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The Twelve Days of GaaNaru Christmas

I. Partridge

Naruto sat in his office signing his name to paperwork, sorting out missions and giving them a rank, and being completely and absolutely bored out of his mind. He had to stop constantly and remind himself why he took on this job anyway. This wasn't what he had imagined when he had made the decision to become Hokage.

Often, he sat in his office dreaming of protecting the village from invasions of other villages or demons like the one inside of him. Naruto just wanted some action. He needed to be active in his role. He wanted something exciting. Something fantastic. Something other than paperwork.

At that moment, Naruto could have gone with anything other than paperwork. If Konohamaru had come in asking for a high ranking mission, he would have loved the annoyance. He would have loved if Sakura had come in complaining about funding for the hospital. Naruto would have thoroughly enjoyed if SOMETHING happened.

And then his wish was granted. A jounin barged into his office without knocking. This annoying Naruto beyond belief. However, he let it slide because he really needed the distraction. The Hokage stood from behind his desk and let his legs stretch out. The shinobi ran and leaned on the desk.

"A package just came from Sunagakure from the Kazekage-sama's personal bird. We figured it must be urgent."

Naruto dismissed the ninja and sat back down at his desk. He examined the package. It didn't look too serious. It was wrapped in a paper covered in scenes of the desert decorated with lighted palm trees and an elderly man with a bushy beard in red shorts and a ridiculous red hat with a ball at the tip. A ribbon was wrapped around it, preventing it from being opened by just anyone. Carefully, he cut the ribbon and opened the wrapping.

Inside the package was a small globe that had water and white balls floating around. A small fox was playing in what Naruto had remembered as being snow. He recalled his short time in Snow Country and also Haku. A letter fell out of the package.

"Merry Christmas, Naruto.

Hope this entertains you while you're doing paperwork.

Love, Gaara"

Naruto looked at the calendar. It was 12 days until Christmas. That damned Kazekage had sent him a present already. He'll get him back. Naruto snuck out of his office by the window and summoned a frog to catch his fall. The frog hopped along to the store. So that Naruto could find a present to send along to Gaara. Naruto smirked.

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