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Chapter 8: Together Forever

"Are you nervous?" asked Greg whilst driving through open desert land, one hand on the wheel while the other tries to fight a mint from the packet in his hand

"About your driving? Yes" she replied with a cheeky smirk on her face. She snatched the packet of mints from his hand, got one out and shoved it into his mouth. "There, wasn't that much easier?" she said curtly

"Thanks" he mumbled whilst trying to put the mint in the best position to talk and suck at the same time. "But seriously…. Are you nervous?"

"Of course I am" she said quite faintly, her nerves really starting to show through as she was fidgeting with her hands

"There's no need to be, after what we've been through, this is the easy part, and believe me, you'll love it!" He reassured her

Kamie just smiled back at him, Grateful that he was doing this for her and was here with her right now, she had to do this, she knew it, but it was a very hard thing to do, to have someone there with her was much easier. She had gotten to know Greg very well, they had started to almost have a really brother sister relationship and she loved it. She stayed with him in the hospital, and after that he went to her house to stay while the police and CSI's were processing Greg's apartment as a crime scene. It almost felt as if they had always known each other. And to both of them. It was the nicest feeling in the world

Kamie sat back and watched all of the houses fly past the window as they were now zooming through towns and villages, they had been on the road for many hours now and they were both tired. Greg looked across and saw how distant Kamie was, he knew that sometimes people wanted there space and some time to think and reflect on situations but he didn't want her worrying herself about this too much so thought he ought to intercept

"We wont be too long now, are you completely ready? Nothing you want to do before we go in is there?" he asked her as an attempt to bring her mind back into the car

"I'm as ready as I'll ever be" she replied

That was all she said and Greg didn't want to interrupt her too much so he left it at that.

15 minutes later, they pulled up to a large white house, he looked quite beautiful actually. Kamie took a deep breath, looked at Greg and nodded. They both got out of the car at the same and Kamie followed Greg up to the house. Before they even reached the front door a large women came running from the house "Oh Greg, I thought that was your car!" she said to him whilst smothering him with a vice like hug and a kiss "I wasn't expecting you, I've really missed you. I want to know everything!" she said ecstatically. Then she noticed he was with someone. "Oh I'm so sorry dear" she said to Greg in a much lower voice "Nice to meet you" said Greg's mum whilst holding a hand out for Kamie

"Mum, this is Kamie" Greg's mum looked quite confused at this, after all, not one day goes by when she doesn't think about Kamie. "My twin sister Kamie" he added

His mum was in shock at this news, she couldn't move until finally, the whole situation sunk in and she realized. Tears streaked her face as she hugged Kamie so tight Kamie had to struggle to breathe but she didn't mind, in fact, she loved it. She was loved and she felt it. She finally had the one thing she'd wished for her whole life… Her family

The End