A/N: Just as clarification as to what this is going to be: There's a community over on Livejournal where you draw 100 pictures that apply to 100 different themes. Well, I've been drawn into Avatar lately, and I've been in a writing mood... and figured that using the themes to write would be a nice way to challenge myself. :D

Also, because Zuko x Sokka is my OTP right now, and I like making at least some kind of contribution to my fandoms. No matter how crappy it may be. ;

So this is going to be a series of really dumb, short, pointless drabbles. If you like them, please let me know! And constructive criticism is ALWAYS appreciated greatly, as I'm really not confident with my writing. Anything helps.

Thank you!

Disclaimer: I don't own Avatar: The Last Airbender, nor do I own it's characters.


#001 - Beginnings

When the thing between them began (whatever that was), it was hesitant. Cautious. The hate and bitterness had subsided with the months they had traveled together, and the next step just seemed obvious. However it remained unspoken about.

It was tangible to those who noticed these things; Zuko always suspected his uncle had picked up on it, and possibly the waterbender despite Sokka's blind denial. They would glance at each other a little too long as they bathed; sit just a little bit too close around the campfire.

Finally one night, as Zuko blew the candles out after his meditation and laid down on his bed roll to sleep, Sokka sat up and looked down at him. The fire nation prince stared blankly back, and Sokka, fed up with this infernal dance around each other, heaved a great sigh and moved over one bedroll to slide and press close against the other young man.

It went unspoken again, as they closed their eyes and fell into a warm and peaceful sleep, but finally things felt complete.

- End