Chapter 1:The Beginning Of A Relationship

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One day Kakashi had a party at the Chuunin Examination Arena without the knowing of the Hokage.
All the Genin's,Chuunin's,Jounin's and Sennin's were invited to the party.Everybody had a good time.After a few hours at the party Jiraiya-sama was so drunk that even when Naruto uses his Sexy No Jutsu,Jiraiya still won't wake up.When another hour passed by everybody started to slow dance.As usual every girl wants to dance with Sasuke.But in the end sasuke danced with Sakura and she almost exploded with joy.Naruto was the only one not asked to dance with.
Hinata came and asked 'NN..Naruto..kkun wwill you ddance with me'.Then all of a sudden Naruto started to blush and gulped.Hinata then thinking that Naruto said no turned around and walked away when suddenly someone grabbed her arm and pulled her to the dance floor.When the person stopped pulling she found out it was Naruto and blushed.They started to dance and slowly they came closer and closer to each other when Rock Lee accidentally tripped on TenTen's foot and nudged Naruto.
Naruto fell forward and suddenly the arena was quite.Then when Naruto got up he started to blush so did Hinata too.If you wanna know what happened i,m gonna tell you now.It seems when Rock Lee nudged Naruto,Naruto fell on Hinata and accidentally kissed her.The next day everybody was seen whispering around Konoha about Naruto kissing Hinata.Then one day Naruto appeared next to Hinata while she was having lunch outside alone.Naruto said'ummm...Hinata...sorry about that day at the party'.Replying to Naruto 'nnevermind Naruto-kun i don't mind'.'Really',said Naruto.Your the first girl to ever dance with me.'Ummmmmm...Hinata will you go out with me'.Hinata face became really red and she nodded happily at Naruto.At their date they had to eat at Ichiraku Ramen stand because Naruto had not enough money to go to a fancy restaurant but Hinata didn't care as long she is with Naruto she is happy.After eating ramen they went to the park for a stroll and then set down on a bench next to the pond.They sat there for a few minutes and nothing happened until Ino came along and saw that Naruto isn't making a move so she used her mind control jutsu to make Naruto say' was it like when i kissed you'.Hinata blushed and said'I guess i kinda liked it.
Then Ino released herself and let Naruto freewill.Naruto hearing what Hinata said he replyed'Ummm you liked it'.Then he leaned over and kissed Hinata on the lips.