_ o

_ O

_ Oh

_Oh eh oh eh

_Oh eh oh eh


_1-2-3-4 come on baby say you love me

_5-6-7 times

_8-9-10-11 I'm just gonna keep on counting

_Until you are mine


_Oh eh oh eh

_Oh eh oh eh




The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has this to say about War Fandom:

Service is entirely honourable. Victory, and defeat, and wounds, and PTSD, are all entirely honourable. Therapy is also entirely honourable. As is medication.

It also has this to say about the fangirls of war criminals and Nazi officers:

We're calling your Mum, RIGHT NOW.

The entry continues like this:

War!Fandom: a fandom based entirely around either material (fictional or nonfictional) written about a major military conflict, or the conflict itself. This can be anything from the military campaigns of the Roman Empire, to the Crusades, to the American Civil War, or either one of the World Wars, or even up unto the present era with the U.S. presence in Afghanistan and Iraq. Oddly enough, especially considering the subject matter, the denizens of War!Fandom are, as a whole, kind, welcoming, and utterly free of drama. This is particularly interesting, considering the inherently bloody and politically incorrect subject matter, in opposition to fandoms such as "Supernatural" and "Teen Wolf".

(The Editors have recently had a really violent breakup with Supernatural, and are still regretting everything about the kinkmemes in that fandom except for the fact that such perversions taught them where their boundaries were, in an explicit and often deeply disturbing, nightmare-inducing manner. Also, although, Derek/Stiles is their guilty fic pleasure, the Editors are making an active effort to avoid watching "Teen Wolf" at all; note, all televisions have been removed from the break rooms and replaced with holograms of Eccentria Gallumbits as projected against the Hyper-Tea Machines. It's healthier in the long run. -Ed.)

Much of this military and combat-related subject matter is referenced in the 3.143109th season of "Xwhjgrwegjhrweehj, the Shdafdgfdhsjg", which primarily focused on an historical conflict between Zweeful 17 and its neighboring system, E'OIQian (pronounced aEkrd'sjk'b). The Warrior Prince, as opposed to the impressions given in previous seasons of him being a homebody, was in fact living with his Granny and hosting the Intergalactic Crochet Finals because she was the only individual tough enough to talk him out of his emotional turmoil from the Great and Unholy Pudding Conflicts and Gelatine Battles of Ibiohaf 23/6 that he'd seen while trying to seek his fortune and earn the money to cure his baby sister of a rare version of Kgwdw'i flu. Needless to say, this storyline had more of an impact on Zweefulfeefian society than even the second season of "Downton Abbey" and "Homeland" combined had on Earth American and British Society.

While most of the impact was entirely healthy, especially on the part of veterans, the caffeine consumption of health professionals, doctors, therapists, acupressurists, and librarians increased to the degree that Zweefle 17 needed to import javanoid substances from other systems. While the general chemical structures of these items were indeed similar to those consumed by the natives on a regular basis, there is some thought that the preference for iron-rich sources of sustenance, the consuming of kaolin, and sharpened eyeteeth are due to the products from the Lupus system. However, as those grounds are highest in caffeine, and carry the taste of goiji berries and oranges and are all provided free as part of a new trade agreement in light of the "Unfortunate Incident" the last time the System Alpha visited, nobody seems to object. They just smile, and show an awful lot of pointy teeth.

-Entry by Correspondent Eris86, who doesn't have a single being in her family or kennel or greenhouse who didn't volunteer when the time came.

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