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This story is dedicated to the author of 'Rise from the Ashes', Karaii because her story gave me the idea somehow even though it's hardly identical to it.

Well, shit…How the hell am I supposed to write a good chapter now? Now it feels like anything else I write will be shit compared to that last chapter. Wait a sec, are we absolutely POSITIVE I wrote that chapter? I mean, damn, that sounded to smooth for me to have written it…Anyway, Don't you people worry I'm not going to abandon this story. Lately I've been crazy about Naruto. Every time I get into a new anime or book, I have to read like, 19 fanfics or I drive myself insane /. .\ sadness…


Harry James Potter is dead. After killing Voldemort and, being drained of life force, died as well. However, being a hero has more pros than Harry thought. Harry is now a ghost able to physically interact with select few. He is sent to a chamber where he must choose his next adventure, and aid those he love that play the major role. Which universe will Harry choose?


R for language, child abuse and rape.

Book 1

Chapter 5

A Court Case

Remus was, to say the least, paralyzed with shock of what he had just heard. Petunia seemed to be in the same state as he, shocked out of her mind and brain unwilling to register the news. Across from them was an older, scruffier version of the child in the other room, except they were the same person, not just similar…/ By god…I have no clue what the bloody hell is going on…/ Remus thought weakly.

"Petunia, Remus, please. I know for a fact that flies, though very appetizing, are not healthy except for frogs."

He felt Petunia jump beside him, clearly startled out of a trance. Remus snapped his mouth shut with a 'click' as he realized what 'Harry' had just stated, only to open it again.

"Err…Harry…if you aren't from this, this universe…How did you get here?"

Tension filled the room until it was difficult to breathe and 'Harry seemed to reflect it, shoulders stiff and bony jaw clenched.

"I really don't know myself Remus. I should be dead right now-" He paused, "Well, I suppose I am dead, actually. But anyway, I believe I am supposed to do something in this world, help form it the way it was meant to be."

Silence was really quite a noisy affair. Remus hadn't realized it until just then, the awkwardness of the situation was just so…well, awkward…The clock above the door way ticked loudly all of a sudden making Remus twitch. He hated that sound…Like time being wasted.

"Well," Petunia coughed, "Would you like to come with me and Harry- or,"

/ Goodness this is off… /

"Natica, just call me Natica," 'Harry' interrupted politely. Petunia flushed slightly in embarrassment.

"Yes! Natica, Would you like to come with Harry and I to stay with Remus' Uncle? Just until the trial is over, of course, and I can buy a new house."

Natica blinked at her and Petunia worried she had made a mistake maybe offended him or something. As though he read her mind, Natica gave a soft smile of reassurance but remained silent, still pondering her request. He didn't want to leave the Ince, that was a sure thing, but would he be able to leave the house? / I should / He thought confidently. / What would be the point of my being here if I couldn't follow him around outside too/

"Sure. I'll come with you." Natica decided with an air of finality.

Petunia beamed happily, and leaned forward to shake his hand only, to her surprise, have her own slide through it. Pulling back a little stunned she looked to him confused.

"Oh, sorry," He smiled toothily and rubbed the back of his head embarrassed.

His entire arm seemed to gain depth and he held it out now. Petunia tentatively clutched it with her own and her eyes widened like an excited child as she felt callused skin against her palm. Remus gave Natica a curious look.

"Can you solidify you whole body?" He asked.

Natica looked at him a moment, hesitating as he soaked in the other man. "Probably," he answered, "But not for long, I suppose."

After that he stood up and glided across the room to the Den. Harry was still napping peacefully, probably making up for years of nightmares. Natica found himself unable to pull his eyes from the sight. Remus had followed him in and got his first real look at the child in 4 years. Harry was undeniably cute. Even in his beaten and starved form, his hair stood up in all directions, black and silky despite the bits of blood clotted at the roots. His small hands were gripping a pillow close to his chest and he had turned onto his side.


Remus nearly yelped as the shout from upstairs broke the calm. Dudley sure had lungs…Natica apparently agreed as he glared up at the ceiling above, eyes only slits and his eyebrows were furrowed. A small clinking from the door to the Kitchen brought Remus' attention back to Petunia. Was it really possible to love at first sight?

Natica seated himself on the sofa next to his younger self. It was plenty clear to him that Dudley Dursley was the same as he was in his world if not worse. But, he was young and impressionable, wasn't he? / I suppose he could be very much abused himself. / He grudgingly admitted to himself, / Just in a different way. / Maybe Dudley could change…

The sound of stampeding came from the stairs and said boy ran past the Den and into the kitchen to his mother, ignoring the guests and his cousin.

"Mum! I want to go to the Park! Drive me there! Piers and I are going to play cops and robbers!"

/Or maybe not…/ Natica glowered through the walls. Lately he had been very temperamental. Petunia suddenly appeared, carrying a tray with porcelain cups and teapot. Dudley was following her, stomping his feet all the way causing several trinkets on the shelves above the television to shake.

"Dudley, I have guests here. I am not going to drive you somewhere only a few blocks away. Walk there, you need to do things yourself for once!"

Dudley however disagreed. And made it quite clear. While Remus stood uncomfortably as the two bickered, he noticed Natica looking smug as Dudley bellowed a childish and very rude 'FINE!' . Dudley swirled around, prepared to run out the door face bright red and ready to spout fake tears to get his mother to do what he wanted, when he noticed the other two adults in the room.

"Who are you?" He snorted angrily. Remus reminded of a very pink piglet that had little fangs and a small blonde wig.

"Well," Natica said before Remus could open his mouth, "I do believe it is polite to give your own name before asking for another's. "

"Dudley. Now who are you!" He demanded, piggy little eyes narrowed at Natica.

"Dudley Dursley! Stop being rude!" Petunias growled startlingly wolf like. She had placed the tray on a small coffee table in front of the couch Natica and Harry were sitting on and now had her hands on her hips.

"This is Natica," She hesitated a moment, stealing herself on whether to continue. "He's another cousin of yours." Dudley sneered, eyeing Natica's filthy clothes and grimy hair.

"And this is Remus Lupin, a very good friend." Dudley didn't even glance at him, making Remus' temper rise with annoyance. / How did Petunia live with this for so many years/

"I don't give a damn! Just take me to the park!" Dudley had turned back on to his mother, satisfied with who was in his living room, and Petunia was now back on square one. Opening her mouth in a frustrated snarl, Natica interrupted her. "Tell you what Dudley, give me five minutes to get ready and I'll take you to the park before you drive your mother mad."

Petunia looked at Natica almost worriedly while Dudley squinted his tiny eyes into almost nothing. He didn't know his numbers or anything like that so he normally wouldn't agree to such a thing but his mother was being unusually rude to him. Since when had she ever thought it was her place to disobey him? "Fine," Dudley grumbled, "but only five mynuts." Remus nearly choked on the tea he had taken from the trey at Dudley's horrendous dissection and mutilation of the innocent word 'minutes'. He never thought one could get 'my nuts' out of any word.

Natica looked at himself in the bathroom mirror, focusing into turning his whole body solid. His eyebrows furrowed with concentration, he gripped the sink and was pleased to find that his hands didn't fall through it. Relaxing, he found he stayed solid without having to continuously concentrate, Natica ran the sink water and washed his face and hands until they shone. Next he cupped the water in his hands and dropped it on his head, watching as it soaked through his hair. Looking around for a brush he found one in the cabinet above toilet and attempted to straighten out the bird nest he had for hair.

Once he believed himself suitable for public viewing he traveled back down the stairs and into the den to take Dudley out. When he got there, he found an irate looking Remus dealing with a whiny Dudley. "YOU'RE a doctor? I doubt that. You should retire old man, how old are you? 581? Dad says that a respectable workman will retire at 509!" It was clear the boy had no experience with numbers, nor the life expectancy of mankind.

"Dudley, stop annoying Remus and hurry up or I ain't taking you anywhere." Harry called, and nearly seized up laughing as he heard a thump that was Dudley moving his fat arse off the couch.


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