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Chapter 1: FlashBack

Greg Sanders has an estranged twin sister called Kamie, He found out she exists at the age of 18 when his mom, Joanna decided she couldn't go on hiding this information forever. Greg's Dad, Karl was an evil man who beat Joanna constantly, she hoped when they had children he might become at least a little paternal and calm down a little…how wrong she was. Whenever Greg or Kamie would cry he would go insane at them, if they needed, feeding changing or they'd hurt themselves he would go off the rails. Joanna decided she couldn't take this any longer, she got up every ounce of courage she could possibly find and for the safety of herself and her children she left him and due to domestic violence charges, he couldn't see the twins ever again. He didn't take this well and one day, broke into Joanna's house while she was putting the children to bed

"Step away from them now" He shouted at Joanna with the sound of pure evil in every syllable.

"What are you doing here" Joanna replied too shocked to think clearly. Panic and anger set in as she felt the sudden urge to protect her children at all costs "Get the Hell out of my house" she cried getting angrier by the second but the fear for her children's safety showing clearer than the bright full moon outside twinkling into the young twins room.

Karl was prepared for some resistance but he had never had her stand up to him like she was doing now, and he didn't like it, the anger bubbling up inside him forced him to retrieve a gun from his inside jacket pocket

"I Said, Step Away" He repeated through his fury

This made Joanna's anger be replaced by pure fear, what should she do? The children were crying by this stage and she new he was going to flip into his insanity and rage, but she daren't obey him either, she stood there like a deer in front of headlights, panic taking over all of her senses. He was going to pull the trigger she new it and it was pointed at her, if she didn't do anything she would die and probably so would her children, if she did do something…. It could all end in the same way, or he could lose. Joanna's mind was racing as fast as it could to find all possibilities, subconsciously weighing up all the pros and cons of her actions in just a split second that felt like a lifetime. She didn't know what else to do except to dive for him, hope she catches him off guard and he doesn't even get chance to pull that trigger