Well, this is the first chapter of Shattered Dreams. The sequel to Broken Promises. I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as you did the first one. :)

Chapter One

Jessica placed her bags near the front door and stepped into the living room. She was so scared to tell Dave she was leaving. They'd just got over all the years of heartache and distance. They'd just retained their closeness and now she was leaving and not only him but also her new found family. She'd grown to love Angela like an older sister and the girls were fun to be around. Even Ariel had grown to like her. But now that she was leaving what scared her the most was the fact that she might never have the close brother sister relationship with Dave again. It was a price she was willing to pay for her happiness. She walked over to Dave and wiped the tear that was threatening to fall from her eye away and cleared her throat.

"Dave, I need to talk to you."

Dave turned around and the smile faded.

"What happened?" He said as she sat down next to him.

"I need to go home. It's all one big disaster. I saw Randy and I told him, I told him I was pregnant and you know what he said?"


"He asked me if the baby was his. Dave, I can't stay around here while I'm deciding what I should do about this. You and Angela have been so nice to me, letting me stay here for all this time and not mentioning the fact that I had Randy stay over and you never complained. You never yelled at me for not being home at the perfect time and you treated me like you used to. But when he said that, I couldn't believe it."

"Babe, why do you need to leave? What else did he say to you?"

"It doesn't matter what else he said. I've already called mom. She knows I'm coming home."

"Jessica, Angela and I have never worried about you being here. You're like one of us now. Please let us help you. You can stay, we'll get you an extension for the baby."

Jessica smiled. "That's nice but I can't. You've already done so much for me and I need to be with mom right now. I'm sorry Dave. I'll call you though. I just needed to tell you I'm leaving. I've talked to Angela already and she's booked my ticket and called my cab."

"No, if you're leaving I want to take you to the airport."

"Are you sure?"

Dave nodded. "Come on then."

Jessica nodded and Dave picked up her bags and took them out to his car. She looked at Angela and the girls who were all now standing at the door with sad faces and even tears. Jessica smiled and kissed Bayle on the head.

"Keep being you Bay. I'll call you soon." She hugged her and moved on to Jenessa. She did the same and hugged her tight.

"Ariel. I've left my shoes in you're room. The ones you really liked. I want you to have them, lord knows I won't be walking in the once I'm very pregnant. Use them well." Ariel smiled and they hugged.

"Angela, thank you for everything you've done. I'm greatly appreciative for that. I'll be in touch."

Angela smiled and they hugged too. Jessica took one last look at her newly formed family and got into the car. As they pulled out of the drive way she felt the tears escape her eyes and instead of wiping them away, she let them flow.

Dave carried Jessica's bag through the airport and helped her check in. They made their way to the departure lounge and waited for Jesse's flight to be called. They sat in silence for a while before Jessica's flight was called. She stood up and smiled weakly at Dave.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye."

"Yeah." Dave said unable to talk for fear of crying.

"I'll call you when I get home. I promise."

"Be safe Jesse - Belle."

"I will Davie. I love you."

"I love you too baby sister."

"Oh before I go, can you give this to Randy." She said taking off her pink diamond ring and placing it inside Dave's hand.

"I'll see that he gets it."

Jessica nodded and walked towards her gate. She didn't look back because she was crying too much. But if she had looked back, she would have seen Dave crying too.