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Summary: Strange disappearances have been reported, and after being partnered by Cloud and sent to investigate, Yuffie and Reno find themselves trapped in a whole new world. One called Spira.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Final Fantasy and can only pretend that they stole my ideas and in reality I am the genius behind such an awesome series .


The Thunder In My Heart

Chapter 3: An Upbeat Al-Bhed?


"Oh Gawd...!" Yuffie moaned quietly beside Reno, pulling a face as she spoke. "...We would have to get stuck in a place where no one speaks the same language as us."

She was tanned and had her long sunny blonde hair been loose it probably would have cascaded down the entire length of her back, instead it was pulled up into a ponytail at the top of her head and some of it was divided into little sections and braided, red and blue beads of different sizes decorating them. Wrapped around her head, she wore a large blue bandana which kept all the hair out of her face in the same way that Reno's pilot goggles seemed to. Her eyes were narrow and bright green, the pupil in each eye replaced by a black swirl, her eyebrows arched and in each of her ears she wore a yellow-orange feather.

She wore a skimpy attire, sporting a yellow bikini piece with pale orange piping, a short, olive green, low-rise skirt with a yellow belt complete with two square-ish pouches to hold it up, covering the bottom half, two straps that suggested a thong riding up on her hips. The top was laced up at the front it's black halter strap buckling on both sides and starting just below her shoulder her arms were covered with beige sleeves made of a gauzy fabric, a series of large bows to keep them from falling off. Twined around her neck was a long scarf that was mainly red in the middle fading to orange then finally to yellow at the ends, where tassels extended to just below her knees. A pair of fingerless brown gloves covered each of her hands and her navy and beige cow-boy style boots ended a few inches above her ankles flared out at the tops, a thin yellow bow tied at the back of each.

She gave Yuffie the impression of someone cheerful and fun.

She gave Reno the impression of someone he wanted to take home.

"Are you okay...!" The girl's voice was cute and bubbly as she spoke, and though fortunately the vehicle she had been riding on had not hit Yuffie and she appeared to be fine, it still held an obvious note of concern for her well-being.

"You were saying, yo...?"

Shooting Reno a 'look of death' that only served to annoy her further as he rolled his eyes clearly unimpressed and gave her a look as though to say "That actually works on people?', Yuffie found herself once more she found herself cursing Cloud and Leviathan in her mind, before moving onto te world in general.

This was supposed to be a routine mission: Go in, check it out, keep an eye out for any bad things then report them to Cloud when they returned. But no, everything had been going from bad to worse the more time passed and everything had become so strange. What made it worse was she had almost been run down by an odd looking vehicle that had two cylinders on it's base and looked like it could float on water, but actually glided along the land.

"I'm fine..." She said bringing her mind back to current affairs as she turned to look at the interesting girl now standing in front of them, and as she watched the relieved and friendly smile spread across her thin lips, two small dimples appearing on each of her cheeks, Yuffie couldn't resist smiling back, her annoyance momentarily forgotten.

"Who are you?" The blonde asked still smiling.

"The great ninja girl, Yuffie..." Yuffie replied proudly grinning widely, adopting a self-righteous pose and indicating to herself with her thumb before motioning less enthusiastically to her 'partner'. "... And this is Reno..." She leaned forward towards the blonde, cupping a hand around her mouth as though about to reveal a big secret and whispering just loud enough for him to here. "... He's a Turkey."

"Yuffie don't make me shove this electric rod up your ass..." Reno said angrily, hand hovering over the said item threateningly."...It would be such a shame to ruin something so beautiful."

"Ecchi!" Yuffie retorted, reverting to Wutainese as she spoke and pointing an accusing finger at him.

"I was talking about the rod" Clearly she had not meant for him to understand, otherwise it would not have come as such a shock when she realised he did, and smiling knowingly, he shrugged, adding simply as though it explained everything. "I'm a Turk, yo."

"A Turk?" The blonde asked slightly confused, having been following their conversation.

"A group of idiots..."

"You can talk."

"So What's your name?" Yuffie continued ignoring Reno's little interruption, all the while smiling at the girl in front of them.

"Gullwing, Rikku, at your service..." She answered smiling and saluting with two fingers while Yuffie turned her head imploringly at Reno who just shrugged. Oblivious to their interaction however Rikku leant forward her grin widening and becoming slightly mischievous she held up her hand in front of her the index and thumb almost touching as she added. "...For a small fee of course."

"Sounds familiar..."Reno said glancing side-ways at Yuffie, and causing her to pull a face, before she could retort however he continued, asking the question on both their minds. "...What's a 'Gullwing'?"

"Who are you guys, anyway?"

"We're Al Bhed. Can't you tell?..."

"We're sphere hunters..." The girl answered proudly, though somewhat hesitatingly as though slightly uncomfortable at being asked in the first place. The group was started by Rikku's Brother and his friend Buddy shortly after Yuna defeated sin three years ago. Since then, with Rikku and her companions being the primary sphere hunters and leaving the rest of the members to their duties aboard the Celsius, the group had become extremely well-known in the last year or so, especially after the speech in Luca so it was no surprise that she felt uneasy. "...We hunt down spheres located all over Spira."

"...Wait. You're not an Al Bhed-hater, are you?"

"Spheres hunters?... You mean like materia?" Yuffie exclaimed her eye's brightening at the thought of familiar ground. Trust her not to even notice the girl had mentioned a place neither of them of heard of at the mere thought of materia, Reno thought to himself

"I don't even know what an Al Bhed is."

"Materia...?" Rikku asked looking slightly confused, the desperation and fear starting to show in her voice. "...Where are you from?"

"Wutai..." Yuffie replied her voice full of pride.

"Midgar..." Reno answered with less enthusiasm.


Noticing the sudden change in the girl, Reno leaned forwards slightly looking at her.

"Are you okay? You look kinda pale, yo...?"

"Did I say something funny?"


Authors Notes:
Please, please, pretty please review and for those who don't know 'ecchi' means pervert in Japanese. Also sorry it's short, i'm still trying to get used to writing again.