The necklace was gold. A gold cross, a gold chain, perfectly beautiful. It would last forever, much like me. Timeless… ownerless… loveless…

"Hurry up! We're gona be late!" I yelled trying to tear my friend, Summer, away from her boyfriend, Justin.

"Hey," I stopped dead. Shane Johnson was standing right in front of me. Perfectly tall, possibly the most beautiful emo boy I'd ever seen and impossibly strong. His beautiful muscles could be seen rippling under a tight white shirt.

"Move, Shane," I said rudely, "I'm going to be late."

"What's old Higgins going to do to you? Make you sing out of tune?"

"Shut up." As I pushed past him, my heart jumped into my throat. I was mean to him. I was mean to the most beautiful, nicest boy in the world. He grabbed my arm.

"Layla, wait. I… I… will you go to the dance with me?"


"It's okay, I understand."

"No, no… I'll go with you."

"You will?"

"Why not?" That's when the bell rang. "Damn you Shane! Now I'm late!" I yelled jokingly at him as I ran into hell… I mean chorus. I ran inside and Summer was waiting on the inside of the door.

"Walk with a limp!"


"I told Mr. Higgins that you were going to be late because you twisted your ankle!"

"Oh! Okay! Thanks!" I said while faking a limp into the class room.

"Why are you late?" Mr. Higgins asked sharply.

"I'm sorry; I tripped and twisted my ankle."

"Well, quit being so ditzy!"

"Sorry, sir." I said threw gritted teeth. I walked back over to my seat. We had an odd arrangement of chairs. The Girls and guys were randomly scattered about the room. There was an empty space between Summer and I. I guess it was to keep us from talking. Like that would ever work. There was a knock on the door. Since it was SSR, silent sustained reading, or as we call it shut up sit down and read, the teacher got up and walked over to the door and opened it.

"Who are you?" He asked

"Shane Johnson, sir." Mr. Higgins sat there for a second as if to say 'so?' but then he realized that Shane had nothing left to say and said,

"What do you want?"

"The counselor switched me into this class, sir" My stomach lurched. No way, was Shane Johnson going to be in my class.

"Well… can you sing?"

"I guess so."

"Can I hear you…?"

"I guess so…" You couldn't tell from his voice, but Shane was doing this to make him mad.

"He sighed. "Are you Baritone, Bass, or Tenor?"

"Tenor, sir."

"Can you read music?"


"We'll see about that." Mr. Higgins ran to the file cabinet and pulled out a random tenor solo.

"Sing this." He instructed Shane. It was like a chorus of angels had erupted out of Shane's mouth. Could this noise be coming from a mere boy. At the end of the song, Mr. Higgins looked up at him and smiled. You couldn't really tell though, cause he never smiled. It looked more like he was about to sneeze. Everyone just sat there stunned.

"Well Mr. Johnson, congratulations. You've just earned yourself a seat in chorus. You may sit between Miss Layla, and Miss Summer. Maybe you can shut them up."

"Thank you sir." He sat down next to me.

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