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#003 - Ends

After it was over, and the flames had subsided (to a reasonable level, anyway, he said inwardly), Sokka found himself bringing up the rear and surveying only the damage left behind. They had been victorious, if Aang's triumphant (yet tired) expression was any clue. Sokka's eyes scanned for his sister, whom he found seconds later limping over to Aang's side. She was bruised and bloodied up in a few places, and Sokka's blood ran cold for a moment at the thought; but she was all smiles as she gently began healing away wounds on the Avatar's body.

Lastly, Sokka's eyes trailed over to a body lying on it's back a few feet away. Zuko's eyes were closed and he would be sporting a few new scars. For a moment, Sokka thought he was dead (and it disturbed him slightly that he felt his body turn even colder at the idea), but the sudden, jerking rises of the prince's - Lord's? - chest said otherwise.

Without a second thought, Sokka was suddenly by the other boy's side, and had his medical supplies out in a blink. Zuko's eyes opened slightly and he silently allowed the other boy to treat him, too tired and too much in pain to protest. The burns along his chest and arms stung as the water tribe boy carefully treated them with some herbal remedy from the far south and bandaged them up to heal. He sat up stiffly with a small grunt of pain so that the wounds on his back could be treated as well.

"You're gonna have more scars." Sokka stated; simple, matter-of-fact.

"… I can live with a few more." Zuko responded, weak and tired.

Zuko found himself feeling calmed and healed as Sokka's hands trailed lightly and diligently along his back and torso; wrapping bandages around and around. With his arms wrapped around from behind, Sokka tied off the bandaging somewhere near Zuko's belly button. He hesitated slightly.

Zuko gingerly brought his hands to rest atop Sokka's, keeping the water tribe boy where he was. Sokka started slightly, but as Zuko relaxed into the touch, Sokka smiled.

They stayed like that for a moment, until Aang and Katara decided to join them; teeming with regained energy and whooping wildly in victory. They all smiled.

They were bruised and battered, but at least it was over.

- End