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Summary: Sequel to Two Escapades In One. Angelina Murakami journies into the Orange Islands. Is this for vacation or just reliving memories from her past? R&R, please!

Steps In Paradise

Chapter 1: Orange Peril

"They went WHERE?!"

Angelina Murakami was visiting Professor Oak a few days after relaxing from the Indigo League Tournament. She wore a mint-green sleeveless tank top under a white elbow-length sleeved jacket, and a dark blue-jean mini-pleited skirt. Her ears adorned silver hoop earrings, her strawberry-blonde hair cascaded her shoulders in wavy curls, she carried her black-belt of five red-and-white Pokeballs, around her neck was a silver chain holding a small rhinestone Pokeball, and on her back was a black leather backpack.

"The Orange Archipelago. I sent Ash to Valencia Island to pick up a very special Pokeball from Professor Ivy."

"Nowadays, Pokeballs can be transported, but I can understand if it's the same object you've mentioned to Jeremy before." Angelina replied.

"The G.S. Ball is very mysterious and has special properties that can't be opened." Professor Oak explained. "So if I can't figure the problem, hopefully a Pokeball expert should."

"And the only one we know is Kurt from Azalea Town. I helped him three years ago when the Slowpoke were kept hostage by Team Rocket."

"So I've heard, Angelina," Professor Oak nodded. "And I wasn't surprised when Ash heard of the Orange League, it's very different and much more challenging than Johto or Kanto."

"I'm sure the Orange League will show Ash that he shouldn't give up his goal as Pokemon Master." Angelina insisted, then shrugged with a grin. "Then again, this advice can help myself also."

"I'm not expecting Ash to return the G.S. Ball immediately, but when he does, I'd like you to deliver the device to Kurt in the Johto Region." Professor Oak said.

"No problem," Angelina smiled. "I'll always lend a helping hand." She waves goodbye and departs from the lab, about to walk outside when greeted by a familiar person she hadn't seen since last year.

"Amber, how are you?"

"Not bad, it's been awhile." the young brunette-blonde said. She wore a dark red tank top, dark blue-jean capris, black heeled sandals, a black single-strap backpack, and a chain belt holding her six red-and-white Pokeballs." I just came back from the Johto League and I'm heading out to Hoenn."

"Oh that's awesome!" Angelina exclaimed happily. "I'm not planning for any badge collecting, so I was thinking about heading to the Orange Archipelago for a vacation."

"Sure you're going just for vacation?" Amber raised her eyebrow suspiciously. "I heard Ash Ketchum was down that way."

"Well yeah," Angelina agreed. "He's running an errand for Professor Oak. Who told you so soon?"

"Your Aunt Vicky, and surprisingly Ash's mom?" Amber looked slightly confused. "I thought Clarissa was-"

"Yeah, I thought that too," Angelina sighed. "So Ash is my little brother, he doesn't know yet but his friends do."

"Hopefully it won't take him long to comprehend," Amber snickered. "Well if you need a ride to one of the islands in the Orange Archipelago, I can give you a quick lift on my new Pokemon."

"New Pokemon?" Angelina questioned as she followed Amber down the steps and over the bridge.

The two girls continued walking down the dirt road until they stopped in front of a huge field of the greenest grass.

"About here should be good," Amber observed, holding a black-and-purple ball that Angelina recognized as a Master Ball. She threw it, and the white light revealed a huge shiny white-colored bird with a light blue belly and dark blue feathers going down its back.

"Oh my…. What is that?" Angelina cried, she pulled out her Pokedex for identification of the mysterious Pokemon.

"Lugia, the Diving Pokemon." Dexette replied. "It's so powerful, even a light fluttering of its wings can blow apart houses and it chooses to live out of sight deep under the sea."

"That's true actually. Silver Wings are made from its feathers to summon the Pokemon for help of calming storms. I found this one in the Whirlwind Islands near Silver Rock Isle." Amber explained, petting the bird Pokemon affectionately and admiring a silver-colored feather hanging from her neck.

"Hello Angelina." Lugia greeted with a nod. "I've heard good things, and you are worthy of my presence."

Angelina gasped as she heard the voice in her mind telepathically. "N-no way! Is that honest for goodness real?"

"Yep, and he's psychic, too." Amber added.


"Maybe, when he's not acting all high and mighty." Amber smirked knowingly at the Pokemon.

"Hey, I'm a Legendary Pokemon!" Lugia protested, a blush tinged its face. "I'm supposed to be majestic and-"

"Shut up or it's back in the Master Ball for a month!" Amber yelled, taking out a purple-and-black pokeball.

"Oh c'mon, I'm just speaking the truth." Lugia pleaded, its eyes widened in slight panick. "And you were right about the psychic part since that's half my element type."

"Fine, whatever." Amber sighed, she blew at her bangs in annoyance. "Anyways, we're not heading to Hoenn just yet. Angelina needs a lift to the Orange Islands."

"Name the place and I'll have you there sooner than a Slowoke in July." Lugia winked at his trainer's friend.

"O-kay, well Professor Oak said my brother and his friends are located on Valencia Island."

"Hmm, I see," Lugia thought outloud. "That's only a hop, skip, and a jump from Shamouti Island. My father lives up that way. Did you know he's the protector of the legendary elemental bird islands of Fire, Ice, and Lightning?"

"Really? That's so cool! So will you take me?" Angelina asked.

Lugia chuckled good heartedly, "Why not, I wouldn't mind revisiting old swimming grounds. Climb on and hang on tight."

Angelina and Amber climbed onto Lugia's back as the psychic bird took flight just as fast as the speed of light. They could barely open their eyes to see what was going on, except feeling sharp winds hit their faces. Suddenly, everything haulted and the girls finally open their eyes to take in the surroundings of bright green grass and palm trees.

"Oh, it's so beautiful here!" Angelina gasped in awe.

"Chu…." Pichu agreed, poking out of the opening in Angelina's backpack.

"Eh, it's no different from the other islands I've been to." Amber shrugged uncaringly. "This is as far as I'll go, Angel. My own journey awaits me."

"Good luck!" Angelina waved as Lugia takes flight once more and disappears from sight. She then looks ahead at the long dirt path, hopefully leading to Professor Ivy's Lab.

Halfway down the road, Angelina spots a Pokemon Center and walks inside; despite its outer common looks, inside was done all in wood, very island-like. Besides the wood, it was like most other Pokemon Centers.

"Welcome." Nurse Joy smiled, dressed like most Nurse Joy's, only her skin was tanner. "You must be new to the island." she said as Angelina walked up to the desk.

"Yes, I am." Angelina nods. "Do you know the location of Professor Ivy's Lab?"

"Not far from here," Joy said. "It's outside the city area, take a left out of the center and into the country side, you can't miss it."

"Thanks." Angelina replied, and she departs the center following her told directions. She now walked along a dirt path on the countryside of the island, far more different from the city. On the left was some jungle and on the right was the shore, where the beach and ocean met.

"Chu, chu!" Pichu pointed a single paw at a huge white mansion down the road a bit further. (Look, look!)

"Yep, that's Professor Ivy's Lab." Angelina said anxiously. "We're almost there, Chocolate!"

Minutes later, Angelina is staring up at a huge white house with a reddish-brown roof and dark blue shutters. 'This is it.' She thought and made her way to the front door, knocking twice.

The door opened, and Angelina was met by three young girls that looked the same with violet-red hair and wearing glasses.

"Hi, who're you?" asked the girl in the middle.

"I'm Angelina Murakami from Pallet Town." Angelina smiled. "This is Professor Ivy's Lab, right? I came by for a visit before I depart for…. the Orange League, and I heard that Ash Ketchum was here, too."

"Yep, Professor Ivy is here." spoke the girl on the left. "I'm Faith!"

"Trainers rarely visit here since the Orange League is so popular." added the girl on the right. "My names' Hope."

"So c'mon in; and just to let you know, Ash already left the island with Misty about a few days ago." the middle girl waved. "By the way, I'm Charity."

"Nice to meet you." Angelina said as the door closed behind her after stepping inside. "Wait…. Ash and Misty left? What about Brock?"

"You know him?" Hope asked curiously.

"Well yeah! He's.... one of my good friends!" Angelina replied.

"Like him as a boyfriend?" Faith teased.

"Ahm, he's just a friend, like I said." Angelina stammered, her face a little red. "So is he here?"

"Yes, as an assistant for Professor Ivy." Charity answered. "It's nice to have someone like Brock around; keeps the house sparkling neat and the food he cooks is fantastic."

The four girls walked into the living room and sat down on the couch.

"Brock had experience from taking care of his own family, ten brothers and sisters to be exact. Their father left and the mother passed away…. But that may be a rumor, because I think she's still alive somewhere." Angelina explained, though unsure of her own thoughts.

"Could've sworn I heard someone familiar." said a voice that Angelina recognized clearly. She turned her head and saw her brother's best friend standing over at the kitchen tossing a salad.

"So why did you stay behind?"

"To learn more about the Pokemon on this island, and if you've noticed already, I'm needed here for Professor Ivy." Brock grinned.

Angelina raised her eyebrow doubtfully, "More than Ash and Misty? You should know they're too young to travel alone."

"They're only heading back to Pallet Town, no more than a two hour trip, right?"

"Sure about that Brocky?" Angelina smirked when she got an eyebrow raised at her. "The Orange Islands have a Pokemon League, and I know for a fact that Ash is side-tracked from delivering the G.S. Ball."

"Oh really? Well I'm not surprised, maybe he'll have more confidence in himself and his Pokemon."

"We can only hope that happens, Brock." Angelina agreed."Otherwise, maybe I can keep up-to-date on Ash's whereabouts."

"Wouldn't that sound like you're spying on him?" Hope interrupted.

"Not at all, I'm Ash's oldest sister. If not Misty, then someone needs to make sure Ash stays outta trouble."

"Unless trouble is already following him. Like Team Rocket for instance." Brock reminded.

"You think they'd give up after a year of failed schemes, but with me around, they'll keep their distance." Angelina explained confidently.

"Hey, Professor Ivy!" Hope's voice echoed through the house. "There's someone here to see you!"

"I'm coming," a stoic voice replied back, out from a doorway came a slender-and-very-busty woman with purple hair wearing a white lab coat. Her dark eyes spotted the unfamiliar girl. "And you are?"

"Angelina Murakami, ma'am."

"Welcome, I hope Professor Oak didn't send you also for the G.S. Ball." Professor Ivy grinned.

"Uhm, no. I came down on my own before I set off into the Orange Islands." Angelina shyly answered. "I've previously been out here about two years ago for the Orange League."

"It's nice to see trainers come to the islands, all we get are tourist who care nothing for the Pokemon!" Ivy explained in slight upset. "They destroy the Pokemon's home and in the process are making wild Pokemon around this area harder to find."

"Pokemon are totally awesome!" Angelina blurted out. "They're the best friends anyone could have!"

Professor Ivy placed her right hand over her mouth and giggled some. "It's about time someone like you shows up, besides Brock, of course."

"Right," Angelina nodded. "But I can't stay long since I'm anxious to…. Begin my vacation."

"Then I won't keep you, through you may join us for dinner." Professor Ivy offered.

"Thanks, I'd love to!" Angelina smiled.

After a delicious dinner prepared by Brock, Angelina gathered her backpack and heads for the front door. She stepped outside and stared at the beautiful sunset of orange, red and yellow against the glittering blue ocean. "Night approaches soon," she sighs and turns around to fetch her backpack, then suddenly takes a step back in surprise since Brock appeared before her. "Hi…."

"Don't tell me you were leaving, Angelina. Navigation in the dark is not good, especially in the Orange Islands."

"Well yeah, I knew that. I was gonna stay here tonight and leave in the morning."

"Good, you can have my room, I'll sleep on the couch," Brock insisted, taking hold of Angelina's hand. "Come on now, back inside."

The very next morning and after a scrumptious breakfast of fried eggs and bacon with pancakes and hot tea, Angelina is now ready for her journey through the Orange Archipelago.

"You still have my e-mail address, right? And I gave you Professor Ivy's number, too."

"I'll call if I need anything, Brock." Angelina laughed softly and kissed him gently on his cheek in calm assurance. "Work hard on your studies here and concentrate for your goal as a breeder."

Brock smiled. "Then you don't give up your dreams as a Pokemon Master." He embraced the young girl dearly as if he longly missed her forever, even though he was just really saying goodbye.

Angelina broke from the hug, blushed and smiled shyly, then departed down the road not only for adventure, but for protection as well.

§To Be Continued§

*based from and takes place during the pokemon episodes-- "Pokeball Peril", "The Lost Lapras", and "Fit To Be Tide"
*Angelina is greeted by Amber and introduced to her Lugia
*Amber knows Angelina and Ash are related
*Lugia flies Angelina to Valencia Island, then Amber departs for the Hoenn Region.
*Angelina finds out Ash and Misty already departed with the GS Ball while Brock stayed behind to assist Professor Ivy.
*Angelina stays the night for Brock's sake and leaves in the morning for her journey

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