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OK people, this fic is rated for a reason. And anyone who's read the bio will know that Slightly Sinester Sinestra is three sisters. Well, this is sister number two in a weird mood.


Scars covered his body, the white hot lash of the whip had seen to that. Blood had always been drawn. Blood that meant he belonged to someone else. Blood that meant someone else held control.

He stared down at his marked frame. Scars would always stay. They would always be there to prove that other person's control. It hurt more than physical pain ever would.

It still hurt him now. Pain lingered, control lingered. That was why he'd never truly been able to sway from the path his controller had carved for him. He'd never really been in control.

The door felt hard against his scarred back, the metal cool against his skin. The blade glinted in the moonlight. He stared at it for several long seconds, scowling. The light winking across its surface looked almost merry. What gave that cold metal the right to be merry? He could never control its glinting, but he could control its movement.

It slashed through his skin with ease. With a smile of satisfaction he watched the blood drift lazily down his arm. This was his cut, his blood, his death.

This was his control.

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