"Thank you, Sesshomaru-sama." He bowed himself low, exposing his back to the youkai. He had no need of defending himself- this taiyoukai could kill him before he even realized it.

Besides, death was nothing to fear.

Naraku was dead, and that meant that if he died, he would die permanently and never have to return to this horror of a life.

Sesshomaru made a low noise that was dismissive and made it clear that the youkai did not want nor need his gratitude. His singular arm grasped the hilt of Tenseiga as it slid home.

He knew that the youkai meant for that to dismiss him but Kohaku did not move. "You had no need for my existence to continue. Tell me, why did you return to me my life?" his voice lacked the necessary fear and awe that Sesshomaru was accustomed to.

"I don't need to explain myself to you." Sesshomaru said coldly, his words like a keening northern wind, slicing to the bone.

"There is no love lost between you and my sister, and it is clear that you would never have done this for your own brother. So tell me!" Kohaku's persisted. If Sesshomaru killed him, he didn't care.

Sesshomaru let his eyes roll over the boy. "Your eyes haven't changed." The youkai said, instead of answering. "They still beg me for death."

"There is no point in my living." Kohaku replied in a low, dark voice that was decades older than his true age.

"There are others who do not wish your death just yet. Be grateful, boy." Sesshomaru said frigidly, placidly, looking through Kohaku.

Kohaku's eyes darted, just for a moment, toward the dark haired girl at the edge of his vision, who looked at the exchange between the youkai and the boy with an almost distressed interest.

"You did this for her?" he said, before he could think.

Sesshomaru turned away, not giving him another glance or second of the taiyoukai's time.

"You should thank her." Sesshomaru said blandly. His voice sharpened for a second, like a hidden knife springing from the shadows. "She saved your worthless life."

Kohaku bit his lip, nodding. As he turned towards her, she flashed him a bright, toothy smile.

Kohaku's lip curled upwards and, though Sesshomaru didn't see it, his eyes stopped begging for death.