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Chapter 1: It Begins!

The Pit

It was a beautiful day. Well, as beautiful as it could get for the Pit and its inhabitants: The elite counter-terrorist force codenamed GI Joe and their wards, the team of young mutants known as the Misfits. General Hawk, a blond general who was in charge of the GI Joe team, was in his office filing papers. The poor general hated filing papers.

"Where's Cobra when you need them?" Hawk muttered as he finished filling out a couple of requisition forms. "I'd rather be busting some Cobra heads right now than filling out these stupid forms." Suddenly, there was a banging on the door. A very pale-looking blue-haired Chinese-American young woman, dressed in pink, came running in. The woman was named Aja Leith, a speedster. She was one of the Misfits' few adult members. "Lightspeed? What in the world are you doing in here? Are you alright?"

"Sir!" Aja yelped in a panicky voice. "Turn-on-the-TV-quick!" She exclaimed at a very high speed. Hawk shook his head, trying to figure out what she had just said.

"Aja, slow down and repeat that." Hawk answered. Aja took a breath, trying to slow herself down.

"Turn on the TV quick! You had better see this!" Aja exclaimed at an understandable rate of speech. With that said, Hawk turned on a monitor. The face of the reporter named Hector Ramirez appeared on the monitor, holding a microphone.

"This is Hector Ramirez with a special report. Behind me is what is left of Jump City's Titans Tower, headquarters of the team of teenage superheroes known as the Teen Titans." The screen turned to an image of a pile of smoking rubble, standing in the place of Titans Tower, a majestic white T-shaped building. "According to witnesses, people who appeared to have borne symbols and paraphernalia of the human-supremacy group called the Friends of Humanity had broken in and destroyed the tower, more on this as it develops." Hawk's jaw dropped and his face paled in horror.

"Oh, crap." Hawk mumbled. "I...I've read the files on some of those Titan kids. If those fools tried to take them out, they're a lot dumber than I thought."

"Sir?" Aja blinked in confusion. "Files?"

"Yes." Hawk nodded. "We have files on all but one of them. According to those files, only one of them might have been a mutant, that being Tara Markov, aka Terra. The others well all humans who were altered except for Robin, who was just highly-trained. Victor Stone/Cyborg was half-human, half-robot. Garfield Logan/Beast Boy got his powers from a combination of an illness and an exotic cure. The only truly non-human member was Koriand'r/Starfire. She was a royal native of the planet Tamaran."

" do you know all this?" Aja's mouth fell open a little. Hawk smirked.

"After what happened with Magneto, S.H.I.E.L.D...rather generously gave us profiles on almost all teams with super-powered individuals. We have the Titans on file with the permission of the Justice League." Hawk chuckled. "GI Joe intends to just let them collect dust. After all, even superheroes deserve the dignity of private lives."

"I guess so." Aja nodded. Hawk continued on.

"However, the Titans' files are incomplete. The one exception is that nothing could be found on Raven Roth, their resident empath. Heck, the League couldn't even find anything bout her. Not even a birth certificate." The intercom on Hawk's desk bleeped. "Come in, this is Hawk."

"Sir!" Dial-Tone reported over the intercom. "Sensors are picking up...something that looks like...a giant...pile"

"Rock?" Aja blinked. She then realized something. "Of course! Terra of the Titans has Earth-based powers like Lance! It must be from her!" Hawk quickly nodded at the blue-haired speedster and turned back to the intercom.

"Understood! Send the Misfits to investigate." Hawk ordered.

"Yes, sir." Dial-Tone replied, and the intercom shut off. Hawk started to turn to Aja.

"Now Lightspeed, I need you to..." Hawk turned around completely in Aja's direction, only to notice that she was gone. The GI Joe leader blinked. "Well, I did want the Misfits to go check it out. I guess that includes her."

Outside the Pit

Meanwhile, all the Misfits had met up outside the Pit. They looked over at the giant pile of rocks.

"Okay..." Althea Delgado, aka Wavedancer, started to look over the pile with her eyes. Althea was a hydrokinetic with blue eyes, long black hair, Chinese coin earrings, and dressed in a blue-and-black costume. She led the Misfits. "We'll go in separate groups." She looked over at the rest of the group. "Group One will be Lightspeed, Avalanche, myself, Dragonfly and Toad."

"Figures she would have Toad on her team." Lance Alvers, aka Avalanche, whispered to St. John Allerdyce, aka Pyro, who snickered at that. Lance had dark eyes and brown hair in a mullet. He had geokinetic abilities. St. John, who was simply called John, was an insane pyrokinetic blond Australian. Althea glared at the two. "What?"

"Todd and I can go five minutes without making out, you know." Althea crossed her arms.

"But it takes a superhuman amount of effort." John joked. Althea groaned and decided to continue.

"Group Two will be Starchild, Darkstar, Blob, Quicksilver, and Rapture. Those of you I didn't mention are in group three. Let's go." The team split up into their groups and started checking around the rock pile.

"Where do we start looking?" Avalanche whistled as his group wandered around and checked over the pile.

"I wish I knew." Althea sighed. Her watch beeped. "Wavedancer here, come in."

"It's Starchild. We found someone laying here: a young male, about eighteen, missing his shirt and wearing a cowboy hat." Paul Starr reported over Althea's Joe-Com watch.

"Take him to the infirmary, Starchild." Althea nodded. Her watch beeped again. "I got another call." She pressed a button on the side of her watch, making a bleep sound. "Wavedancer here, come in."

"This is Scarlet Witch." Wanda Maximoff reported in. "We found someone laying here ourselves. It looks like a girl wearing a cloak. She has what looks like a shot wound. Someone tried to hold in the blood by wrapping a shirt over it." Wanda sighed. "It soaked through. We'll take her to the infirmary." Althea nodded.

"Okay. We'll look around some more, and then meet you at the infirmary. Wavedancer out."

"Hey, look!" Toad hopped on ahead. A moment later, he came back, helping a blonde blue-eyed girl dressed in a black t-shirt and yellow shorts walk up to his group.

"Who are you?" Avalanche wondered. The blonde girl grunted a little, rubbing her head.

"My name is Terra." The blonde grunted. "I'm from the Titans. Have you seen two friends of mine? They're my teammates. One's wearing a cloak and the other is wearing a cowboy hat." Her eyes indicated her fear and worry.

"We found your friends." Lightspeed reassured. "They're at the infirmary."

"What in the world happened to your friend with the cloak, yo? She looks like she's at death's door." Todd wondered. Terra sighed.

"We were at home, relaxing after defeating Cinderblock. Suddenly, out of nowhere, these guys, I think they were calling themselves the Friends of Humanity, broke into our home and started attacking us." The blonde girl sighed sadly. "Our leader, Robin, told us to evacuate. Raven, the girl with the cloak, grabbed me and her brother Bard. She was starting to teleport out, but someone shot her in the shoulder. We got to the desert before Raven passed out from blood loss. Her brother used his shirt to stop the bleeding, and I tried to bring us here on a rock since I can control earth. But I got too exhausted and lost my concentration." Terra sighed, a tear going down her eye. "We...we got separated and here I am." An insect-like girl wrapped her arm around Terra's shoulder.

"Come on" Lina Chakram, aka Dragonfly, said softly. "We had better take you to the infirmary."

End of Chapter 1

Coming up in the next chapter: The Misfits get the three Titans to the infirmary.