Happily Ever After

Draco slowly woke up and was gripped by panic the second he was awake enough to be aware of his surroundings. Where was his son? Where was Harry?

He tried to sit up but something stopped him. He was tied down.

Oh God! What if I past out in the clinic! What if I only dreamed it all! Oh no! What if he's dead! Harry!

Yeah, baby? said Harry's voice in his head. He sounded worried. No wonder really, with the panicked feelings Draco was giving off.

/Where are you/ Draco asked, even his mental voice sounded breathless.

In the private room with Isak. Harry said calmly.

/Isak's with you/


/Bring him here, please/

Harry didn't answer him and Draco thought for a second that Harry wasn't going to let him see his own son. But then a door opened farther away from his bed and he saw Harry come out with something wrapped in a light yellow blanket in his arms. Draco smiled. He had been stupid. Why would Harry keep him away from Isak?

"Hi, love." Harry said quietly when he reached the bed.

He bent down and gave Draco a kiss on the lips. Draco kissed back and tried to wrap his arms around Harry's neck but the restraints kept him down.

"Why am I tied up, Harry?" Draco asked, his voice getting a touch panicked again.

"You had some internal bleeding and if you move the wrong way it could start again. That could be bad, Dragon." Harry explained gently.

But then he swished his wand over Draco and the bonds disappeared.

"Slowly, Draco." Harry warned when the blonde started to sit up.

Draco nodded and slowly sat up with his back against the headboard with pillows behind him. Harry gently sat down on the edge of the bed with Isak in his arms. Then he gave Draco their son. So he could look at and feel him. That he was real and wasn't going anywhere.

"He's beautiful." Draco whispered breathlessly.

Harry smiled and kissed the top of his son's head.

"But it's not him." Draco said with a confused look on his face.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked. "Of course it's him."

"No, it's not the child from my dream." Draco said, looking up at Harry.

Harry took Draco's face between his hands and kissed him again.

"Don't worry about it." he whispered to his sub. "The future doesn't always turn out the way the Seer first sees it."

"But faces doesn't change, Harry!" Draco protested a little angrily.

"We'll figure it out." Harry reassured him and kissed him again.

Draco didn't say anything more. He studied his son. The baby he had carried inside himself for six months. His and Harry's baby. Their Isak.


Three months later it was Ron's turn to be in the Hospital wing and bring his and Hermione's little girl into the world. Ebba, they called her.

Harry was sitting outside the Hospital wing with a very lively Isak on a blanket on the floor beside him. The small boy was on his stomach with his head held high and hands and feet hitting the floor while he gurgled. Harry couldn't help but smile at him. His son was so perfect. So smart and strong.

It had been three days since Ebba was born but she hadn't been permitted to leave Pomfery's care because of complications at birth. Harry hadn't been told exactly what had happened but when he had seen Ron and Hermione, both their eyes had been red from crying so he guessed it was serious.

"Hi baby!" Harry heard someone coo from the corner not to far from him. It was Draco.

"Hello to you too." Harry smiled.

"Who said I was talking to you?" Draco asked and picked Isak up. "Yes, who ever said I was talking to Daddy?" he cooed at his son.

Harry just shook his head. Draco could be so annoying sometimes. But he quickly changed from annoying to absolutely wonderful when he bent down and kissed him with Isak still in his arms.

"How's Ebba doing?" Draco asked when they separated again.

"I don't know. Nobody has come out yet and I don't want to intrude." Harry answered with a shrug.

Draco sat down on the ground beside Harry and snuggled into him. Isak made a happy noise and waived his hands around excitedly and blew bubbles with his spit. Harry smiled down at him and caressed his small cheek. Isak made another noise and grabbed his finger with his small hand. That made Draco smile.

"Hope she'll be okay." Draco said quietly.

"Yeah, me too."

"Listen, I have to go." Draco said and gave Harry Isak again.

"Go where?" Harry asked as he arranged his son in his arms. "Why can't you have Isak for a while?"

"I'm going to class and then I'm going down to see Severus and Gin." the blonde said and smiled.

"But, but..." Harry tried to argue but Draco just kissed him.

"Be good to each other!" Draco said sternly to Isak and Harry and kissed them both on the forehead before leaving.

"Looks like it's just me and you, kiddo." Harry sighed and Isak made a noise that sounded like a laugh. "Yeah you can laugh."

The doors to the infirmary opened and Ron came out. Harry changed Isak's position when he stood and went over to Ron.

"How is she?" Harry asked worriedly.

"She's going to be fine." Ron answered shortly.

He stretched out his arms and Harry gave him Isak. The small boy gurgled and took hold of Ron's ear and tugged. The redhead made a grimace but didn't stop him.

"Isak!" Harry said sternly.

The boy let go of Ron's ear and looked at his Daddy with big innocent eyes. Just like Draco would have done. Harry shook his head and almost smiled at him.

"What's wrong with her?" Harry asked.

"I'm not sure. Pomfrey said she had a virus. They were able to remove it, or they're working on it as we speak anyway, but they couldn't save her eyes. She will be blind all her life, Harry. She won't get to see anything. Not even us, her parents." Ron said before he broke down and cried.

Isak started to cry as well and Harry didn't know what to do. Then Ron rearranged Isak so the small face was hidden in his neck and started to rock him back and forth. That's when Harry understood that they were comforting each other and really didn't need him right now. But he couldn't leave his son. Draco would never forgive him if he did.

"That's great Ron!" Harry said after a while. "She's going to live."

"Yes, she is." Ron said and sniffed before handing over Isak to Harry again.

"I have to go and find Draco. He'll want to know. You go back in to your daughter." Harry said and took Isak from his friend.

"Yeah. And thank you, Harry."

"What for?" Harry asked confused.

"For being here when we need you." Ron said before going back into the Hospital wing to see his daughter.


That night when Harry and Draco were asleep in Harry's bed with Isak between them Draco had another dream.


Draco was standing in the same blue nursery again. Once again looking at himself crying over a cradle with a baby that he once had believed was Isak. The older Draco was saying the same things as last time and Draco waited for Harry to notice that he was crying and wake him up again. But he didn't.

Then suddenly the door burst open and a little boy with black hair came running into the room. He couldn't be more then three years old.

"Daddy's back!" he shouted before the older Draco could stop him.

"Isak! Your sister is asleep!" Draco said sternly.

"Sorry, Father." the boy said but he smiled so it was clear that he really didn't mean it.

"Daddy's back?" Draco asked when his son's words sank into his head.

"Yes, he is!" said a voice from the door.

The older Draco looked over there and saw his mate. Before the older Harry had time to react, both the older Draco and Isak flung themselves at him and nearly knocked him over.

"How's my babies?" Harry asked against Draco's lips after kissing him.

"Dad, I'm not a baby!" Isak protested.

"Now, who said I was talking to you?" Harry asked his son that was currently sitting on his hip.

"I'm his baby, and your sister is his baby." Draco said and smiled at Isak's confused look.

The younger Draco that was standing in the corner and witnessed it all now knew that the dream he had so may months ago hadn't been a sign that everything would go to hell. He hadn't dreamt the whole thing last time, that's why he had thought Harry was dead. No, this dream was a sign that they would live happily ever after.