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A frown appeared on Harry's face as the dull glow of magic shone in the dark corridor; still stuck to the wall, Romilda remained encased in the web of magic Daphne had restrained her with. For a moment Harry considered leaving her there for someone else to find. But soon the negatives overwhelmed the positives for that particular action. There was little to no doubt that Romilda had overheard Daphne's and his 'deals'. He really didn't feel like being blackmailed by two separate people in the same night.

What better way to get out of being blackmailed, then to blackmail someone yourself? Harry asked himself, as Slytherin as it may have been, it was the only way he would be able to handle the 'Romilda situation'. But there was still one thing that he would have to work out before trying; would she fall for it? Or would she in turn Blackmail him? She was a Gryffindor, it wasn't likely that she would Blackmail him back, but then he was a Gryffindor as well.

Casually he approached Romilda, he could see form the low glow of the web that her eyes were back to normal, and that she was looking at him. He could see a hint of uncertainty in her eyes it was only to be expected, she was helpless, and before she had all but attacked him.

Harry stood in front of Romilda, staring blankly at her face, it was slightly hard to see through the web of magic up close, but it wasn't impossible, the glow translucent strings wasn't enough to impede his eyes. Romilda bit her lip lightly as she stared down at Harry; she began to fidget as much as she could under his gaze. It was now or never, Harry reasoned.

"Romilda, I will make you a deal, if I get you down from here, promise me you won't tell anyone you saw me, promise me that and we can forget this ever happened." Instantly Harry could see the conflict in her eyes, he could almost see her thoughts roaming in her eyes. Could she get free on her own? Would it be better to forget? It did not last long, soon enough Romilda's eyes had turned back to normal, and she gave an almost unperceivable nod.

Now that the terms were secure, Harry had one more problem; how was he supposed to get her out of the spell? Clenching his fist slightly, Harry was reminded that he still had his wand in his hand. What was the off chance that it would work? He wondered. The chance wasn't high. It hadn't been that long, but a second glance at Romilda's eyes forced him to rethink then though, her eyes were back to normal there was no sign of the purple sheen. For a moment, he could feel the familiar tingling feeling at the tips of his fingers.

Harry bit his bottom lip in a way very similar to the way Romilda had. Would Daphne have used a spell which would be as simple to be undone by the standard Finite Incantatem, Harry did not think so, the only way to remove the spell would be to use the same spell Daphne had used on him to reverse the effects of the spells Romilda had used on him. With that thought he sent her a withering look, causing her to flinch lightly.

Harry sighed as he reminded himself that Romilda had not been herself, even if she had been instrumental in the problems which had caused all theā€¦unfortunate events of the night. He released a shuddering sigh as he calmed himself down, it would be the first time he would have used the spell, and the first time a spell was used, it never helped to be agitated. Slowly Harry raised the tip of his wand to Romilda's chest and pressed it against the hollow of her throat.

"Incantatio deliquesce." intoned Harry as he slowly began to drag the tip of the wand down Romilda's chest, ignoring the blush upon her cheeks as she fought to keep from laughing at the feeling. Instead of the green line that had appeared on him, a white line appeared and re-enacted the crack like transformation that had happened before. While the one used on him had covered his body, the spell reacted differently To Romilda, the white cracks spread over the translucent web binding Romilda until it had covered it all.

And just like that the magic web shattered and vanished. Harry smiled, he was pleased that he had been able to make the spell work after only seeing it and hearing the incantation once. Harry blinked as a thud sound caused him to glance down to the ground. Romilda was crumbled on the ground, rubbing her back gently with a pout upon her face. It took her a few moments to realise that Harry was staring down at her, but the moment she noticed she reached up and grasped his hand, yanking it hard.

Harry grimaced as his knees buckled and his body collapsed to the ground, the snap of the stone floor against his kneecaps pained him, the pain quickly vanished though. And in its place annoyance had formed. Turning his head up to Romilda he glared at her, only to find her still pouting.

"That was for not catching me." She muttered snidely.

Harry blinked a few times as he stared at Romilda, pay back? He hadn't expected her to be agitated over such a small thing. But it wasn't entirely unexpected; he had just gotten her to agree to never mention what had happened in the corridor during the night. He almost laughed as he realised why she did it, she had done it because he couldn't complain or tell anyone, or else she would be able to do the same, something he did not want her to do.

Taking advantage of the idea, Harry reached across to Romilda and flicked her nose as hard as he could; a resounding 'Ow!' from Romilda caused a smirk to form on his face. The smile quickly disappeared as Romilda glowered at him. Tightening his grip on his wand, Harry watched as Romilda shifted her body around slightly until she was sitting upon her knees, her glower had disappeared and in its place an innocent look had formed. It did not fool Harry for a moment.

He was able to react moments before Romilda lunged at him; he held his arm steady between them, blocking her body. Unfortunately he was unable to stop her arms. Using both of her hands, Romilda was able to put enough pressure on Harry's arm to push him backwards onto the ground. A bout of girlish laughter was all he heard before a familiar pressure found its way onto his chest.

A sigh escaped Harry's lips as he reaches up to push Romilda off, surprisingly he met little to no resistance as he pushed Romilda off him. That was until she was off him; Romilda gripped his shirt tightly and pulled against it.

"Harry." She whined softly.

A sigh escaped Harry's lips.

"What do you want?" he asked after a moment in which he sat up.

Romilda seemed to be struggling with what she wanted to say, but after a few moments she seemed to find the right words. Leaning towards Harry's face she passed her lips by his ear and whispered softly;

"I want a kiss."

Harry moved away from Romilda as quickly as he was able to. It amounted to little as Romilda's grip upon his shirt was still tight. Visibly Harry brought his wand up, only to have Romilda release her grip on his shirt and show her hands.

"No wand put it away, unless you don't think you can handle a defenceless me." She teased lightly, eyeing the wand cautiously.

Slowly Harry lowered his wand to his side, keeping his eyes locked on Romilda's. The lower his wand went, the more relaxed she became, until his wand had vanished into his pocket. And just like that, Romilda lunged at Harry again. Now with both arms to defend himself with, Harry was much more able, so able in fact that with little to no effort he managed to restrain Romilda against the nearest wall.

For the merest of moments, Harry thought he had gotten Romilda to stop. He was mistaken, Once he was pressing her against the wall with enough force, she allowed her arms to buckle. Harry's eyes widened as his body suddenly lurched forwards against Romilda's. As he began to pull away, Romilda's arms ensnared around his body, holding him tight against her own.

He was paying her upper body too much attention, Harry realised as soon as her right foot slipped between his own. In a split second Harry found himself on his back, with Romilda once again on top of his body. No matter how hard he pushed, she remained latched onto his torso, unrelenting. A thought of brilliance struck Harry, and with just that he stopped fighting against Romilda. Ever so slowly, Romilda relaxed her Grip as she felt Harry remain still. As quick as Romilda had captured him, Harry escaped, his Arms pushed off Romilda with enough force to allow her to rise a little before falling back to him.

It was at that moment Harry thanked his quidditch born reflexes, as Romilda remained in midair for a moment, his hand lashed out and grasped her side, spinning her to the right. Harry grimaced as Romilda's back slammed down against his chest. As Romilda had done before, Harry latched his arms around her waist, holding her still as she struggled against him.

A low growl escaped Romilda's lips as she fought against Harry's arms. The growl soon disappeared as she took a moment to contemplate her position. A devious smile appeared on her face as she slowly began to rub her back against Harry's body. A wicked grin appeared on her face as Harry's body tensed. Ever so slowly she began to move against Harry again, until to both her disappointment and joy Harry pushed her off him.

"Stop it!" he demanded as he glared at Romilda.

He was further enraged by the pleased smile upon her lips. As he made to move closer to her again her smile widened and made him pause.

"Just a kiss?" she asked again, pouting softly as she slowly began to crawl closer to Harry.

Harry refused to back down; he remained still, glaring at Romilda as she etched closer towards him. Soon enough Romilda's face resided centimetres away from his own, still she leaned closer until their noses were touching. He could feel her breath upon his lower face, slowly; he leaned backwards, keeping the distance between their lips the same. The further he leaned backwards, the more pronounced the pout upon her lips became.

It wasn't before long that Harry was on his back again, and Romilda was on top of him. As he started up into her dark pupil's Harry could almost pin-point when the situation had begun to degrade to what it was. His pride had beaten him down yet again, had he not put away his wand she wouldn't have been able to get so close. Had he not been squeamish she wouldn't have had him in such a position.

"Do you really have a Hungarian Horn tail Tattoo on your chest?" she asked curiously.

A Blush over took Harry's face as he remembered what Ginny had told him she had said to Romilda once during the year before.

Romilda took advantage of his shock to claim her objective; she captured his lips with her own in a surprisingly soft kiss.

Harry's eyes remained open in surprise; the kiss was nothing like he had shared with Daphne. Neither kiss was like anything he had shared with Ginny; with Ginny it had been all emotion on his part. With Daphne it had been raw lust from her, from Romilda it was something different, it was want, even without the potion effecting her, Romilda still had the same thing in mind, perhaps that was why the messed up potion had effected her so badly?

It wasn't much of a surprise to Harry after Daphne's kiss as he felt the beginnings of a tongue caress his lips. For a moment he had entertained the idea of denying Romilda entrance into his mouth. The idea quickly dissipated as he thought of how he would react if the person he wanted denied him, How he would react if Ginny had denied him a single kiss, He knew that it would have hurt him.

Slowly he eased his mouth open to allow Romilda to 'deepen' the kiss. It however remained much the same, Romilda was purposely holding herself back, Harry realised. The thought of Romilda trying hard not to force him to kiss her any more then she had already done was a warming one. Slowly, Romilda broke her lips from Harry's, breathing lightly upon his lips for a moment before leaning backwards and staring at him adoringly.

"Thank you." She whispered softly.

Harry started back at Romilda silently.

As good as it had been it was over, right?

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