My first Sky High fanfiction, so try not to be too harsh. Warren may seem out of chracter, too, but that may be because I came into the movie when Warren and Will were engaged in their first game of 'Save the Citizen'.


Warren sighed. Another boring day at Sky High, made even more boring if you were the resident freak/outsider. He was a common 'freak': shoulder-length black hair with red streaks, taller than most. Nobody talked to him, nobody attempted to make friends with him... not that he didn't like it, but sometimes he did get lonely. Outsider-dom had it's perks, though... like the constant way people were afraid of you. That was one of the better parts of being labeled as an 'outsider/freak'.

Warren took his assigned seat, sick of the dull schedule his life had. School, work, sleep. That's about all he did. However (little did he know it), his life was about to change. Drastically.

"Class, we have a new student," the teacher said brightly, and though everyone's attention was focused on that, Warren didn't look up. It was probably just some ditzy blonde wearing bright pink clothes with the power to make bubble-gum appear out of thin air. He chuckled slightly at the thought, but was completely surprised by the girl that walked in.

She was far from a ditzy blonde. She was wearing an over-large hoodie with the word 'Australia' printed across it in big red letters, jeans, and some black Nikes. She had the hood up, and the teacher said to her, "Hoods off please, Ms. Whilde. I'll warn you if it starts raining." The girl reluctantly flipped her hood off, and Warren's eyes widened. Underneath the hood was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She had dark, reddish-brown hair, and defiant, bright green eyes swept over the class. She had a stubborn chin and full lips, with a smattering of freckles across her pale skin. Her eyebrows slanted slightly down, and she had thick eyelashes. "Everyone, this is Seree Whilde. She's transferring from Australia, so be nice," the teacher droned, and Seree's eyes flicked from him to the class.

"I don't need no one to be nice to me here," she said, her voice ringing loudly in the room. Her Australian lilt softened the words and smoothed them together, making her voice melodious. "Besides," she began, looking down at her hand. A fireball appeared in it, and she smiled slightly as it danced from her palm to her fingers. "If any of you come near me, I'll barbecue you," she finished, smiling maniacally at the class. Several of the class gulped, and Warren felt the atmosphere in the room change from relaxed to almost stretched. She nodded to the teacher, who was gaping at her, and took her seat. She sat next to Warren (go figure), and flipped her hood up again. "And if you say anything more about my hood, I swear I'll fry you," she barked to the teacher, who looked sincerely frightened. Warren could sense her smirk under her hood, and used his iron self-control to keep his eyes from wandering to her hunched form throughout the rest of the class period.

Lunch was next, and Warren made his way to his ordinary table. No one sat there, seeing as how he, 'the outsider' always sat there. However, today was becoming more strange. He found the new girl sitting at his table, quietly munching on her food while reading a book. He sat down, and glared at the girl. She flicked her eyes up from her book, studied him for a minute, then continued reading. "Hey," he said angrily, and she flicked her eyes back to him. "This is my table. Nobody sits here." Her eyes turned from curious to steely, flashing anger at him.

"Sorry, mate. Didn't get the memo," she snarled at him, but continued sitting where she was.

"I thought I just told you to move," Warren growled back, his anger flaring. However, he couldn't say he wasn't intrigued by her boldness.

"Don't see your name on the table. And it's a free country," Seree replied, her green eyes blazing into his dark brown ones. He stood up, banging his hands on the table. People had stopped their conversations and had begun to whisper, pointing at the two. Seree eyed him, raising one eyebrow. "Is that supposed to scare me, big boy?" She asked, her tone mocking as she returned to her book. "'Cause you don't scare me one bit." Warren, his face contorted in anger, shot a fireball from his hand and set her book alight. It turned to ash in her fingers, and she stared at where it had been. "I was reading that!" She screamed, standing up and whirling towards him. He replied to her comment by smirking at her, crossing his arms in front of his chest and looking smug.

However, the anger that reflected from her eyes caused him to take a step back. The air around her began to smolder, and flames grew on her fingertips. "I'll fry you alive," she whispered, her anger fueling the blaze at her fingertips. For a moment, Warren felt a pang of fear. In the moment's hesitation that he had given, Seree had gathered her fire and cannon-balled it at him. It slammed into his chest, causing him to fly backward. Although he controlled fire himself, the fire she had shot at him sent pain running through his body. He slid along the ground for a minute, and hopped back on his feet. His hands flaming with his characteristic fireballs, he shot them in quick succession at her. She dodged them, until one skimmed along her face and nearly set her hair alight. She took off her hoodie, and raised her hands in a fighting position. "What's the matter?" She taunted, her green eyes strangely happy. "Afraid to hit a girl?"

Warren charged at Seree, but she evaded him with a neat step to the side. She brought her hand down on the back of his head as he passed her, giving him a stinging slap. He quickly regained balance, and came back with a barrage of kicks and punches. Although she blocked most of them, she got punched across the face. Giving a cry of anger, she pounced on him and pinned him to the ground. She pressed against his throat while holding his wrists well away from her, bringing her face inches away from him. Several strands of hair were hanging over her face, and she was breathing heavily. Warren was in no better condition. "I win," she said through gritted teeth, and gave a cry of surprise when she was yanked off of him.

The teachers stood there, one of them holding the back of Seree's shirt. She growled at him and twisted out of his grasp, flailing wildly until he let her go. Another teacher offered his hand to Warren, who got up by himself. Yet another teacher stepped out of the crowd. "Alright, now that we've made sure that you two aren't going to kill each other," he began, and his voice quickly became menacing. "What is going on here!" He screamed, and Seree stared at him unblinkingly. Warren sighed resignedly and opened his mouth, about to tell the teacher it was his fault for the fight, when Seree saw him and spoke up.

"It's my fault, sir. I provoked him. I trespassed on territory not meant to be trespassed," she said, holding the teacher's furious gaze coldly. Warren gaped at her in surprise, and her eyes flickered from the teacher to him. The look in them was strange... the eyes seemed curious, not full of hate as they had been a moment ago. The teacher watched her for a moment, then decided she was sincere.

"You are telling the truth," he said quietly, and a small smile broke out on Seree's lips. "However," he said loudly, now addressing both her and Warren. "Both of you must be punished. Now, as punishment," he stopped, studying the two. They were glaring at each other again, and a wry smile grew on the teacher's lips. "Both of you will be each other's partners in every school activity that requires partners for the rest of the year. Science projects, 'Save the Citizen', and anything else that might need partners," he concluded, and Seree's mouth dropped open.

"What!" She screamed, her green eyes carefully cleared of all emotion. Warren was also protesting, gesturing wildly with his hand and arms. The two tried to argue with the teacher, but he remained faithful to his decision. An hour later, the two were picked to participate in 'Save the Citizen'. Seree had fiercely protested wearing the armor that they set out for the partners, and many of the negotiators had walked away singed. So she was wearing a simple tank-top and jeans, her hair done up in a low ponytail. She glared out of the corner of her eye at Warren, and muttered angrily, "You suck." He replied by flipping her off, and she flared with anger. However, the bell rang, and the two darted towards their opponents.

The two were basically the same as they always were, with an exception. The fat guy, who was normally there, had caught the flu, so the Lash guy had traded him out for a guy with knives for hands. Seree immediately went for the knife guy, and was busy taunting him while Warren grappled with Lash. Seree was extremely agile, her body twisting lithely as she emanated a serene atmosphere. Her facial expression was calm, even a bit happy, as she evaded the knives with ease. Warren blasted Lash, and had a second to rest. He turned to yell at Seree that time was ticking, and his eyes widened in surprise. She looked beautiful, even exotic, as she dodged the knives with ease. She even had her eyes closed, and there was a smile playing on her lips.

In his rapt attention on Seree, Warren had completely forgotten about Lash. Suddenly a hand grasped the back of his armor, and he was hurled towards Seree. Her eyes snapped open, and she gave a cry as he slammed into her. She hit the stadium wall hard, and slid down the cold concrete. Her eyes were closed in pain, and she emitted a small groan as Warren rolled off her. "Seree," he called, grabbing her wrist and yanking her up. She couldn't even stand on her feet, and fell forward onto Warren's shoulder. "Seree!" Concern clouded his senses, and he didn't notice Knives coming up behind him. To his complete surprise, her eyes opened slightly and she shot a fireball at Knives. It landed right in his face, and he fell backward, completely incapacitated.

"Watch it," She commanded, sounding irritated. "You let emotions interfere too much when you fight. Anger is good for power, but anything else..." she shrugged, getting up slowly, "...will only slow you down." He nodded, completely dumb-founded by this new girl.

"What's the matter, Pyro?" Lash called tauntingly from behind the 'citizen'. Seree sighed and ran her fingers through her hair, closing her eyes in exasperation. "You havin' some fun with your boyfriend over there?" Her eyes shot open, and her head whirled in the direction of Lash. Warren could feel the air around her change from relaxed to angry.

"What was that?" She cried, anger pulsating from her. Lash repeated his comment, his smirk burning itself into her mind. A low growl came from Seree's chest, building up into her throat. Her pupils shrank and disappeared, her eyes filling with a bright orange-ish color. The air around her crackled and shimmered, and fire appeared wherever she took a step. Soon she had fire swirling around her, as if she were trapped in a cyclone of the flames. With every step, more of the floor melted. Warren stared at her back, completely baffled by her anger. Metal bent under the pressure; the walls of the stadium began to buckle. The 'citizen' was shot out of the premises when Seree stepped right next to it, and soon caught flame. Her hair fluttered as if caught in a strong wind, and she stepped towards Lash. He tried to run, fear showing plainly on his features, but her cyclone engulfed him. He was trapped inside with the thing that had immediately become his newest fear: the girl who called herself Seree.

She was standing in the middle of the cyclone; her hair was whipping around her face, and her skin had taken on the same color as the fire. Her clothes had burnt off, and it was replaced by a dress made completely of flames. "I'm surprised that I'm letting you live," she said finally, her voice echoing inside the globe of flames they were in. "Normally, anyone who said what you said would be completely charred right now." She inspected her fingers, and her eyes returned to his face. "Take it back," she said suddenly, and Lash blinked in surprise.

"Take what back?" He asked, bemused. A hand of fire appeared from the wall next to his face, and slapped him. His cheek stung from the force and from the intense heat radiating from the hand.

"My emotions are not to be toyed with, boy," Seree said menacingly. "If you want to be burnt to a crisp inside my flames, that's perfectly fine. But I won't let you go without you either apologizing or taking back what you said." Lash watched her warily, then nodded when she stared unblinkingly at his face.

"I take it back," he said haughtily, and she gave him a feral smile. He blinked in confusion, and the last thing he saw was a dragon of flames erupt from the wall behind Seree. The rest was completely black.

The teachers had immediately began to evacuate the students when the walls began to crumble, but Warren had refused to budge. He and the teachers watched in growing fascination and horror as Seree was engulfed by a tornado of fire, and as Lash was eaten up by it too. The fire was still roaring, and Warren felt concern gnaw at his senses. He had never worried for anyone before, but he found the new emotion perfectly sensible when it came to Seree's safety. She had been beautiful when she was evaded Knives; it looked more like a dance, rather than a series of dodges. He had completely forgotten about the fight they had had earlier, and was waiting anxiously for Seree's safe return.

Slowly, the globe of fire was beginning to shrink. Finally it faded away, revealing an unconscious Lash in the middle. Seree was walking towards then, clothed in a dress of flames. She walked right up to Warren, staring into his eyes. The flames in her eyes receded, and the pupils returned. Her skin returned to it's normal color too, and she collapsed into Warren's arms. He held her to his chest, surprised at how cold her skin was becoming. Soon, her dress of flame also faded, and Warren found himself holding an unclothed Seree. He blushed furiously, and took off his shirt. He draped her in it, and she stirred. Somewhere in the background, Warren could dimly hear the teachers shouting stuff like "Get the clean-up over here!" and, "Whoa! We need an extra pair of clothes!" However, once her eyes opened, he was sucked into them. They were intense, staring into his eyes with a mingled expression of anger and... gratitude? He couldn't tell, because in the next moment, she had pulled away from him and swept off to gather her things.