Disney refuses to sell to me, so they still own everything. It's here folks, the moment everyone has been waiting for eagerly! Kim is now awake! As well, since it took so long to get to this point, ideas constantly thrumming through my head, this will be by far my longest story yet! As well, to help new readers who are jumping onboard for the first time, as well as my regulars who might be a bit confused, I have placed a complete timeline below, detailing everything that has happened to date. Enjoy!


Recovery – Chapter 1

It was many months since she had begun lying there. Winter had come and gone, and spring was just lighting upon the mountains. The nights were still quite cool though, and the cloudless night sky shined down on her bed. She had had many visitors in that time, as evidenced by the number of cards and gifts and the fresh flowers by her bed.

Her hair did not have the same luster or bounce it once had, but it still cascaded down past her shoulders, carefully laid so she still looked beautiful to the eye. Her wounds had long since healed, even the scars had started to fade quite well. The beeping of the machines had been constant in all that time, never changing never ceasing. A sudden beep disturbed the months long rhythm, and then another.

Green eyes opened under that night sky!


Kim Possible slowly opened her eyes, noticing first off the clear, brilliant night outside, it's light brightening the room despite the fact it was nighttime. The beeping to her right was the next thing she noticed, and she slowly turned her head towards the noise. The array of machines surprised her, as did the cords and tubes running from them to her that, until then, she hadn't even noticed.

Surprised by the amount of equipment around her, she felt over her body to where they were connected, surprised at just how tired she felt from simply moving her arms. The tube up her nose troubled her, as did the one running from her… more private area. Almost panicked now, she checked herself for injuries, and noticed very little that would warrant that kind of response.

She looked around, but could not find an emergency button to call a nurse. She did notice the multitude of cards and flowers around the room, and again was surprised by the sheer number of them.

Deciding she needed some answers, she moved to sit up. Her body at first did not want to respond, but she forced it to move, and when she was finally sitting up she waited a moment, trying to catch her breath. The very act of just sitting up had exhausted her, and now she knew she needed some answers.

Looking at the equipment, she knew she'd never be able to take this all into the hall with her. The IV wouldn't be a problem, that was small enough, and she didn't really want to take a chance with the catheter. She knew enough from her mother not to mess with things like that if she didn't know what she was doing, and the bag she found tied to her leg shouldn't get in the way. That left the feeding tube that ran through her nose. Slowly, she disconnected it from the equipment, taking care not to pull too hard on it. Now that she was aware of it, it felt really uncomfortable, but like the catheter, she didn't want to just yank it out.

Pulling the final electrodes and monitors off her body, surprised someone hadn't come yet to check on the equipment yet, she swung her legs out over the edge of the bed, placing her feet gingerly on the floor. Testing her weight, she slowly stood, and quickly collapsed to the floor. Kim winced as the IV tugged sharply, and she forced herself to keep her arm up as the needle threatened to pull itself free from her arm.

Determined to not let it stop her, she stretched out her legs carefully as she lay on the floor, testing her muscles, now fully aware that her body was refusing to respond as it should, wondering just how long she had been out for. Carefully and slowly, she braced her legs under her and grabbed onto the side of the bed, pulling herself up as best she could. The first attempt seemed to take all her energy, and she fell back to the floor. Setting her teeth, she tried again, and managed to throw her upper body back onto the bed. Turning over, taking care with the IV, she sat up again on the side of the bed, and looked at her surroundings.

It didn't seem like a Japanese hospital, not with all the signs in English around her. It didn't mean anything though, Kim thought, she might be in a hospital for tourists and VIPs, or she might have been transported back to the States when she was good to travel. The second option seemed most likely, which meant she must have been out of it for a few days at least. That could explain why her muscles seemed unresponsive to her. It also explained the catheter and the feeding tube.

Spotting what appeared to be a wheeled office chair in the corner, Kim set her sights on getting to it. It was about ten feet away, and normally would not have been a problem, but Kim already felt as if she had run a marathon and then taken on Shego for a half hour. Grabbing the IV stand, she inched her way to the end of the bed until she was at the end closest to the chair. Lowering herself to the floor, not taking a chance that her legs would give out on her again, she made her way over to the chair, her arm with the IV stand holding and dragging it along with her. It took a couple minutes, and more energy than she thought she had, but eventually she made it, and took a moment to catch her breath. Taking care that the chair wouldn't move on her as she got in, she lifted herself into it, and breathed a sigh of relief when she finally positioned herself in it properly.

Finally mobile, she used her legs to slowly make her way into the hallway, intent on finding someone to answer the questions she had.


Adam Walsh exited the elevator at a casual gait, whistling quietly to himself. He didn't care for the night shift that much, too quiet in his opinion, and being assigned to long-term care was even worse, as nothing ever really happened. In the last four months, there had been a total of two incidents that had required his attention. Of course, it gave him plenty of time to go for a smoke or grab something to drink without having to worry. He wondered briefly if his attitude was one of the reasons he had been assigned such a boring detail, but he shrugged it off. He didn't mind nights, and it even paid extra, which helped in paying off his student loans.

As he approached the nurse's station, his thoughts drifting back to the latest Stephen King novel he was reading, he paused at what sounded like wheels squealing slightly down the hallway. As he rounded the corner, his eyes went wide as he spotted the young red-haired woman slowly making her way down the hallway.

She spotted him quickly and smiled. "Umm… hi. Do you think you could help me out here? I kinda don't know where I am right now."

Adam promptly fainted.


Wade grumbled as he heard the beeping of his systems going off, and wondered just what the problem was. Ron and Bonnie should have been well on their way home from their last mission already, and considering the time, should have realized he was trying to get some sleep. It hadn't even been a difficult mission, and almost hadn't bothered with it in the first place, thinking that the local authorities would be better able to handle it. But Bonnie had insisted, saying she needed to get some work in now that the cast was off, and the late hour wasn't too much of a concern, being it was a Friday.

Wade pulled himself out of bed, and sat down in front of his computers, staring at the screens in front of him. He was puzzled at first when he saw his screen devoted to the Kimmunicator system wasn't the one that was beeping, and began flipping through his systems to find where it was coming from. When he found the screen that was making so much noise, his eyes widened, and a broad smile spread across his face, all thoughts of sleep banished from his mind.

Kim was awake!


Bonnie just laughed as Ron flexed his muscles in front of her, striking a number of poses, each one eliciting a new peal of giggles. When he finally sat down, a smile on his face, Bonnie began to settle down.

Wiping a tear from her eye, one hand holding her stomach, she just looked over at him. "I swear, you just had fun on this mission, didn't you?"

Ron sat back grinning. "Hey, this guy was as basic and as amateur as they come. But I guess Wade was right, there are people starting to step up to fill the gap left by Monkey Fist and Drakken. I just thought they'd be more, you know… more than that!"

"And it helped the all El Tigre Diablo wanted was a shot at the GWA. Of course, if he can't beat you, what chance would he have?"

Ron looked hurt for a moment, before a smile crept back onto his expression. "Hey, I'll have you know, I am the wrestling master!"

"You body slammed him through a table!"

Ron shrugged, his smile widening. "Hey, it always works on the pay-per-views! Besides, it felt good to get back into the ring."

The Kimmunicator beeped, and Ron scooped the device from his pocket, activating it. "What's the sitch Wade. Any problems with arresting El Tigre?"

Wade had a wide grin on his face, and appeared to be throwing a couple things into a bag. "Nope. Ron, I hope you're sitting for this. Kim's awake!"

Bonnie rushed over to Ron's side, grabbing the Kimmunicator in one hand, pulling it towards her. "Are you serious?"

The young man just nodded. "Yup! I'm just grabbing a few things, then I'm giving her parents a call, in case they haven't heard yet, and I'll meet you there. My mom is giving me a ride there once she gets dressed."

Bonnie just nodded her head emphatically. "Yeah… yeah, we'll see you there!"

She turned off the Kimmunicator, and turned back to Ron, more excited than she could have believed. "Ron, can you believe it?"

Ron sat there unmoving, not even blinking, his hand still shaped as if he had been holding the Kimmunicator. "It… it has to be a dream…"

Bonnie looked at him worriedly, placing one hand on his arm. "Ron?"

Ron shook his head slightly, his expression unchanging. "It has to be a dream…"

"Ron, it's not a dream, Kim's awake!"

Ron jumped quickly to his feet, and ran to the cockpit of the plane. Bonnie followed right behind, concerned for the way her friend was handling it. He was already speaking with the pilot when she got up there.

"… bring us over Middleton Hospital?"

The air force lieutenant nodded. "We'll be over there in three minutes at top speed. Get ready to jump!"

Ron headed back to the cargo area of the plane, his expression unchanging, as he grabbed his parachute. Bonnie followed suit, keeping her eyes on him the entire time. "Ron? Are you okay? Aren't you happy?"

Ron's hand went to his temple, rubbing it as if fighting off a headache. "Not going to believe it, not till I see her."

Bonnie placed a hand on his shoulder, but he still couldn't look at her. "Ron, she's awake. Wade wouldn't lie about something like that!"

Ron just stood by the door, not saying anything. Bonnie let him think to himself a minute, until the co-pilot stuck his head out the cockpit door. "Jump in ten seconds! Good luck!"

Ron slid the door open, allowing the wind to buffet him, yet he never yielded at the doorway of the plane like he usually did. Bonnie counted the seconds off in her head, and she had hit nine when Ron jumped out. Bonnie dove after him, and she could make out the hospital on the ground below. She waited for Ron to open his chute, as the ground slowly came up to meet them, but he didn't pull when he usually would. Instead, he straightened out, picking up even more speed as he aimed himself toward the building. Bonnie began to grow worried, but knew that he knew what he was doing. She pulled her own chute, and watched, as Ron pulled his no more than a couple hundred feet above the hospital. Before she could even get close, he had yanked the straps off his chute, dropping the last ten feet to the roof and landed on his feet. Before his chute had even made contact with the roof, he was at the door and heading in.

Bonnie landed on the roof, and struggled out of the straps, as she knew she had to catch up with him. She didn't know what was going through his mind at the moment, but she had to be there. Finally free of the pack, she rushed through the door, taking the steps two at a time, jumping off near the bottom of the stairs to save time. She could hear Ron below her on the stairs, making his way as rapidly down as he could. Kim was on the fourth floor, and Bonnie put everything she had into getting there as quickly as possible.

She almost passed right by the fourth floor entrance in her rush to get there, and braked quickly, wheeling on the door. Throwing it open, she took a moment to orient herself, and headed to the right, where Kim's room lay. When she rounded the corner, she found Ron standing in the doorway to Kim's room, completely motionless. Worried that it might actually have been a ploy to get at Ron, the way he was just standing there, she rushed over to him, and looked feverishly into the room.

Kim sat there on the bed with a half grin on her face, until she saw Bonnie. "Hey Bonnie. What are you doing here? And what's up with Ron here?"

Bonnie sighed with relief, and finally allowed herself to get her breath back. She looked over to Ron, and while he was as motionless as before, she could see the tears streaming down his cheeks, the faintest glimmer of a smile on his face. Bonnie gave him a small push from behind, and his feet continued to carry him towards her. When he reached the bed, he almost collapsed on top of her, and his sobs became audible.

"Oh God… Kim… I…"

Kim, almost in shock, wrapped her arms around him, and held him as he cried into her shoulder. "It's all right Ron. I'm okay… I'm okay…"



Author's Notes – I've woven quite a story tapestry here, with one-shots and minis complimenting the primary storyline. So, to save the minds of many people, here is a complete timeline of my little universe. Everything in brackets indicates where in the story it came from.

September 23rd, 2003 – Episode "The Ron Factor". Global Justice takes opportunity to test Ron for enlistment, as well as run psyche profile tests on Kim. Results are unsatisfactory. (Answers, chapter 3)

October 6th, 2003 – Episode "Job Unfair". Agent Joe Jones of Canadian Intelligence, with the assistance of GJ agent Steve Barkin, is brought into the school to enlist Kim's help in a Drakken situation. Meanwhile, GJ finds a chance to test the limitations and degrees of Bonnie's abilities, when she requests Dr. Possible as her mentor. (Answers, Chapters 1-2)

November 10th, 2003 – Episode "Exchange". At the request of Sensei, GJ assists in an exchange program, so that Sensei could meet and train Ron for his future, while also sending Hirotaka to the States to get close to Bonnie. (Answers, Chapters 3-5)

June 3rd, 2005 – Movie "So The Drama". Junior Prom. After Ron professes his feelings when her date melts, Kim realizes just how much Ron means to her. Going back to the dance, they share their first kiss, and officially become a couple. They arrive home late. (The Twists and Turns of Love, Chapter 1)

June 4th, 2005 – James Possible has a… talk with Ron. After a brief time, he realizes he might have gone too far in his talk, and apologizes. Kim and Ron then went on their first date, where they said I love you to each other for the first time under the stars… and rain. (The Twists and Turns of Love, Chapter 2-4)

June 5th, 2005 – Motor Ed attempts to steal a new engine design from the space center. Kim gets a bit hurt, and Ron kicks butt… seriously! (The Twists and Turns of Love, Chapter 5-6)

June 10th, 2005 – Kim and Ron's second "big" date. Ron prepares dinner, and gets some second base action before his parents interrupt them coming home. (The Twists and Turns of Love, Chapter 10)

June 11th, 2005 – Kim and Ron set up Felix and Monique together, and they all go to a restaurant. Kim and Ron have their first fight beforehand though, when Ron finds out he's been chipped, and Kim never told him. Dinner proceeds, but is interrupted by DNAmy, who attacks them while they are eating. Kim makes up with Ron. (The Twists and Turns of Love, Chapters 11-12)

July 15th, 2005 – Ron and Kim fail to hear the Kimmunicator, so Rufus takes on Frugal Lugre himself. (Rufus Goes Solo)

July 31st, 2005 – Kim has a surprise birthday party. (The Twists and Turns of Love, Chapter 14)

August 12th, 2005 – Drakken and Shego escape custody for the first time since the Diablo incident. Kim and Ron track, but the evil pair get away. (The Twists and Turns of Love, Chapter 15)

August 27th, 2005 – Kim cooks for Ron on his birthday. Nuff said! (The Twists and Turns of Love, Chapter 16)

September 8th, 2005 – After a fight the previous day, Kim and Ron go off to face SSS and SSJ when they try to perform some take over scheme. They are soundly defeated, and Ron and Kim work out their issues. (The Twists and Turns of Love, Chapter 18)

October 13th, 2005 – Drakken and Shego steal the Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer. Ron and Kim stop their plan and recover the device, but the two escape again. (The Twists and Turns of Love, Chapter 19)

October 14th, 2005 – Bonnie receives a frightening vision, and is forced to confess to Kim and Ron about her abilities. She accompanies them to Japan, where she finds that Sensei and Hirotaka are also well aware of her abilities. (Bonnie's Curse, Chapter 1-5)

October 15th, 2005 – After a brief sleep, Monkey Fist attacks early, having heard for himself about Bonnie's gifts. A fight breaks out, and many students are hurt and killed. Kim in particular is hurt badly, and falls into a coma. Monkey Fist escapes. (Bonnie's Curse, Chapters 6-9)

October 20th, 2005 – Monkey Fist captures Bonnie, and uses a plant to amplify her visions, trying to get the information he needs from her. Tara tells Ron, who pursues the one who hurt Kim. Ron soundly beats the crap out of Monkey Fist. (Bonnie's Curse, Chapter 10-12)

October 21st, 2005 – With Bonnie's mind messed up with the drug given her, Sensei reveals that, thanks to the MMP and a special crystal, Ron can enter the mind of Bonnie and save her. He dives in, and after some surprises, is able to pull her out. (Bonnie's Curse, Chapters 13-16)

October 22nd, 2005 – Bonnie gets back with Brick, for good this time. (Redemption, Chapter 1)

October 24th, 2005 – After some help from Shego, Ron decides to return to the world saving.

November 9th, 2005 – When Ron gets soundly beaten and hurt by Duff Killigan, Bonnie resolves to help him out. Together, the two of him defeat the mad golfer. (New Beginnings)

January 31st, 2006 – Ron and Bonnie stop Drakken and Shego. Monkey Fist meanwhile steals an Amulet from a museum in England. (Redemption, Chapter 1)

February 3rd, 2006 – Monkey Fist recovers a gem from the jungles of Thailand. (Redemption, Chapter 3)

February 6th, 2006 – Ron and Bonnie confront Monkey Fist in China. He escapes after stealing an amulet, but leaves his monkey ninjas. (Redemption, Chapter 4)

February 10th, 2006 – After getting what he needed from them, Monkey Fist stabs Shego and severely tortures Drakken. (Redemption, Chapter 5)

February 11th, 2006 – Confronting Monkey Fist and Fukashima at the Middleton museum, Shego jumps in to help. Monkey Fist gets away with the amulet after telling them of the bombs he placed in several crowded buildings. (Redemption, Chapter 6)

February 12th, 2006 – Wade and Drakken develop a way to track Monkey Fist. On the way home, Wade tells them MF is in Go City. They confront him, along with the members of Team Go. The Wegos, Wendell and Will Go, are killed in the confrontation, and Hego, Henry Go, suffers a mental breakdown. (Redemption, Chapters 8-9)

February 15th, 2006 – Tara saves Ron's parents from Gill. (Tara Strikes Back) Funeral for Will and Wendell Go. (Redemption, Chapter 10)

February 16th, 2006 – Monkey Fist attacks Yamanouchi. Sensei killed, and MF takes his blood. (Redemption, Chapter 11)

February 17th, 2006 – Sensei's funeral. Ron, Bonnie, Yori, Hirotaka, Shego, and Mego all confront Monkey Fist on the slopes on Mount Kilamanjaro. Monkey Fist gains the power he wanted. He kills Fukashima and leaves them buried under rubble. When they get free, they find Wade and Drakken have found a way to stop him. (Redemption, Chapter 12-14)

February 18th, 2006 – Fully expecting to die, Ron, and the others, confront Monkey Fist at Stonehenge, but not before Monkey Fist lays waste to great areas of Europe. When all seems lost, Rufus saves them, sacrificing himself to stop MF. Shego then quietly finishes off Monkey Fist. (Redemption, Chapters 16-19) After ensuring his friends are taken care of, Ron then goes out to help with the rescue effort. (Consequences)

February 25th, 2006 – Rufus' funeral. (Recovery, Chapter 2)

March 1st-March 4th, 2006 – Shego and Drakken, with the help of their GJ handler Agent Steve Barkin, settle into new lives for themselves as mercenaries for hire. After one particularly intense case, Shego and Steve begin what would become a tumultuous relationship. Motor Ed eventually joins their team as well. (Life Changes)

March 4th, 2006 – Aviarius attacks Hego in his hospital room, and Mego confronts the villain. Mego, intent on killing, forces Hego to intervene and save his brother from doing what he would regret. This forces Hego from his delusions as well. (Moving On)

April 14th-April 18th, 2006 – Bonnie is recruited by GJ to handle a serial killer case, only to find the killer is a psi active like she is. After the killer threatens her friends, she faces off with her, discovering the woman a victim of Monkey Fist's rampage of Europe, before finally defeating her. (The Things Men Do)

April 28th, 2006 – Kim wakes up. (Recovery, Chapter 1)