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Lilo 2.0

Stitch ran through the house with Lilo right behind him.

"Come on, Stitch, taking a bath is not that bad, and you know I would never try to drown you, I love you too much."

Stitch continued to run. He knew what Lilo had said was true, and he had actually gotten over his fear of water for the most part, and was actually willing to take a bath, but he was not going to tell Lilo this- he had too much fun making her chase him. As Stitch ran down the hall, Lilo turned, going back through the kitchen and past the back door, into the living room. Stitch ran in from the hall and past the sofa, where he ran right into Lilo, who tackled him.

Now that Lilo had Stitch, Lilo climbed onto Stitch's back trying to push him down to the ground. Stitch did not know that Lilo knew that Stitch was just playing, but she didn't know that Stitch knew she was only playing. However, if a person did not know Lilo and Stitch and saw this, they would think that they were trying to kill each other. But anyone who knew Lilo and Stitch would know that if Stitch was truly terrified of taking a bath, he could have easily over powered Lilo and gotten away. Before, Stitch only tried to keep Lilo from taking him. He knew he could overpower her and escape, but that would risk injuring Lilo. But while Lilo was on Stitch's back, the inevitable happened: Lilo hit a sensitive nerve on Stitch's back, causing all of his alien features to come out in reflex. His extra arms, his antennas, and the poisonous quills on his back.

The quills shot out and penetrated right into Lilo's chest causing deadly poison to enter her bloodstream. Lilo screamed and Stitch gasped in horror at what had just happened. He quickly withdrew the quills that had been jabbed into Lilo's chest, and Lilo flopped on the floor.

"Lilo!" Stitch shouted as he cursed him self for what had just happened.


Jumba came into the room with an annoyed appearance.

"What is it 6 2 6? I am being busy!"

He then saw Lilo on the floor beside Stitch

"What happened?"

Stitch could only manage to say "Quills". Thankfully, Jumba understood what he meant.

"Be getting little girl to ship immediately."

The two ran through the hall and out the front door knocking Pleakley over in the process. Nani was just coming home from work when she saw Jumba and Stitch running to the ship with Lilo. She then chased after them.

"What happened?"

Nani yelled.

"I am saving little girl's life," was all she got. Jumba entered the medical wing of his ship with Stitch and Nani right behind him. He placed Lilo down on a bed, and then injected Lilo with a shot before he started to analyze her.

"That shot can only buy us time. Little girl was poisoned by 6 2 6's quills."

Nani stared down at Stitch

"It was an accident," Stitch said in defense. "If Lilo dies I will never forgive myself," he added at the end.

"I can keep little girl alive for two weeks. I maybe able to save her life but…"

"But what!" Nani and Stitch both shouted. "Save her!"

"Ok, but cure is only theory and I am not sure if it will work. But is being good chance. I will be needing sample of 626's blood in my serum to make little girl immune to the poison."

"Fine," Stitch said. "Whatever will save Lilo"

"Ok then," Jumba said, "but I must point out there is being a chance that 626's DNA will be causing little girl to mutate."

Nani sighed. "If there is any chance of saving hare do it."

"Ok, please be clearing room," Jumba asked. The others left, and Jumba injected Lilo with the substance.

"You just stay there, little girl I am going to get Drowsy to put you to sleep, but I must warn you…"

"Baa!" Drowsy bleated

"People that are put to sleep artificially are more likely to have Nightmares". Jumba said, too late.

"But pickles!" Lilo said "We can't cross the river without pickles!"

Jumba blinked in confusion. "What do cucumbers soaked in vinegar have to do with anything?" he wondered.

"Perhaps I could run an experiment on little girl and find out." But he dismissed it immediately, remembering the time that Nani, Stitch. and Pleakly had found out that he had taken Lilo to his ship and was trying to discover the secret to Lilo's puppy dog face.

Lilo was trying to figure out were she was. Her view slowly came into focus. She was looking down at something or someone-Stitch. She was seeing Stitch from an overhead perspective, but how? What was he doing? Her perspective changed and she came in closer. She saw Stitch was crying, why was he crying? She suddenly noticed what he was holding, why hadn't she seen it before? It was Scrump. Lilo gasped and saw Stitch set Scrump in front of something, and then he walked off. Lilo finally got the courage to turn around and see what Stitch had been looking at. When She turned around for fear was confirmed standing that about 2ft 5inches was a slab of stone. In which the words were carved "Here Lies Lilo". Lilo gasped. "It didn't work! I'm dead! STITCH! He thinks it is his fault." She discovered that she could move through the island easily. She came to the cliff where Stitch had freaked out when he realized there were no big cities on the island. Stitch walked to the edge and paused. "Goodbye, Lilo," Stitch said and jumped off the cliff. "Nooooooooo!" Lilo cried and suddenly woke up in a sweat.


Stitch's nightmare

Stitch walked through a graveyard at night, Lilo had died and Stitch was coming to see her grave again. His ears went up when he herd four familiar voices. "I don't know that was pretty mean even for you Myrtle." Hey! It was my final chance to torment Lilo for the last time." "I know, but defacing her tombstone, her final resting place, at it just mean you tormented her all the time she should not have to have that." "Weirdlo deserves eternal torment, and if you want to be friends with me you will do what I said." Stitch turned on his Night vision and saw Myrtle holding a hammer and a chisel as well as a bucket. "She wouldn't." Stitch ran to Lilo's grave where the tombstone now read: "Here lies Weirdlo, the weirdest little girl in the world". Stitch then charged at Myrtle. "Hey, look, it's Lilo's dog." one of the girls said. "Guess now that Weirdlo is dead I can kill that hideous thing." "Just try it, you piece of Bletsgorp, defacing Lilo's grave was a big mistake! You think you are going to kill me? No, I am going to kill you!" Stitch grabbed Myrtle by the neck and stared her in her eyes. "Don't eat me!" Myrtle cried. "Eat you? Why would I want to eat you? I wouldn't even wipe meega padaky with your face! I am going to make you pay for everything that you did to Lilo. When she was alive and what you just did to her tombstone!" Stitch began to tear into Myrtle's chest but to his surprise there was not blood, only feathers. The graveyard faded and in its place, Stitch saw the dome room and he had just torn his pillow in two thinking it was Myrtle.

Stitch gasped. "Would I really kill Myrtle like that if she did something like that? Would Myrtle really do a think like that, I hope that it remains a dream." Stitch said out loud as he sat on the side of his bed thinking.

"Noooooooooooooo!" Stitch herd Lilo scream.

"Lilo!" Stitch said and ran for Jumba's ship.

Lilo looked to the door and Stitch entered. "Stitch." "Lilo."

Stitch ran up to Lilo, they were telling each other about their Nightmares, when Jumba came in. "Little girl should not be awake yet, there is still much time remaining." He then looked at her life signs. "Is looking good, immunity has begun." He then looked at Lilo and realized she was sweating. "Ah. Perspiration is being the reason for premature consciousness." Lilo & Stitch looked at him in confusion. "360's sleeping power can only be negated by H2O in the face. Perspiration seems to have same effect."

"But when I used Drowsy to put Stitch to sleep to get P.J. he woke up by himself," Lilo said. "Ah, 626 is having immunity to 360, but is not perfect."

Jumba then paused. "How are you understanding dialect you refer to as technical babble, or as I once heard you say, Mumbo Jumba?" (no I do not mean Mumbo Jumbo, it's a joke) Lilo laughed. "If you live with some one a long time you get to know how they say things. I thought you would know that."

Nani had gotten up and found Pleakly making breakfast.

Suddenly there was a knock that the door and Nani answered it.

"Hi Nani." Victoria said "Is Lilo ready to go?"

"Go where?" she asked. Victoria laughed. "To hula class. Where else?"

"Oh. I am afraid Lilo is still very sick."

"Sick! Is she ok?" Victoria asked.

"can I go see her?". she added

"I will check," Nani replied, and went to an intercom that was connected to the ship.

"Jumba, is Lilo awake?" she asked.
"Yes, bigger girl. Little girl is being awake."
"Ask her if Victoria can come and see her."

There was a pause.

"Yes, little girl would like to be seeing other truly friendly little girl."

Nani then returned to Victoria. "Lilo would like to see you, oh and would you take this to her?" Nani said, handing her a tray of breakfast. "Sure, but don't you want to go see here yourself?" Victoria asked. "I wish I could, but I am late for work."

Victoria came in the ship and gave Lilo the tray.

"Nani said she would have come in but she was late for work."

Lilo sighed "She's always late for work."

"Lilo," Victoria asked, "what happened to you?"

Lilo then explained the whole story.

"Wow! Do you think you are going to turn into one of those experiments?"

"Yes," Jumba said. "I have just verified that little girl will be turning into experiment. I am also detecting an unusual amount of radioactivity."

"That probably comes from the improvements you made on the microwave," Pleakly said, coming in with some food for Jumba and Stitch.

"Well, radioactivity will not be bothering little girl any more now that she is becoming experiment." Jumba said smugly "Oh my gosh," Victoria said out of nowhere. "I have to go or I will be late to hula class, I'll tell Moses you are not feeling well."

(for those who thought the hula teacher's name was Koomoo I found out that Koomoo was Hawaiian for teacher)

News of Lilo's condition spread thought the experiment population thanks to Nosy. And practically all the experiments came to see her. Some even brought 'get well' presents.

Finder and Felix came in together (but don't get the wrong idea they are just friends. Oh, and Felix has been reprogram again he is not a neat freak or a dirt freak he has been balanced out.) Felix stepped forward and handed Lilo a box "I wanted to give you this. Finder helped me find them."

Lilo opened the box "My president seashells!" Lilo said happily.

"Soka I threw them out."
"We are still looking for Jackson," Finder said

"That's Ok," Lilo said.

Later on Nani came home and saw Lilo, after hugging Lilo she noticed something on Lilo's face. "What's wrong Nani?" Lilo asked. She put a hand to Lilo's face and stroked puff of purple fur that was growing on her cheek.

"Lilo, you're growing fur!" Nani said.

"The transformation has started!" Jumba said.

At that moment Victoria came back. "Hi Lilo, Moses said he hoped you got better and well I don't think you want to know what Myrtle and the others said."

"Probably not," Lilo agreed.

Suddenly Lilo groaned in pain and Jumba came over.

"Little girl has begun to mutate!" he said, noticing the fur. "I must be using 360 on little girl again."

After a period of time

(how long dose it take to change?)

Nani and Stitch sat in the house waiting for Jumba to call them. Jumba did not want them to be there when Lilo woke up for reasons he would not say.

Jumba finally walked into the living room,

"Little girl would like to see 626 and bigger girl."

Nani and Stitch quickly followed Jumba to his ship where Lilo was.

"Well?" said an experiment as they entered the ship, "what do you think of the new me?"

Both Nani and Stitch just stared at it speechless.

"Lilo?" Nani said. "Is that you? Do you feel ok?"

"Yeah, it's me, and yeah I feel fine. In fact, I can't remember when I have ever felt better."

"Well, as long as you are alive and are ok with this, I guess I am ok with it as well, but it will take me a while to get use to it."

Stitch then approached

"Well, Stitch, what do you think?"

Stitch was confused as to what to say. He finally asked Jumba something in his own Language.

"Bigger girl," Jumba said, "626 would like to be communicating with little girl in privacy."

"Oh. Ok."

Nani said before she left the room. Once Nani and Jumba left the room Stitch started looking Lilo over. She still smelled the same, but everything else was different. Stitch put his hands on her face trying to find any sign of the old Lilo. He pushed her hair, cheeks and forced a smile on her face that she would normally give him.

"Oh Lilo, there you are!"

Lilo then gave Stitch the smile for real and hugged him.

"Oh Lilo! I almost lost you!"

Lilo sat on the bed talking to Stitch. Suddenly Lilo said "Stitch, what's that smell?"

Stitch sniffed the air. "What kind of a smell is it? Good or bad?"

"I don't know. It's like nothing I have ever smelled before."

Stitch sniffed again. "Nothing but you, me, and…of course. It's me. You can smell things like I can now."

Lilo leaned forward and sniffed Stitch

"Oh. That is so weird."

"Don't worry," said Stitch, "you'll get used to it."

"Are you sure?" Lilo asked.

"Sure I am sure." Stitch said. "I got used to you, didn't I?"

"Stitch, are you saying…"

"Oh I am joking. You will be fine Lilo and I will help you get used to your new body and I will teach you all the simple pleasures of being an experiment."

"Like what?" Lilo asked.

"Like how to pick your nose with your tongue."

"Euow! That's disgusting!"

"You think that now, but you will eventually come to the point and you will find very few things disgusting, I must warn you. You might find yourself doing things that you will not realize are disgusting until after you have done them."

"Like what?"

"Well," Stitch said, "one thing I did that I regret was drinking out of the toilet."

Lilo cringed.

"Oh, Stitch."

"I have no idea that I did that. I know dogs do it but you know I am not a dog and I guess dogs don't really know what a toilet is used for. But I do know what they are used for and I don't know why I did that but Jumba said that it would not make me sick if I didn't let it."

"Urgh. Stitch quick, get a bucket!"

Lilo grasped her stomach while Stitch ran for a trash can for Lilo to vomit in. "Soka" Stitch said. "I guess I better wait for you to start doing these things before I tell you about them," Stitch said through giggles while he held the bucket for Lilo to be sick in.

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