Bohemian Day Care

Chapter One

"Hey little brother! It's Cindy! Are you there? Mark, I know you're there, pick up the phone. MARK! PICK UP THE PHONE! MARK THOMAS COHEN! MMAAAARRRRKKK!"

"Mark, would you pick up the damn phone before the answering machine explodes!"

"I'm coming!"Mark Cohen ran out of the bathroom where he had been brushing his teeth, over to the phone. He picked it up grudgingly. "What!"There was a pause as he waited for the response from his older sister. His roommate, Roger Davis, was sitting across the loft that they shared as roommates, strumming a soft tune on his guitar. He watched as Mark's face went from annoyed, to horrified.

"Are you KIDDING me, Cindy! Please tell me you aren't can't expect us to–Cindy! This is absurd! No way, nuh uh, not in a million–what? Oh no. You're not gonna start crying are you? Oh man...Cindy relax! I didn't...I never said that! I do not hate you, Cindy. Don't you tell mom I–Cin! Stop! Okay okay! I'm sorry! But Cindy...come on! What do you expect me to do with them for a weekend? You know I'm busy! I have a roommate you know, Roger doesn't want them running all around the loft! Yes, I understand you're busy too...OKAY! I don't need to know what you and Rich are busy WITH Cindy! Look, I just...but we...I can't..." Mark let out a huge sigh, looking as if someone was standing there holding a gun to his head. "Fine. Sure. Whatever. Just make sure you get home ASAP or they're out on the street Sunday night, no joking! Yeah, I know you love me...BYE!"And Mark slammed the phone down, letting out a huge groan. Roger watched his best friend as he walked over to the wall and began bashing his head into it repeatedly, tossing his toothbrush onto the floor.

"What was that all about?"he asked curiously.

"Cindy..."Mark moaned.

"What's she doing now? Getting a divorce?"Roger guessed, playing around with his guitar strings.

"Even worse. She and Rich are going on their 10th anniversary cruise,"Mark replied. Roger frowned.

"What's so bad about that?"he asked.

"They're leaving their FIVE KIDS with me!"Mark cried miserably. Roger's guitar made a horrible sound as his fingers slipped. He stared up at Mark in utter disbelief.

"With you? As in, with us? As in five kids staying here with us for a weekend!"he demanded. Mark nodded solemnly.

"WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?"Roger shouted, placing his guitar down and jumping up.

"I don't know! I was all set against it!...and then she started crying, and she knows I hate it when she cries like that..."Mark explained.

"Mark, you're my best friend, have officially lost your mind!"Roger snapped. "What are we supposed to do with FIVE kids?"Mark shrugged.

"'s a baby, so that's one less kid to entertain...kind of..."he said.

"A baby? Mark, we don't know anything about babies!"Roger pointed out.

"I know we don't! But shouldn't Mimi, or Maureen or Joanne? I mean, they're girls, girls are good with babies, right?"Mark asked.

"You're going to trust Maureen Johnson with a baby?"Roger asked skeptically.

"We're going to need any help we can get! We'll call everyone over...with the six of us together it shouldn't be too hard to keep the kids busy,"Mark said. Roger shook his head.

"This is insane..."he sighed.

"I know...but we're stuck, Roger!"Mark replied. "I've always been there for you! Can't you please just help me out for one weekend?"Roger looked at Mark, who was practically down on his knees pleading by then. He let out a deep breath.

"I am never gonna let you forget this!"he said. Mark grinned, jumping up and hugging Roger. Roger froze, looking at his crazed friend.

"Uh Mark..."he said. Mark quickly let go.

"Right...sorry..."he said awkwardly. There was a pause. "Can we just forget that ever happened?"

"Yeah,"Roger said, nodding.

"Okay. So, ready to break the news to the others?"

Okay, this is my second RENT fic, and I'm very excited to be writing more RENT! Haha I always tried to imagine what it would be like to have Roger and Mark and them trying to take care of little kids, so that's how I came up with this story. I hope you like it!