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Recovery – Chapter 28

Shego watched through the gym door windows as the cheerleaders worked on their routine. Tara was leading the squad, ever since Bonnie's injury, and Bonnie hadn't reclaimed it since she had returned. Kim was also on the floor, stretching and moving with them, though it was obvious the fluid motion that came naturally to her before was still mssing. Considering how short a time it had been since she had woken up from her coma, the fact that she was out there at all was remarkable.

But Shego wasn't watching the cheerleaders for the sake of catching their routine. She was trying to work up the courage to do the hardest thing she had ever done; talk to Kim about her past. It wasn't something she liked to talk about. As far as she knew, not even a handful of people knew about what had happened to her, and that list included her brother Hego, her boyfriend Steve, and Ron.

Thing was, she liked all three of them in some manner. Even when he was stopping her, she had an admiration for Ron for trying, knowing he was out of their league. Yet when Kim was hurt, he stepped up, and Shego could see the man that he could be. Her brother Henry, Hego, could be the biggest pain in the ass in the world, but she had to admit, he would be there for her if she asked. And Steve... she just loved Steve, even if he could be infuriating.

But telling Kim was different. She didn't like Kim. She respected her well enough, no question there, but like? She could grow to like her maybe, but the two of them just had way too much history to just suddenly be friends. And this wasn't something you just told anyone. This was painful, and she barely liked telling those friends that knew. This would be three times worse.

She was almost ready ready to strangle Steve for talking her into this. He knew how much this hurt her. But there was also the look in Kim's eyes, a look she had seen many years ago reflected back at her in the mirror, a look she swore she'd never let herself experience again.

A look she had caused in a girl she respected but could barely stand.

Shego gave a loud groan and pushed her way through the doors. The practice ground to a quick halt as all eyes turned to see Shego stride towards them looking angry.

Kim wasn't going to have any of that. "What do you want now Shego?"

"Stuff it Possible, we have to chat, and it's Miss Go when we're at school."

Ron stepped forward quickly, trying to transpose himself between the two obviously hostile females. "She... umm... Miss Go, maybe now isn't..."

"Ron..." Shego looked into Ron's eyes and he could see the pain there. "I have to have a talk with Kim about a... similar incident. Understand?"

Ron took a moment to figure out what she was saying but when he did he quickly backed out of the way, much to the surprise of the cheerleading squad. Kim looked questioningly at her boyfriend before turning back to Shego. "Talk? About what?"

Shego shook her head quickly. "Not here, outside. Also, this is not an easy talk, so one of you cheerleaders want to pass me a smoke?"

The cheerleaders all looked among themselves quickly. It was Hope who spoke first. "Uhh... none of us smoke."

Shego just glared her down. "Oh come on, you can't tell me all you cheerleaders are goodie-goodies. One of you has to have a smoke on them." When no one moved, Shego sighed. "Urgh... fine. It's because I'm a teacher isn't it. Fine, I'm going to close my eyes and hold out my hand and I better find a cigarette in my hand pretty quick." With a roll of the eyes, Shego shut them and held out her hand. It only took a few seconds before she felt the familiar feel of a cigarette slide between her fingers. She waited a few moments more and opened her eyes, seeing everyone standing where they were. "Good, now come on Princess, let's go chat."

Shego led Kim out the back door, waiting only for the door to close and a quick check to make sure they were alone before she began. "Look Possible, I don't like you and you don't like me, but I respect you. That's why I'm going to tell you this." Shego paused to put the cigarette to her lips. Flaring her hand briefly, she lit the smoke, taking a long drag. "It's not the same thing you went through, but in a way it is."

Kim stood there with her arms crossed in front of her, not sure where this was going. "What are you talking about? And does Ron know about this?"

"Stoppable knows, I told him back when Monkey Fist was making his big power grab. I needed him to know why I was there. You... you need to know why I'm going to help you now."

Kim just looked on with disbelief. "So now you're going to help me out of the goodness of your heart?"

"No, I'm not. I'm still gonna do it for the joy of getting to ambush your ass whenever I want." That elicited a bit of a smirk from Kim. "But I also understand better now why you need the help. See, it was the look in your eyes after I attacked you. I've seen that look before... in myself, years ago."

Kim's eyes widened slightly. "You?"

"Yeah, yeah. See, I thought your problem was just getting a beat down by Monty. Remember, I missed most of your freakout before at Senior's island. Now I understand it better. You feel like you were violated." Kim looked away quickly, and Shego understood the feeling. "Don't worry, I understand. I was violated as well once. Bastard by the name of Doctor Chaos, kidnapped me and my boyfriend right out of school. Spent two days torturing Jason while I was chained to the wall, watching helplessly. Then, when he killed him, he turned his attentions to me, raped me while the man I loved was lying only a few feet away. Hego found me, I killed Chaos, Hego hid the body..."

That comment caught Kim's attentions, and Shego chuckled, despite the nature of the story. "Yeah, Hego. Big blue idiot, defender of justice, dumped a body for me. Never told me where. Of course, I think that's where all his real psych problems came up, couldn't face the reality. Thing was, after that, I couldn't get near a man without reacting the same way you did when I attacked you. I had that same damn look in my eyes that you had. First time I saw that look in the mirror though, I decided I wasn't gonna be a victim anymore. That's also when I started my downward slide into villainy in case your wondering, not like that pansy version Hego told you. We've talked a couple times since he got out of the funny farm, he remembers what happened now. Point is, I refused to become a victim anymore, but I went the wrong way about doing it. Will you?"

Kim closed her eyes as she consider what Shego told her. "Wow... I never knew..."

Shego stubbed out the butt on the ground, tossing it to the side. "Now you do. So, I'm going to keep ambushing you like we talked about, but now you know why I'm going to do it. I won't be laughing, you won't get angry, and you help Ron get through this at the same time. He's working through a lot of pain, same as you. I lost my rock back then. You two still have your rocks, each other, and I'm going to make damn sure you get through this," Shego smirked at the younger woman, "even if I don't like you all that much."

Kim smirked back at Shego. "Thanks. And don't worry, I still don't like you much either."

"Glad we cleared that up. Now let's get back in there so you can join the other airheads in your stupid jumping jack routine to keep the horny guys of this school entertained."

"HEY!" But Shego was already back through the door, smiling all the while. The smile didn't last long as she saw Ron, Bonnie and Tara huddled around the Kimmunicator.

Kim saw them as well and rushed over. "What's the sitch?"

Wade noticed Kim quickly, even through the press of heads. "Flooding in the Yucatan is threatening a village. It will take hours for response from authorities and they need help fast. I was just telling Bonnie and Tara..."

"No." All eyes flashed to Kim quickly in confusion, so Kim quickly clarified. "I think this would be the perfect mission to get back into the swing of things."

Ron was looking at Kim with concern now. "KP, I don't think that would be such..."

Kim quickly cut him off. "Ron, I said we would avoid all missions relating to villains, but I have to get back into game shape. This will be the perfect first test. I'll even wear the super suit just to be on the safe side."

"You sure KP?"

"I'm sure Ron." Kim turned to Shego, who was still standing off to the side. "You still have access to that jet?"

Shego smiled, one hand on her hip. "No problem Princess. I'll just bill Global Justice for the expense. Give me twenty minutes."

Kim smiled a nodded. "All right then, meet us at my house then. That should give me time to get ready. Wade, send the coordinates to Shego's jet. We're going to rescue those people."


Kim tightened the cord around her waist, making sure everything was ready. She was feeling good, even more than she was when she went to rescue Ron and the others from Senior. She was getting back into the missions under her terms, not the terms set out by someone else. It felt right, even with Ron's concerned looks. She knew why he felt that way, she would feel the same way if the situation had been reversed, but this was something she had to do.

"Man KP, it doesn't look good down there." Ron was looking out the window at the village below, only the rooftops showing above the waters.

Kim glanced over at her boyfriend with a reassuring smile. "It will be fine Ron. Did Wade get back yet with the evacuation numbers from the Mexican government?"

Ron moved over to double-check her harness, ensuring everything was set. "He says about ninety percent of the village got out before the flood waters got too high. There might be as many as twenty people left trapped though."

"Then let's focus on them." Kim hit the button for the intercom, alerting Shego. "See anyone yet?"

"I've got at least ten on rooftops right now that I can make out, nothing more definite than that."

Kim glanced worriedly at Ron. "Can this plane accommodate that many people without having to make multiple trips?"

Kim could hear Shego laugh in response. "Don't worry Princess, this bird can carry three times that many since Ed got his hands on it. The man's a moron and a pig, but give him a toy like this to play with and he'll work miracles."

"I'm still surprised you don't have flaming racing stripes all over this thing."

"Ed tried, he learned quickly that you don't mess with my ride. Anyways Princess, we're coming up on the first group, looks like two people."

"Thanks Shego." Kim killed the feed on the intercom, doing one last check in preparation.

Ron was checking the automatic pulley over to make sure the cord wouldn't tangle. "You and Shego seem to be getting along better."

"I don't like her, but I respect her. I also understand her a bit better." Kim hit the button for the side entranceway, and the rush of wind quickly filled the rear cabin. "Ready Ron?"

"Ready KP."

Kim spied her targets down below and letting out a slow breath, Kim leapt from the plane. For a moment, she was in freefall, but the tension of the cord soon slowed her rapid fall. One foot from the rooftop, she almost stopped altogether, gracefully allowing her to land on the rooftop. There were indeed two people on the roof, an man and a woman. They were huddled together but stared in shock as she landed right in front of them.

Kim smiled reassuringly at them. "Hi folks, I'm Kim Possible. We're here to rescue you."

The woman gasped as she heard Kim's name. "Kim Possible, no puerdo creerlo!"

Kim smiled, catching a bit of what she said. "Hang on to me me, we're going to get you out of here."

The two didn't understand her, but they could see what she wanted them to do. They quickly wrapped their arms around her, and Kim gave the signal to pull them all up. Ron was waiting for them when they got back up to the plane, and he took the two of them to the back where the food and blankets were. Shego was already heading for the next roof. Eight more times, and ten more people rescued, and Kim began to think that everything would turn out just fine. Of course, that was the moment that everything went wrong.

Kim was already moving into position to grab the last person they had found, a little girl no more than nine or ten. She was huddled on the roof crying and Kim was only a few feet away, her arms outstretched. Without warning, there was a surge in the flood waters. Kim was shocked as she felt the rush of water sweeping at her legs, pulling her, but that was nothing compared to the sight of that little girl being pulled off the roof and into the raging waters.

Kim looked up with determination at Ron, even as she worked the clasp on her harness. "Ron, tell Shego to keep up with me, I'm going after her."

"No KP, wait..."

But Kim had already freed herself, landed deftly on the roof, then dove over the side to where she had last seen the little girl. Ron was at the intercom in an instant, yelling over all the sounds. "Shego, Kim just dove in after someone. We need to follow her and stay close." Ron didn't wait for an answer, he just returned to the doorway to look for Kim. He knew they had tracking beacons that Shego could find. Now all Ron could do was wait.

Kim though was fighting her way through the water, her eyes hurting as she fought to keep them open in the rushing waters. But she had to be able to see the little girl if she was going to rescue her. She knew where she had gone in, knew how far ahead she should be, but Kim still had to work hard to try and find her before it was too late.

It seemed like hours, but it had only been thirty seconds before Kim spotted the girl ahead of her under the water. She was still thrashing against the current, but Kim could tell that she was weakening. With a lunge, Kim reached out and snagged her wrist. For a moment the girl fought her, but Kim pulled her close and began kicking for the surface.

Kim's head broke above the water for a moment, pulling the girl up with her. She took a deep breath of air, feeling the sweet oxygen filling her lungs. The girl beside her was gasping as well, even as the current was dragging them along. Kim lifted her gaze upward, trying to find what she was hoping for and for a moment she was afraid that Ron and Shego had lost her. A sudden noise behind her relieved all her fears, and she turned as best she could to see the loving gaze of her boyfriend and fiancee. Kim aimed her right arm up and pressed the button to fire the super suit's internal grappling hook. Her aim was true, as the hook shot through the open door over Ron's head and sank deep. With a final push of a control, Kim and the little girl were pulled from the raging waters to the safety of Shego's plane.

"KP, are you all right?" Even as Ron asked, he was wrapping the girl in a blanket as she shivered uncontrollably.

"I'm fine Ron, but how is she?"

Ron took a moment to lift her face up to his, checking her eyes and her breathing. "I think she's fine KP, but we should still get her to a hospital."

Kim grabbed a blanket as she shut the door, the winds dying off as it finally shut and the heat returned to a more normal level. She moved quickly to the intercom as she dried her hair. "Shego, do you have anyone else on your scanners?"

"Nothing Princess, looks like we got everyone we're going to get."

"All right, get us to the nearest hospital then. And... thanks again for the help."

Kim heard Shego snort before the intercom signal was cut off and Kim moved back to Ron, who had passed the little girl over to a couple of the other villagers, who were talking to her and calming her down. Ron sat down on the seat, and Kim sat down beside him. With the crisis over, Kim relaxed against her fiancee as his arm moved it's way around her. Kim closed her eyes, breathing easily and calmly.

"You know KP, you really scared me there."

Kim snuggled a little closer. "I know. Sorry about that."

"But..." Ron paused, considering his words, "I think, maybe... I might have been going a little too hard on the over-protective boyfriend thing."

Kim chuckled softly. "Maybe?"

"Okay, so I was going overboard." Ron was chuckling as well now. "I know you can take care of yourself, considering how long you were taking care of me. I just... I just don't want to see you get hurt again."

"I know Ron. I don't want to see you get hurt either." Kim turned her head to meet his gaze. "Ron, I want you to take care of me. At the same time, I want to take care of you. We're partners in everything and that's the way it should always be. We just have to make sure we don't go overboard on taking care of each other."

Ron smiled and gently kissed the end of Kim's nose. "I love you KP."

Kim returned the favour. "I love you too Ron."

As Shego flew the plane to the nearest hospital, both teens sat holding each other close, enjoying the comfort that brought and the confidence that everything was going to be okay so long as they had each other.


Author's Notes – Next Chapter... the school grind is picking up, the worry about prom has started, and Ron gets the biggest shock of his life... well, maybe not the biggest, but he's gonna need a bucket of brain soap before the day is through.