Icha Icha Confusion Disclaimer:i do not own Naruto.

One day when Kakashi was taking a nap Naruto wanted to set up a prank for Kakashi.When Kakashi was napping Naruto quickly took Kakashi's IchaIcha Paradise and used his new jutsu called 'Book Cloning No Jutsu'but this doesn't clone the contents.Each book has different contents.
Then Naruto put one of the fake books next to Kakashi and quickly ran away.When Kakashi woke up he walked to Naruto,Sasuke and Sakura and asked them to fight him for training.Then they quickly jumped at Kakashi poised for attack.Then Kakashi took out his IchaIcha Paradise and that's when it happened.Suddenly Kakashi went balistic shouting wheres my IchaIcha Paradise.
Naruto fell down laughing and Kakashi glanced at him with his Sharingan.Scared Naruto quickly showed Kakashi the stack of books he cloned but all of them looked the same.Kakashi quickly looked through all the books but couldn't find his copy.Then he saw Jiraiya came in and saw his copy in his hand and quickly and all of a sudden he shouted'CHIDORI' and the team heard a thump and quickly peeked what had happened.They saw Kakashi standing on Jiraiya while reading his Icha Icha Paradise.Then suddenly it pooofed.Kakashi stared at Naruto that was laughing hysterically and was on the floor.Kakashi charged another chidori,and Naruto not wanting to get hit quickly vanished and went to his favorite spot that was near a waterfall.He saw Kisame training his water jutsu and Naruto fainted.When he woke up Kakashi was staring at him angrily with his sharingan.Naruto almost fainted again but Kakashi shook him awake and forced Naruto to give back his IchaIcha Paradise or else he will put him back into the Ninja Academy.Naruto not wanting to go back to the academy he went back to the waterfall and started digging.An hour later he took out a box.He gave it to Kakashi and he opened it.Inside was his precious IchaIcha Paradise.
But something was wrong,it was soaking WET!.It seems when Kisame practiced his water jutsu the water was drained into the ground and the water flowed into the box.Kakashi vanished away and on the next day while everybody was training Kakashi pulled out a copy of ICHAICHA PARADISE!.The team asked how did he get the wet copy to look so new.Kakashi told them that he has dozens of copies.Everybody tear-dropped and Naruto fainted,but Kakashi didn't care he was too busy reading his Icha Icha Paradise.