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Chapter Thirty Five

When Jessica arrived home the next day she was so happy to see every she loved there. She hugged everyone in turn and then sat down. Randy got Domininc out of the car seat and handed him to Jesse.

"Ok everyone, this is Dominic Eduardo Orton." She smiled. "I'd like Vickie to be the first to hold him."

Vickie smiled as Jesse placed the baby in her arms. "He's wonderful. It's lovely that you used Eddie's name."

"It fitted. I think he'd be proud." Jesse said.

"He would be." Dave said. "He has a big head though."


"Sorry." Dave smiled.

"He must get that from his dad." John said.

"Oh, that must be why your son has a square head." Randy shot back laughing.

"Don't talk about my son like that Orton." Manda said.

Jessica shook her head and laughed. After Vickie was done holding Dominic, Jesse's mom held him. Then her sisters. The baby was being passed to everyone. Once Jessica got him back RJ came over holding Rebecca's hand.

"Is that Donimic?"

"Yes, baby this is Dominic." Jesse smiled.

"He so tiny."

"Yeah, he's a baby. Wanna hold him?"

The twins nodded and sat down together. Jessica placed the baby between them and as soon as she moved her mom started snapping pictures. Jesse laughed. Once everyone had left Jessica took a Polaroid picture of the three of the children together and kissed Randy.

"I'll be back in a while. You be ok?"

"Yes, baby. Take your time."

"Where you goin mommy?" RJ asked.

"I'm going to see Uncle Eddie. Wanna come?"

"Yeah!" RJ said.

"Becca, you wanna come too?"

"No, I wanna stay with Domic. Tell Eddie I say Love him."

"I will baby." Jessica smiled. RJ got his Eddie doll, which he'd been carrying around everywhere with him and they left.

They got to the cemetery and walked over to Eddie's resting place. RJ sat down and patted the ground next to him.

"Sit down momma."

Jessica smiled and sat down next to him.

"Heylo Eddie." RJ said. "I got this for my birthday, it's you!"

Jessica smiled as RJ talked away. "Don't forget to tell him what Becca said."

"Oh, Becca say she love you. She didn't come cause she wanted to stay with Donimic. Mommy tell him about Donimic."

Jessica smiled. "Hey Eddie. We had the baby. Randy's at home with him. I brought you something." She said placing the Polaroid she had taken in front of the headstone. "This is Dominic Eduardo Orton. I wanted to honour you in more ways than just talking at your funeral and picking your song. So, he will forever have your name and we will forever remember what a wonderful person you were."

They sat there for a while, until it started to get cold. "Come on RJ." Jesse smiled.

"Bye Uncle Eddie." RJ said kissing the headstone.

Jessica took his hand and smiled. "See ya Eddie."

They walked back to the car and she switched it on. As they pulled away a song started playing. She turned it up a little and listened to the lyrics. She realised it was 'One Sweet Day' By Boyz II Men. She smiled. She was so happy in her life. She had a wonderful husband, and three wonderful children. She knew no matter what she'd always have love in her life. She now knew Eddie was still with her and she knew he always would be.