyes snapped open, and he pushed her hand away. His eyes narrowed as he tried to determine what new game she was playing. With a flourish she produced the picture, "You're a married man Daniel Jackson," she pouted saucily at him, "and here you've been toying with my affections, when you have a wife and daughter tucked away at home."