Here we go to quote Jim Ross "business is about to pick up"

be warned there is implied gore and profanity in this chapter

Chapter 12: The end and a new beginning

"Is this them?" asked Stryker

"Yeah boss, two thirds of the surviving titans and a couple x-men" said 1 flunky

"Are the collars on?"

"Yes boss"

"I'll ask this once mutie" warned Stryker as he faced Raven "Tell me where the rest of the mutants are hiding"

"Let me think about it." Said Raven Sarcastically "To quote my brother Johnny, 'kiss my hanyou ass'"

"Fine I tried to merciful you mutants are demons in society"

"YOU WANT A DEMON YOU BASTARD LOOK IN THE MIRROR" yelled Terra from the other side of the room

Suddenly a loud wailing was heard from down the hall

"I'll be back you muties I have to see to another patient."

"No" said a pale Raven "t-that's tantrum"

"Who?" asked Rose

"A friend of mine he's only six we have to get out of here."

"But how?" asked Aja

"Wait a minute Raven your powers should not be blocked"

"Terra you're right" with that said Raven concentrated and freed Aja, Rose and was about to free Nightcrawler when foot steps were heard. "He's coming back!" "get out of here and tell the others" said Raven as she created a portal and the others started to go through

"What about you?" asked Megan

"Go it will be less noticeable if some of us are still here." with that said the free mutants went through the portal as it closed "Good luck."

"Where are they!" demanded creed as he stormed into the cell

"Up your butt and around the corner!" replied Raven

"Stryker sent me to bring you to the interrogation room like some errand boy."

"Maybe because you whine like a child, by the way does Barry Manalow know you raid his wardrobe?"

A little while the group arrived in the interrogation/experiment room

"Good I hope they will be better than those last three experiments" said Stryker as he pointed to three familiar prisoners

"You fuckin psycho they're only kids" yelled Raven as Terra was taken to another room and a few rounds of screaming started

"Excellent interrogator come here, it looks like some of you muties are good for something." With that said a very familiar face came into view


"Don't bother reasoning with her I have completely taken over her mind." Just than Raven saw a bruised and bloody Terra

"What have you done to her!"

"My interrogator tried to extract information from her."

"Do you have any sort of conscious!" asked Nightcrawler

"Fool that is for weaklings I have to plan how to destroy you x-people maybe work with the friends of humanity it helped me take out the titans."

"WHAT? YOU BASTARD!" yelled Raven as her eyes started glowing red and split from two eyes into four eyes and she quickly teleported the three kids outside

"B-but your powers should be blocked."

"Except one thing" growled Raven as her chains broke "Do you speak Japanese?

"No why?"

"Hanyou is Japanese for half demon you ass wipe, you want a demon you will have it!" "With that said Raven started using her powers to pull his bones out and started throwing him through the walls.

Meanwhile outside the x-men and the misfits were arguing

"Oh yeah right." Yelled Cyclops "Let you go in and take all the credit

"I can't believe you." Toad yelled back "we have people trapped in there and you're worried about credit!"

"Hey a little help here!" argued Rose as she and Megan and Aja came out carrying three kids

"What happened?" asked Wolverine

"Raven teleported us out and these three kids came shortly after, who are they?" asked Rose

"Friends of Raven's." explained Bard "It's a long story come on we have to save them and Nightcrawler." with that said he noticed they were arguing again so he pulled out his laser gun and shot it into the air stopping the argument " You know what you guys do what ever I'm going to save my sister and my friend and another person ."

"He's right" sighed Kitty "I'm going with him."

"Me too." said Rogue as everyone else nodded suddenly there was an explosion

"What the heck was that?" asked Avalanche as windows and what looked like people went flying and a giant bird appeared on the roof

"Oh crap"

"What is it Bard?" asked Althea

"Raven's lost control." Replied Arella somberly

"Who are you?" asked Bard

"My name is Arella I'm Raven's mother I would say it's nice to meet you but this isn't a good time, come on maybe one of us can calm her down."

"Hey look" said Storm as she pointed to what looked like a beat up f.o.h guy

"Okay buddy where is the girl that did this!" demanded Althea

"Like I would tell you muties anything!" the guy said

"Okay how about we put you back in there with her."

"THE THIRD FLOOR THE THIRD FLOOR!" the guy screamed."

"Bard and Arella better go in one group." suggested Paul "Maybe one of them can calm her down"

"Bard what did you mean by 'lose control' " asked Wanda

"I'll tell you later right now we better stop Raven before she does something she'll regret."

A little while later they were on the third floor

"How can anyone have this much power?" asked wolverine

"Wolverine I will tell you but tell no one else its really personal!" demanded Bard "Arella your Raven's mother is it okay if I tell him?

"If it will help yes."

"Raven and I are not mutants."

"What are you than?"

"How do I explain this, have you ever seen the show Inuyasha?

"Yeah Jamie watches it why?"

"There really are half demons."

"You mean?"

"Yeah Raven and me aren't mutants we are both half demon."

"Woah damn" swore Craig as he saw what was left of Stryker " I think we don't have to worry about stryker."

"Wait a second" said Wolverine as he scanned the body "He's still alive barely"

"I found her" said Bard as he ran ahead and saw Raven about to impale a f.o.h member with fifty thousand nails.

"Raven don't do it!" shouted Bard

"Why shouldn't I?" Raven demanded

"Because you are not like your father please Raven don't kill him its not worth it." Said Arella as Raven snapped back to normal after hearing her voice

"Oh god what have I done?" said Raven as she started sobbing as Arella and Bard held her

"Shhh" It's okay Raven he's not dead" reassured bard "Raven I can't blame you I probably would have done the exact thing in your place." "Me too" admitted Darkstar "Lets see though if the bastard can't be put in jail though."

A little while later the group reemerged outside

"What happened?" asked Firestar as she ran up to comfort a distaught Raven who was covered in what looked like blood "Oh man!"

"I-I didn't mean it" sobbed Raven

"Tell shield to get in here and bust these guys" growled Wolverine

"Raven are you okay?" asked Melvin

"I'm fine I just did something bad, can someone take them home?"

"I'll do it" said Nightcrawler

"Thanks its okay he's a friend of mine go with him I'll call you guys later." Raven said to the slightly startled children

"Bye bye." waved Teether as the three teleported away with Nightcrawler

"What was all that about?" asked Kitty

"I know you guys have questions but those three are too young to know the truth I want them to have some innocence left."

A few minutes later Raven finished explaining everything up to that point

"My god!" yelled Jean "You nearly killed that guy you are no better than your father!"

just than Raven grabbed her by the throat "Don't you ever compare me to that bastard!" growled Raven "I never considered him my father, so unless you ever experience it yourself don't preach to me." With that said Raven dropped Jean

"Than the red eyes." Asked Wolverine "That was my demonic side I have to keep it under control you saw what happens when it gets loose."

"Oh god Tara speak to me" yelled Lance as he cradled Terra

"What the heck happened to her?" asked Dragonfly as she found a faint pulse "She's alive barely Lifeline get over here." With that said Lifeline ran over as Raven started healing her

"What are you doing?"

"Healing her." mumbled Raven "She's my friend even if we do argue all the time."

"What did you do?" demanded Cyclops

"It wasn't me another person that Stryker brainwashed did this."

"Yeah right."

"Summers I don't give a crap I want my sister alive!" growled Avalanche "So shut up and let Raven heal Tara"

"Ughhh." moaned Starfire as she sat up "What happened, the last thing I remember is the tower being attacked." "Oh god Terra it wasn't a dream!"

"Star are you all right?"

"Friend Bard what happened?"

"I'll explain later."

"Bard where are the other Titans?"

"Star you're looking at them ."


"I'm afraid so there are only four titans left you, me Terra and Raven.. the others are dead."

""No" screamed Starfire as she started sobbing "Where's the bastard that did it?"

"On his way to a very long stay in the hospital courtesy of Raven."

"Bard come here Raven just passed out!" yelled Dragonfly

"Is she all right?" asked Terra as she sat up

"She's fine" lifeline replied as he checked Raven's pulse "I think she just over did it." "Come on lets take her home so she can rest."

"But she lied to you she's evil, just like that hood Lance." Said Pitor right before Terra punched him

"Listen you stupid jerk, insult my brother you insult me." Growled Terra "As for Raven I know her and I don't get along but don't you dare call her evil for something that was out of control, hell from what I heard her father makes Magneto look like a saint."

"But her fathers evil." Protested Cyclops

"Oh that's a load of crap!" yelled Rose "You know who my father is does that make me evil, Raven cannot help who her father is any more than I can so shut up about it."

"I agree completely" said Rogue.

"Cyclops I'm only warning you once." Growled Bard "drop the act before I kick your ass!"

"Is that a threat?"

"No a promise."

A little while later everyone was back at the pit

"Arella are you sure you can't stay Raven would love to see you." Asked Roadblock

"I wish I could but I have things I have to take care of thank you for taking care of her Roadblock, she's a good kid."

" Do me a favor don't tell Raven I was here."


" I don't know if ever will be able to return to this dimension it would be too sad and if I can't I don't want to get her hopes up."

"Goodbye Raven." said Arella with tears in her eyes as she faded away

A little while later after everyone had woken up the four former titans were talking

"Star are you sure?" asked Terra

"I have to find my place in the world and I need to atone for what I did."

"Star I forgive you I told you that before."

"I know but I still feel guilty about it."

"Well at least come visit."

"I will do that my friends farewell."

With that said Starfire flew off to who knows where

Some time later

"Whats up Hawk?" asked Roadblock

"I talked to the league about the three titans, its official they can stay."

"I'm glad" said Lifeline

"How did the evaluation go?"

"Bard and Terra are fine but Raven has a lot of guilt not just because of Stryker I suspect it has to do with her father."

"Any suggestions Lifeline?" asked Duke

"Give it time from what Terra and Bard told me she doesn't trust easily." "I can't force her to confront her issues yet till she's ready, Bards the same way about Trigon well except he uses a bunch of swear words to describe him."

"Do you think they will fit in here?" asked Shipwreck "From what I've seen other than the titans those kids had no one." Suddenly they noticed a disturbance outside

"Keep away!" yelled Raven as she and Terra tossed a certain bear back and forth.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH SARGENT SNUFFLES!" yelled Beachead as he chased after the two.

"So its d cord for Take it or leave it? Bard asked Rapture


"and its F sharp for Beat This." replied Aja

"Um Aja" mumbled Wanda as she walked up "We have a problem."


"I can sum it up in four words: Pietro, Panty Raid, Sugar"

"Uh huh."

"He raided your room."

"WHAT I"M GOING TO KILL THAT SPEEDSTER!" with that said Aja went chasing after Pietro

"And they're off" said Lowlight

"I think they will fit in here fine." Said Hawk as they closed the drapes

"Lets see if I got this straight so far." Said Duke

"We got a bunch of insane mutants"

"Uh huh"

"Three ex members of the teen titans, two of which are half demons that have issues with their father."

"Um huh."

"Hawk I'll be frank they probably the sanest members of this bunch."


"Terra I had that first let go!" yelled Raven

"Finders keepers Rae." Terra argued back

"Don't call me Rae."

"Like I said they'll fit in here fine"

The end

well folks that the story on how those three ended up with the misfits

next story will be a prequel to that on how Aja and Rapture met the misfits till than peace out.