Zakuro's pov

"Zakuro!" I heard mom's voice. I looked up and Kat was running towards me. I stood-up and we shared a hug. "I'm here now, please take me to Pai." She had tears in her eyes.

"Ok. Come with me. But! Don't freak out ok? He's changed a lot since that last time you saw him."

"Just, let me see him." I nodded and brought her to the ship.


Mom looked around the ship and then back at me. She looked like she was about to pumble me. "Is this some kind of joke?"

"Calm down." I said calmly.

"Mew Zakuro?" Kish came out of Pai's bedroom door and about fell over. "Uhm...who is this?"

"Meet my mother, Kat Manx. Mom, this Kishu. Pai's friend." Tart came out of the room too.


"And this is Pai's other 'friend' Taruto." Mom just stood there and stared. "Excuse us." I grabbed her hand and brought her into Pai's room. "There's Pai." The tears rolled down her face as she walked over to his bedside.

"Why does he have those weird-"

"Ears? He's part alien. Like dad is."


"When grandma and grandpa said that he had been kidnapped, it was their imaginations running wild. Pai really had found dad and joined his team. He disappeared with no trace of where he was. That's what really happened." She just stood there an stared at him.

"I just can't believe it's him..."

"Believe it." I said simply.

We sat there by his bedside for a couple hours just talking about the different things the three of us used to to do when we were younger. Then suddenly...his body began to stir. "P-Pai?" I whispered. His eyes batted open and he gazed over at the two of us. I smiled happily.

"Zakuro..." I grabbed his hand and squeezed it ever so slightly. "Mom?"

"Pai." She leaned over his body and hugged him. "Why did you ever leave us?"

"I needed to find dad. He never said he was sorry." Pai said; sounding like a little kid again. Mom was practicly bawling at this point. But hey! You'd sob too if you just got to see your son for the first time in...over a decade! This was a happy moment for all three of us. Our entire family was reunited. Well, except for one of us... ...


Mew Lizzy: Yeah I know...short chapter... Very sorry...