Five Years Later

Drenched in a foul smelling liquid, Harry wanted to get inside the Auror's locker room, clean up, and possible hide inside his locker for a couple of hours. However, his boss had other plans.

"POTTER," Head commander Thomas MacCloud roared. "IN MY OFFICE, NOW!"

"What the hell happened this time?" A blonde-haired Auror sitting at a messy desk smiled mischievously.

Aurors everywhere looked over their cubicles. They swatted purple memos away from their heads, interested in Harry. He trudged past them, ignoring their stares.

"Caught the last Death Eater on the list," said Harry out loud.

"It was more than that," yelled MacCloud from within his office. He spat everywhere as he banged things on his desk. "You destroyed half the Department of Fucking Mysteries, you four-eyed, skinny TWAT!"

MacCloud jabbed his wand behind Harry, slamming the door shut. He was livid, and there was a vein popping on his forehead, which reminded Harry of Uncle Vernon, once upon a time.

From the grimy window of the office door, he saw several Aurors craning their necks to listen in. Harry placed his hands behind his back. "It wasn't my fault Rabastan Lestrange went in there. I just followed him."

"But it's your fault the department is now up in smoke, because you decided to use…" the head Auror leaned over his desk, whispering, "your freaky magic."

"Mage magic," Harry corrected. Not very many people knew he was a Mage. "Let's be happy that the last Death Eater has been caught."

"I don't give a shit! The paperwork is going to be through the roof. The D.O.M are furious, the Minister is keeping his trap shut, the Daily Prophet is having a field day, and I have you—"

"—catching the last major missing Death Eater on record," Harry repeated, getting frustrated. Without permission he sat down. "At least give me a moment of victory before I tackle the paperwork."

The Auror gripped his desk, but the twitch in his cheek softened. "Congrats… How do you feel now, Potter?"


"Great. You're suspended with two weeks pay while I clean up this mess. Go home and don't fuck up anything else on the way out."

"But Sir—we need to find out why he was sneaking around in the Ministry—!"

"I'm putting Creevey and Joyce on the case now. I don't care what Lestrange was doing—Probably looking for some sick family relic—But if we can get twenty years of peace, I'd be happy—Potter, stop looking like a stunned mullet, get out of my office or I'll have you put in prison for disobeying a command!"

Angry, Harry stormed out. His morning coffee run in Muggle London ended up more exciting than he'd ever imagine.

"Oi, Potter, where's my skim soy latte?" an Auror called out from behind her cubicle.

"The brains took it."

She had a look of confusion on her face as Harry took his cloak, and magicked the thick wad of paperwork to follow him out of the Auror Department.


Harry woke with a gasp. He sat up in bed, shoved his glasses on and looked to his right, relieved to find Ginny still fast asleep, with her red hair tangled all over her face.

He had a vivid nightmare about his reflection in a mirror. Though the image had no scar, wore no glasses and had a stupid cocky smile on its face. Then the reflection lifted his hand and forced a ball of green light through the mirror, killing Harry. Then Vindictus's voice would weave its way through at the very end.

Five years on, and his Mirror was still fucking with his mind.

He occasionally had other nightmares now, since the battle against Voldemort on December 20th 1998, at Hogwarts. These were mostly of a dozen dead students nailed to the castle walls, welcoming Harry to the siege that had taken place. This had all occurred after they had successfully rescued Malfoy's prisoners and even disarmed and abducted Draco at the same time.

At Hogwarts Harry used a decoy to be captured by Voldemort, while he himself had impregnated the Death Eater group in disguise with a few of the Aurors. Unlike the time he brought down the castles defences in the Mirror Universe, Harry had only created a few rips, allowing the Order and others to slip through. And while the Dark Lord was busy making the decoy's life miserable, Harry managed to free and kill Nagini. Only then was his cover blown, and a battle ensued. He barely escaped with his life.

One Horcrux was left and that was Hufflepuff's Cup, which had been on Voldemort's body. People were dying around them, good and bad, and Harry couldn't protect them. But when Voldemort had cornered Snape and was about to kill him to become Master of the Elder Wand, Harry had intervened, ripping the cup from Voldemort's body amidst all the wands pointed at him, proclaiming the he was the wand's master, not Snape.

The Dark Lord was furious, chasing Harry. All he wanted was a moment to destroy the cup, but he conceded it would have to happen upon Voldemort's death. While they fought, Bellatrix had kidnapped Hermione and they happily used her as bait to get the cup back.

Harry knew that if he gave it back, Hermione would die either way. Frozen with fear, time was not on his side.

He decided to play mind games on his enemy. He placed the cup at his feet and urged Voldemort to get it. The Dark Lord and his followers laughed at such a stupid command. So raising his wand, Voldemort tried to Accio the cup, but it didn't work. He tried several times, until he grew agitated that he struck Harry across the face with a powerful spell. Harry didn't waver, he smiled as he put up an illusion that the cup was melting into the flagstone floor.

Voldemort screamed, demanding that Bellatrix kill Hermione, however Ron and Snape were ready and snuffed her out. Harry and Voldemort duelled, but Harry prevailed in the end, and Neville helped to destroy the cup before Voldemort's spirit could regenerate.

Touching his scar instinctively, he reiterated to himself that he Dark Lord was gone. But why was Lestrange prowling around the D.O.M?

"Don't worry about it!" Kingsley said. "He was just looking for a Time Turner."

"A Time Turner? And that's supposed to make me feel better?"

"He was lying… that's an obvious answer they'd give. Judging by the direction you saw him heading, we think he was looking for a prophecy… or perhaps a relic Voldemort would've wanted—"

Like the Obsidian Stitch…Harry thought with a shiver. "Voldemort is gone."

"I'm confident he is too. We are in the age of peace, but he isn't the only stupid Voldemort Sympathisers out there wishing he was still alive, or perhaps looking for a new leader."

Harry drove the worry out of his mind. He was happy, there was no pain, no suffering. He was already an intermediate Auror with many medals for his work, even though he was still being very young compared to the rest of the force. He was in a loving relationship with Ginny, and his best friends Ron and Hermione had recently become engaged. So now the pressure (mostly directing from Molly Weasley herself) was for him to pop the question too.

Harry was also Godfather to the cheekiest little boy, Teddy Lupin. Despite losing his mother and never knowing what a wonderful woman Tonks was, his father, Remus Lupin was lucky to be alive. Harry had saved him in the nick of time at the Malfoy's, by giving him some of his life. His injuries had spared him from taking part in the final battle, which had killed Tonks.

Ginny stirred and stretched her arms. She propped up in the bed and blearily gazed at the alarm clock. "Harry, its after six. Get some sleep."

"I had another one of those dream—hey, don't you have Quidditch training? You're ten minutes late." Ginny was always awake by 5am.

Rubbing her eyes, she looked at the clock again. "BLOODY HELL!" Ginny scrambled out of bed, gathering up her strewn clothes. "Shitshitshit!" she swore. After struggling into her clothes, she threw her bag over her shoulder and yelled, "Bye!" And just like that Ginny disappeared from his little house.

Harry had sold Grimmauld place, unable to bear the memories of Sirius there and bought this shabby little box in a Muggle town. It needed work, but Ginny found it endearing and that was all that mattered. And every time she visited she would suggest renovations, like adding a storey here and there, an observatory, a balcony, and perhaps one day, a child's nursery too.

Peeking into his sock draw, Harry pulled out a small box hidden at the back. He opened it, double checking that the diamond ring was still in there. He had found it in his vault after Remus had told him his mother's engagement ring was kept there.

Harry pulled himself out of bed, and before he put on his shirt, his fingers lightly touched the multitude of scars on his body. It had only been last night that Ginny traced gently the sensitive scars on his back. Sometimes a wave a pain coursed through them and Harry doubled over, unable to move. It happened rarely now, but five years ago he almost couldn't become an Auror because of those wounds.

He yawned as he watched the sun rise thinking about how hard it was five years before. Auror training had helped overcome everything he endured, so did the magical counsellors helping him through his ordeals, both in this world, and what he had experienced in the Mirror Universe. They even used the Potion recipe the Tantibus Mentis potion on the survivors here.

However, he had only told his best friends, Ginny, Kingsley, Remus and Neville what had really happened when Rowena Ravenclaw's Portkey had transported him into that world. Even Snape knew bits and pieces.

After the battle of Hogwarts, Snape was acquitted of all crimes and Harry backed him up. That was the last time he had seen him, though, since then Snape had continued as Defence against the Dark Arts teacher. After all, the curse Voldemort had placed on the teaching position had lifted when he had died.

Neville was working as a Herbology Professor for the last year and wasn't scared of Potions Master anymore. We barely talk to each other, but there's a mutual respect for one another, Neville wrote.

At 8:30am, Harry made himself a coffee. He decided to call in at the Auror Department and check with Dennis Creevey about what was happening on the Lestrange case. He was really itching to find out more.

"Lestrange isn't talking much, Harry," Denis explained. "He's a strong willed turd."

Ten minutes later, as he ate his porridge, Hermione called to tell him the verdict on some Wizengamot cases of criminals Harry had captured. Then she reprimanded him for going after Lestrange without enforcement.

"I didn't have time!" he said in disgust. "Lestrange whizzed past me at the café—and snuck into the Ministry and into the—the whole debacle happened in a flash. I can't believe I was still holding the coffees!"

Hermione rolled her eyes. "How did you pass your Auror training again?"

"Like, how did I survive my entire life?"

Before Harry had finished cleaning his teeth Ron popped by with George. They wanted to hear his version of the story again.

"Have you seen this morning's Prophet?" George laughed, "Apparently you captured Lestrange by throwing a hot decaf coffee at his eye! First of all, who in their right mind drinks a decaf? They might as well drink water—"

"NO, that didn't happen!" Harry yelled, spluttering toothpaste all over his clothes. "Get out of my house!"

They both laughed as they disappeared to open up their jokes shop.

Then the Daily Prophet Flooed in for his version of events for the afternoon edition. But he was tight lipped about it. At 10am, Molly Weasley Apparated in. She wanted to see if he needed supplies from Diagon Alley, before visiting Fred and Arthur's graves. The morning hours quickly flew by, and then Remus stopped by with Teddy.

"Harry!" the little boy squealed, jumping on him, his hair changing to a lovely lilac.

"So I heard all about yesterday," Remus said, sitting down.

Harry put the kettle on the boil and leaned on the countertop. "Quite sick of talking about it to be honest," he mumbled.

The werewolf snorted, and stopped his son from pinching a biscuit from a jar.

"So? Anything?"


Remus rolled his eyes. "Did you pop the question everyone wants to hear?"

Harry shook his head. "Not yet."

"What are you waiting for?" Remus said, "For Teddy to graduate from Hogwarts and start dating Victoire?"

Behind his father, Teddy made a disgusted facial expression. "ERGH! Victorie smells!"

Harry scratched his head. "I'm not sure… Look I'll ask her on her birthday, it's only a week away."

"Ow! Cake," Teddy replied, stealing a Fizzing Whizbee that was hidden on the shelf. "I like cake."

"You're nervous." Remus crossed his arms. "You are just as bad as your own father was… it took him months to work up the courage. He turned into a gormless Gryffindor at the thought of proposing."

After lunch, which Remus and Teddy had stayed for, Harry was doing a spot of painting in the living room when he heard a knock. What surprised him was that it was two Unspeakables wanting to speak to him. He guessed so by the colour of their uniforms.

Harry's heart plummeted. They must have been really be pissed off with him. He took a deep breath and opened the door.

"Good Afternoon Auror Potter, may we speak to you? This is Frederick Warren and I'm—?"

"Anthony? Anthony Goldstein?"

He looked totally unrecognisable with his long brown beard and curly hair. His blue eyes hadn't changed a bit.


"Anthony, for Merlin's sake," Harry grinned, shaking his hand vigorously, trying to butter them up before the impending interrogation. Anthony's partner blushed. "I haven't seen you in years!"

"Well we, er… we're Unspeakables, Potter—"

No shit, thought Harry.

"Call me Harry. There's no need for formalities, we're friends," Harry said, ushering them in. "So what have I done?" he asked sweetly.

"Done?" Anthony seemed taken back. "No, it isn't about that—"

"Oh," Harry breathed, "So this isn't about me apprehending Lestrange in the Department of Mysterious? I destroyed some artefacts by accident, particularly the brain room." The same room Ron had an encounter with years ago. "Really, I am sorry about that."

"We're here about something else. We're investigating Mirror Universes for a long while, and we've heard rumours that you… well… our Head specifically said that you were involved." Anthony and his partner exchanged a dark look. "Head Unspeakable Croaker is a touch pissed off with the D.O.M incident. He's eager to slap your wrist for it."

"Rumours?" Harry's mood instantly changed. His elation that he wasn't going to be investigated for the destruction and seeing Anthony died with those words.

It turns out they had been investigating Rowena's cave for years. Years even before Harry, Ron and Hermione had discovered it.

"Do you still have the Portkey from that cave?"

"You knew—?"

"Of course we know. We're Unspeakables. We've documented every book in that cave and only one has gone missing in the last century without our approval."

Harry nodded, grinding his teeth. He opened a locked trunk in the attic, and riffled through his things, which he had not touched since after the war. He finally found it. Slightly battered, dog-eared and covered with blood, the book wasn't as fresh looking as it was when Harry had first transported with it. He rather reluctantly showed them the Portkey.

Anthony proceeded to riffle through its pages, but Harry stopped him. "No, I don't want you to read it."


"It's too personal…"

Anthony gently placed the book gently on the coffee table. "Was it that bad?"

"Nightmarish! And the memories… I don't ever want to go back to that time and place."

He nodded in understanding. "I know how that feels."

Harry had learnt that during the war, Anthony had tried protecting several of his house's first years from Julien Roux, and the tortures inflicted by the other Death Eaters.

"Would you, ah, ever decide to go back? You can— we've just had an Unspeakable come back. And a many others who have done it a few times with their favourite universes."

"They survived?"

Anthony and his partner nodded.

Harry narrowed his eyes. "How long were they gone for?"

"Days, months, even years," Frederick answered.

"And they're alright?"

"The most recent Unspeakable to come back is in St Mungo's. He's a bit depressed. You see, his wife and kids are still alive in the Mirror Universe."

Harry breathed, thinking about his Mirror parents and what they were up to, before realising that his fingers were gripping the armchair tightly.

"Would you ever consider it? Three—"

"Three drops of blood and it'll be activated. But I can't. I don't…"

Anthony and his partner looked at each other. "We understand, but we've sought permission from your department in case you said yes. Your boss gave you up quite easily. It seems that our Heads want you gone."

"After yesterday, I'm not surprised they wouldn't."

Harry always had reservations about MacCloud, especially since his Mirror had been a corrupt wizard working with Umbridge. Kingsley would on occasion call him The Prickly Cunt. He wasn't Kingsley's favourite choice for the job after the retirement of Gawain Robards the year before, but MacCloud had a lot of friends in the Ministry.

So three drops of blood would activate the Portkey once more. He would see his parents again and everyone else too. He'd also find out what his Mirror was doing. It was so tempting.

"No. Never again. And that's final."

He left the book on the kitchen table when the Unspeakables had left.

That evening Ron passed by with dinner from the Leaky Cauldron. He quickly lost his appetite when Harry told him what happened.

There was no way he would ever go back, even though at times he had thought about his Mirror family. And no matter how much they'll pester him about going, his decision was final.

They sat down with a glass of Firewhiskey and stared at the innocent book.

"You almost destroyed me," Harry whispered.

It did not talk back. A buzz was coming from the fridge and the self cleaning plates in the sink clinked, while water was trickling out of the faucet, yet the book sat there quietly, staring back at him.

Harry threw the book, letting it smack against the wall.

"Feeling a touch angry?" Ron said.

Harry ignored him. The book fell open on the ground, flicking through a few hundred pages of his suffering. He drank deeply from the glass before picking the book up.

The strange thing about the book was Harry hadn't seen a blank page left in it when he arrived back. Now, the very last page of the book was white and crisp.

"Oh no…" He closed his eyes and reopened them, hoping he had imagined it.

"What?" Ron asked.

This did not seem like a good omen. He took it into the living room and sat down with it on his lap and stared at the empty page.

"Can you start telling me what's going on?" Ron barked. "Becoming an Auror has turned you into Hermione!"

"There better be a good reason why you're blank," he spat, deciding to flick through the rest of the book. He saw glimpses of old memories between his Mirror. Going back to the very last, blank page, Harry discovered words had formed.

Hello Harry.

He inhaled sharply. Fucking hell!

"Who's this?"

The new words slowly formed in front of his very eyes. I have waited five years for you to realise that I am here as well.

A hot sickening feeling enveloped him. "Harry?"

Of course.

"This is impossible! We can't communicate like this through dimensions."

We're Mages...

Ron ran a hand through his hair, paling. "Is it a Horcrux?"


"How did you do it?" Harry asked.

When I went to Rowena's cave, the Mirror version of the book came to me. I manipulated its magic before touching it and hid it at Remus's. Then, before the final battle, I had created a connection with your book. We are both connected to our books, our blood has linked us together, and therefore we can communicate. I have kept mine hidden, waiting for you to open yours once again. I could feel our connection reawakening… I knew you had it with you.

"That's dedication," nodded Ron. "This is unbelievable; the Unspeakables would go nuts if they knew."

Ron was right, but Harry frowned. "What happened after I left?"

I was alive, bidding my time, though it was at a cost.

"What do you mean, at a cost?"

I have become Vindictus's justice. My heart was the price to continue living. The spirits urge me to find those who have wronged them. Sometimes it becomes too much, but I am getting used to them, at least Vindictus has moved on. I however, still have a lot of sins to pay for.

"Oh my God."

It isn't that bad… I get satisfaction handing the criminals over to the Aurors. Maybe one day, I might even become a private investigator.

Harry nodded and relaxed into his chair with Ron, eagerly awaiting the Mirror's next response.

"I'm an Auror now."

My father is happy to hear that.

Harry's heart skipped a beat. His father was with his Mirror.

He wanted to ask James so many questions, but he needed to focus. "After you were revived, what happened?"

I disappeared…

I was a fugitive for awhile until I was found. The Ministry imprisoned me after a lengthy trial, though many thought I should have been freed. Then the goblins made a pact with the Ministry and I was put under their guard.

"Where are you now?"

Free and currently at Godric's Hallow.

"How are your parents and the Pettigrew children?"

Everyone is well, Harry. Jessica is a Seeker for Ravenclaw… she says hello. She is sitting beside me now.

"Hi back!" he chuckled.

Ashley and Tony are progressing well at school. There are no houses anymore, except for Quidditch teams, thanks to the destruction of the Sorting Hat. Michael is training to become an Auror and Chris wants to become a Healer…

And my parents think about you all the time.

Harry had to blink away his tears. He cleared his throat. "How are Ron and Hermione?"

They have two children now. I am their godfather.

Ron punched Harry's shoulder. A wide grin was on his face. It meant so much to Harry hearing that his Mirror has a good relationship with his best friends.

Michael finally asked Ginny out last week.

Draco and Emily live together.

Tristan and Beth are home with Remus again, and the Pettigrew children live with him as well.


Snape is teaching again. Surprisingly, he is teaching Defence.

Harry laughed. "Yeah here too… What about Yaxley and the others?"

Yaxley disappeared soon after the war ended, most likely to a tropical location. Kirkhope is still breaking my balls, while Parvati and I went our separate ways a year ago.

"And how are you?"

I'm okay…

"What happened when you were with the goblins?"

I was freed as long as I worked for them. I helped rebuild their bank. I am their Curse Breaker now. It's an interesting line of work, and I've learnt so much about my abilities along the way... learnt so much about Vindictus too. You should try it one day.

Are you well?

"Never better!"

Tell me what happened when you went back.

He told them everything right up until today. When he finished he waited for his Mirror's words to appear on the page.

My father and sister are so happy that your world is at peace now.

"I feel the same about yours," Harry grinned.

I have to go. Keep in touch… keep the book close, you never know, you might need my help one day. After all, I am in debt to you.

Ps. Dad asks you to grow some balls and ask Ginny to marry you.

"That's the pot calling the kettle black," he chuckled.

Ha! Look after yourself.


Then an empty page stared back at them.

"Keep in touch?" Ron seemed amazed, but then a dark look flitted across his face. "You know what, Harry; I have bad feeling about this."

Harry raised his eyebrows and pointed a finger into Ron's face. "Stop saying that, nothing good ever happens when you say that!" But he relaxed, a smile forming across his lips. His Mirror family were safe and happy. It felt like he had found the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle that had been lost for five years.

The summer always turned the Potter household into a rowdy one, filled with visitors, though today seemed a little quiet as Lily made her way through the house, with several shopping bags following behind her.

"James? Jessica?" Lily grabbed herself a cold glass of water, and heard no one answer her call. "Chris, Michael? Are you boys back home yet?" Nothing.


Fear leapt into her body. An image of all four bodies dead crashed into her mind. Her heart was thumping, and she rushed into each room of the house until she smacked into a man, forcing her to yelp.

"Lils—what—what's wrong—it's okay!" James said, gripping her shoulders tightly.

She bit her lip, "Thank God!"

"It's okay," he kissed her forehead. "We were outside. We have a guest." He looked so happy.

Taking a deep breath, Lily was led outside where she discovered Harry sitting with Jessica, with a big tome in their hands. It was a book that looked vaguely familiar.

Her knees buckled beneath her. "Oh Harry…" she whispered.

Lily had only seen him twice in five years. Once at the Wizengamot trial and the other had been in Diagon Alley. She had called out for him, but he had ignored her and quickly vanished. Harry didn't want to be a part of their lives and it broke her heart. However, he maintained a good relationship with his sister, seeing her at Hogwarts, and peppering her with gifts from strange places aboard.

"Harry?" she whispered. His hair was long again and there was a stupid little claw earring which was a sign that he worked with the goblins. "Why are you here?"

"Just felt the urge to have a look at an old book."

"I hid it for Harry," Jessica said, smiling. "We spoke to the Mirror, Mum."

"How?" Lily felt faint.

"It's a long story." Harry stood up before Lily could get an answer. "I have to go."

She blocked her son's way out. "You are staying put!" James placed a hand on her shoulder. "Please, Harry, stay. You have no idea how much it'll mean to me, to us."

He couldn't look her in the eye.

"Sweetheart, we haven't spoken in five years."

"Must be hard—"

"Yes it bloody well is!" Lily huffed. "Times have changed. The past is in the past and we need to move on. You especially! I bet you your Mirror has," she sniffled. If only Lily had arrived ten minutes earlier she might've been able to speak with her Mirror son as well.

"I have to go." He brushed past her.

"Please stay for dinner," Jessica chimed in, "I was baking a treacle tart before you came."

"I've been teaching her how to cook," James added. "Your sister can actually boil an egg without burning it now."

"Very funny. I'm still better than Mum." She flipped her black hair over her shoulder.

Lily crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes. "I resent you all."

And then her little boy, now a grown, haunted man, showed a flicker of humour in his eyes.

"Please," Lily entwined her fingers between his, "just for a little while."

He squeezed her hand. "Okay."

Harry had just spoken one word, but it meant the world to her. It was a new beginning. As shattered as her family was, she saw the light at the end of the tunnel for them all, especially for her eldest child.

The End

Well, I have finally finished this fic after 12 and half years! I can't believe it! What a journey it has been! It may not be the greatest fic, or piece of writing, but it was fun. It was a storm of creativity and heartache.

As in Harry's world, bad shit happens in real life and war tears families apart. It destroys the lives of children and it takes generations to heal. I just wanted to emphasis that in this fic. I remember watching a documentary about Syrian refugees in Europe and there was a little Syrian girl playing in a park, but suddenly she became frightened of a passing helicopter. She hid, thinking it was going to bomb them. It has stuck with me ever since.

Thank you to my reviewers, both good and those hilariously bad, you guys gave me the energy to write, and even made me chuckle over several WTF moments.

Thank you to Relentess who stuck by this fic to the very end. It is a pleasure to know you.

I hope you have enjoyed this fic, cried and urged the characters on as I have.

Thank you and goodbye.