PlanetSide Fan Fic

Chapter One: Fallen Angels


The New Conglomerate is thought of as 'a band of rebels' by the Terran Republic and 'stupid' by the Vanu Sovereignty. It is a huge war out on the planet of Auraxis. There are thirteen continents on the planet and there are three different sides, the New Conglomerate, the Vanu Sovereignty, and the Terran Republic. It is not known the year of the expedition, but there was just the Terran Republic traveling through space until coming upon this wormhole. They continued in and found a whole other world. They settled down and soon the wormhole closed. After word broke out, everyone took sides and these three 'empires' (if you could call them that) were formed. The New Conglomerate were those that broke off of the Terran Republic and are finding all these things out themselves, not wanting to stay with the Republic. The Vanu Sovereignty is basically mad scientists that are finding artifacts and different things of the such that they call Vanu technology. The Terran Republic is a huge empire that has lost all contact with the other worlds, and is now at war with the other two sides, trying to get them to join back.

The Fallen Angels is a platoon of infantry from the New Conglomerate that is on a scouting machine. They are made up of thirty men (a bit slim, even for scouts) and like to explore and kill the Terrans. They are led by a man that goes by the name of Captain Anderson; nobody calls him by his first name. The First Lieutenant of the unit (Chryzmo Moore) was killed in an attack by Liberator Bombers (sent back to their original, home continent). The remaining group is on the continent of Cyssor.

Cyssor is a tropical place, full of different islands connected by bridges. There are cut off paths in forests and the sun overhead can make a person go crazy if they stay under the hot sun, slaving away for hours on end. There were about twenty men left and they split up into two groups, ten and ten. They would respawn (thanks to the matrix system) back on their home continent and would receive further orders there.

Sergeant Conrad Winters (everyone called him Conrad) was in charge of squad B and Captain Anderson took squad A. They were going to scout out the area, last they checked the Terran Republic took control of the continent and drove the Vanu freaks out.

Conrad was right outside of Oraisha, a technology plant held by the Terrans. "Alright, any of you have a Bolt Driver?"

Private First Class O'Reilly nodded, "Yes sir, I have my sniper rifle with me!"

"Alright, that's good. We have any anti-armor?"

"Right here sir!" Corporal Wilkons nodded while taking out his Phoenix (grenade launcher).

"The rest have the standard issue I presume?"

"Yes sir!" said the rest of the men with their Gauss rifles out. Conrad had an improved version of the rifle, better bullets, custom trigger, and added scope.

"That'll work then. I can see the city of Oraisha from here, standard fortress. It'll have the walls with a gate and probably, no back doors. We're all in the same armor so we can't get atop the walls. We'll use the Phoenix to break the gate locks, then it'll fall to the ground, then the infantry will rush into the main building and take control of the building. Shut down all systems and one man with a cover will take the building. The rest of us will destroy all buildings and kill all infantry, capture any aircraft or ground assault vehicles if you can. Understood?"

"Sir, yes, sir!" came the response from all of them.

"Good, let's go!"

Conrad took his machinegun and started to go up the path, coming to a hill. He saw that the fortress was closer than he thought. "Wilkons, fire at the locks on that gate, see it?"

Wilkons nodded and came to the front, "Yes sir!" He let a few grenades pop out and blow the locks up, the gate shutting down. A few Terrans on patrol took notice and started the automatic machine guns up.

"Hey O'Reilly, get over here!"

O'Reilly came to the front, "Yes sir?

"See that patrol?"

"Yes sir!"

"Take 'em out so we can get passed their machine gun turrets!"

"Roger that, but the guns are already deployed…"

"Just do it!"

He nodded and looked through the scope of his sniper rifle, firing one round and it hit a man, the bullet going through his chest. He reloaded and hit another, a bullet going through a woman's head as blood went through the air. He saw one more guy and fired, the bullet sweeping past his cheek and forcing him to drop. He dripped blood until he was killed.

"Good work, now everyone move in and throw a grenade up and at the machine guns, alright?"

"Sir, Yes, Sir!"

"Good, now move out!"