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Author's Notes: Written for the iy no kakera 100 themes set 2.


At the start, he couldn't quite figure her out. She was chatty and bright and the complete antithesis to what he was, dead and dark and blind.

At the start, she didn't seem him properly, hidden as he was in the shifting, daunting shadows of the corner. Like all children, she poked and prodded curiously, eager to find out what this new thing was.

He didn't rise to the bait all at once. Being killed from behind often taught you the value of caution and the wisdom of distrust. Slowly, cautiously-like a child- he bit, ready to pull back at the slightest hint of violence.

Still, the bait was tasty and sweet- he didn't remember ever eating watermelon before.

It made him regret, even for a moment, that he didn't have memories.

The juices ran down his throat, rich and silky, greater and more potent than the gruel and water Naraku fed him on. His tongue lapped it hungrily, finally able to taste something other than smoke and blood and poison in the air. The sweet drowned out the taste of dirt and bones that had lingered in his mouth.

She smiled at him. No one had smiled at him like that before- that woman in the fog had tears and sorrow in her eyes, and if anyone else had looked at him in any other way, he didn't remember.

It didn't seem all that bad at the moment.

She smiled at him in a way "not-exactly-but-similar" to the way she smiled as Sesshomaru. It was happy and pleased but at the same time lacked the reverence and innocent gratitude of the smiles in tribute to her youkai lord.

He thanked her then- his words were short and his voice felt rusty and unused- the opposite of his weapon.

As he spoke, he realized he felt a little better.

It wasn't much.

But it was a start.