This is my very first fan fiction

Chapter 1:

New Exchange Students and Teacher.

On a beautiful morning Monday, there was a young teenager girl name Sakura Kinomoto, she have a perfect family along with a lovely father name Fujitaka Kinomoto, a brother name Touya Kinomoto and a mother name Nadeishiko Kinomoto, although her mother die while she was only three years old but she knows that her mother have been watching out for her all the time even if she is in heaven.

(In Sakura's Bedroom)

Sakura have a bedroom which have yellow painted walls, a pink bed, pink curtains, a cardboard with toys on the top and etc.

Sakura was still sleeping although she needs to wake up.

(Sakura's Dream)

I was roller skating to school when I remember I have only 8 minutes to go to school before roll call. While I skating and also deep in thoughts, I didn't know that I was knock over by a person standing in front of me and "BANG" I fell down, with my eyes closed waiting for the pain to come but before I fell down, someone caught me by my arm, I opened my eyes and reveal a boy with chestnut hair, amber eyes standing in front of me. He has offered his hands help me get up back to my feet again.

"Oh, .I'm sorry and thank you" said Sakura shyly and she bow to him politely

"That's alright, but you have to be more careful next time" said the Boy smiling at her

Sakura smiles back at him.

"Um…May I know I your name?" said the boy asking her

"Oh…Um…My name is Sak-

(End of Sakura's Dream)

Sakura woke up feeling confused about the dream that she have and was thinking,

"What the heck is that dream about? "Said Sakura still confused.

She looked at the clock and relies it was 7:35am which means she have only 15 minutes to get ready and go to school.

"CRAP" said Sakura panicking

She got out of her bed and walks into the bathroom to brush her teeth, wash your face and doing her business, after finishing she walk straight out and got dress into school uniform (the same uniform as the one in the CCS episode) brush her hair and looked back at her clock which says it's now 7:49am then hurrying downstairs to greet her father and brother.

(In the living room)

"Good morning Dad and Touya" said Sakura smiling.

"Good morning Sakura" said Fujitaka & Touya smiling.

"Sweetie, you better eat breakfast now or you will be late for school" said Fujitaka still smiling and going back to the kitchen.

"Okay daddy" said Sakura stuffing the pancakes into her mouth at the same time.

"Yeah Monster, you better eat before you chock on the way to school with these pancakes in your mouth" said Touya teasing Sakura while he was finishing eating his pancakes.

"ME NOT A MONSTER!" said Sakura annoyed and she stomped onto his right foot under the table.

Fujitaka came back with a jar of orange juice and he was confused on the look of Touya's face and Sakura. Touya continued to groan in pain.

Fujitaka handed Sakura a cup of orange juice and Sakura drank it in one go which caused her to chock.

"I'm off to school dad and thanks for breakfast" said Touya picking up his backpack and walk towards the door.

"Thanks for breakfast dad" said Sakura picking up her backpack and walks towards the door.

"Take it easy Sakura"said Fujitaka smiling at her as he watches her leave.

(On the way to school)

Sakura roller skating to catch up with Touya who have left 2 minutes before she, when she didn't see Touya anywhere, she decided to roller skate fast to get to school before roll call.(roll call at 8am)

She skate to school on her usually route, she admired the blossom on the tress which remains her of the dream that she had this morning and also its spring.

Sakura was in deep thoughts and also she knows that she has 11 minutes before roll call start. While skating in a slow paces and not looking where she is going "BANG" she was knock over by a person who is standing in front of her, she fell down waiting for the pain to come but before the fell, someone caught her by her arms. She started to open her eyes but reveal a boy about her age have chestnut hair, amber eyes, handsome and very fit.

"Uh,.. Thanks you" said Sakura shyly and he bows to him politely.

"That's okay, but you have to be more careful next time" said the boy smiling

Sakura smiles back a him.

"Are u late to school or something?" said the boy asking her.

While they were both starting to walk to school (4 minutes left)

"Uh, Yes I am, in fact I'm late to school?" said Sakura worrying about getting to school on time.

"Well, don't worry about it, we have only five minutes to go and we are very near the school?" said the boy still smiling.

"Hang on, do u go to my school?" said Sakura having a question look.

"Is it the Tomoeda Elementary School" said the boy confused

"Yes, I go to that school too" said Sakura smiling

"May I know your name?" said the boy politely

"My name is Sakura Kinomoto" said Sakura

"Nice to meet you Miss Kinomoto" said the boy

Sakura giggle. They have arrived at the school gate with only 2minutes to go,

"So, what's your name, if I may ask" said Sakura

"My name is -. He was interrupted by the bell.

"Well, I have to go to class now bye" said Sakura bowing to him before she go to the classroom.

The boy was left alone at the school gate but lucky he knows where to go because he have been here twice and have ask the teachers where is he class along with the school fares that he have to pay before starting school here.

(Back to Sakura)

"Wow, I make it, I thought I was going to be late" said Sakura going to her desk.

Tomoyo Daidouji is my best friend, my cousin and also she designs clothing and outfits.

"Hello Tomoyo"said Sakura smiling at her best friend.

"Sakura, you almost miss roll call, where were you? You were meant to be here like 5 minutes ago?" said Tomoyo questioning her.

"I'm talk to u later" said Sakura whispering to Tomoyo, and sitting down on her desk.

The door open and reveal a new teacher that no one have seen before. She walks up to the desk in the middle of the classroom and stand there for a minutes before introducing herself to the class.

"Hello class, I'm your year adviser and teacher for this year, I'm Miss Randazzo and I hope I can get along with all of u though this year" said Miss Randazzo

All the students are now chatting and whispering about the new teacher that just came in and introducing her self.

"Alright class, quite it now please" Miss Randazzo said to the class.

The class is now quite and all of them look at the teacher who is speaking to the class.

"Okay class, it's seems we have two new exchange student, please make them feel welcome to Tomoeda Elementary School, come on in.

The whole class was clapping for the new arrive exchange students to come in.

The door opened and stepping in were two boys, both look handsome and all the girls in the classroom started to drool over them both.

"Okay, please introduce yourself to the class" said the teacher smiling at them both.

Sakura and Tomoyo both looked at the new two ex change student and they seem to be different from the other girls in the classroom. Tomoyo wasn't really interesting in both of them. Sakura have a restrict rules about dating from her over protective bother and also she wasn't interesting like other girls in the classroom. Both of them were talking about what they did in the weekends and not bother to look at them.

"Hello, I'm Syaoran Li and I'm came from Hong Kong and also I'm the heir to my clan, which I will take over once I reach the ago of 18 years old." Said Syaoran smiling and winking at the girls that was staring at him.

"Hello, I'm Eriol Hiiragazawa and I also came from Hong Kong.

"Okay, girls stop talking" said the teacher.

"Okay boys, now where do I find a sit for both of you" said the Miss Randazzo.

Syaoran and Eriol were looking around the class to see lots of girls waving their hands to get them both attentions.

Syaoran search around the room and he eyed the girl he was talking to this morning, but she was talking to her friend instead waving their hands to get attention or drooling over them both.

Eriol also search around the room and he eyed a girl that sit at the second last desk near the window next to her friend, she seems to be not interested.

"Okay, Mr.Li and Mr. Hirragazawa u will both sit behind Miss.Kinomoto and Miss.Daidouji Please put your hands up girls." Said the teacher.

The girls put their hands up but they both seem not interested.

"Okay class, take out your English text book and go to page 28 and Andrew can u read a paragraph for us please" said the teacher looking down at her text book.

End of Chapter1:

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