Chapter 1

Beast Boy ran into the common room, a large grin on his face. He ran over to the same wall he ran to every morning. He stood up against it and ran a pencil across the wall where his head reached. He turned around and yelled, "Yes! That makes another inch." He went into a little victory dance and made his way over to the kitchen to get some breakfast. He had been measuring himself every morning for the past three months. The Titans poor wall was full of lines that gradually went higher and higher.

"Looks like your growing spurt isn't stopping anytime soon," said Robin with a smile.

"I hope not," said Beast Boy in a serious voice. "I'm still an inch shy of you."

"Hey, at least you're not the shortest anymore," said Cyborg sitting down with his plate of breakfast food for himself and the others. "You should be thankful for that at least."

"I never said I wasn't," said Beast Boy with a smile.

Starfire entered with Silkie in her arms. "A morning of goodness I wish to you friends," she said sitting down at the table.

"Starfire, you know the rules," said Robin. "No larva at the table."

Starfire sighed and sadly placed Silkie on the floor. She made herself a plate of food and began to eat. She slyly started to slip some of it under the table for Silkie.

"Star," said Robin, knowing what she was doing. Starfire nervously smiled and pretended not to be doing anything. But as soon as Robin looked away she slipped Silkie a whole plate of food.

Raven entered and floated her way to the kitchen. Her hood was up and the little face that they could see of her was flat line. She started to fix herself a cup of tea around the working Beast Boy.

"Morning Raven," said Robin with a smile.

"Morning," she said in a tired, gravely voice. Once her tea was done she sat down with the others and actually made herself a plate of food. She sipped her tea and ate her breakfast quietly.

"It's nice to see you eating breakfast for once," said Cyborg.

"I didn't eat dinner last night," she said dryly and continued eating.

"Starfire!" said Robin seeing her trying to sneak a second plate of food to Silkie. She was surprised and dropped the plate. "No feeding Silkie scraps."

"I am not feeding Silkie the scraps," said Starfire innocently. Then she leaned over to Cyborg. "Please, what are the 'scraps'?"

"Starfire, don't feed Silkie any food from the table," said Robin a little more clear.

"But he enjoys it," said Starfire picking him up and hugging him. Robin gave her a look and she sighed and placed Silkie back down. He hated telling Starfire what to do, but the rules applied to all the Titans, no exceptions. Starfire was a little naïve, but that didn't give her an excuse to disobey the tower rules.

"Dudes, you know what I want to do today?" said Beast Boy shoveling his tofu breakfast into his mouth. "I really want to…"

Just then the alarm went off and their calm and quiet morning was ruined. "Trouble," said the predictable Robin. They all jumped up from the table and headed off.

They reached the middle of the city and found an interesting figure waiting for them. It was a tall, slender man making his way from ATM to ATM. He was in a long, black robe that hung straight off of him. His face was covered with a black face mask with yellow eyes. His hair was slicked back, black. All that was really showing was his small mouth. He would simply lift his hand and the money would just spew out of the machine and fly underneath his robe. He made his way to the next one when he was stopped by a green glowing orb that landed right in front of him. He turned and saw the five Teen Titans staring at him.

"Okay pal," said Robin. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way."

"Well I wouldn't want to disappoint you," said the man with a smile. "So I shall choose the hard way."

"Big surprise," said Raven.

"Titans, go!" yelled Robin and the group attacked. The man merely smiled with his small mouth and raised his hand. Before the Titans could get five feet near him they were all stopped by an invisible barrier. Starfire began shooting starbolts at him, but they could not reach him. None of Cyborg's laser canons could penetrate either. Beast Boy turned into a T-rex and rammed himself into it, but he only hit his head, he didn't make any progress. Robin threw every explosive thing he had on his belt.

"What the heck?" screamed Cyborg. "Nothin can touch this guy."

"Let me try," said Raven and she flew over to him and steadied her self. "Azarath metrion zinthos!" She released a blast of black energy at the man. It hit the barrier, but did not break it.

The man smiled and called out, "What? Is that all you've got?"

"No, I'm just getting started," said Raven. "Azarath metrion zinthos!" She sent another, stronger, blast at him and this time she broke through. The man got hit and was sent backwards.

"Good job, Raven," called Robin. "Titans take him down!"

Once again they all went after the man. But now he looked angry and when he raised his hand he blasted his own powers at them, throwing them all backwards. Raven blocked him with her own shield and then attempted to attack him. While Raven went after the man, the other Titans crawled up from the ground.

"Dude, who is this guy?" asked Beast Boy.

"He is most strong with his powers," said Starfire.

"Yeah, man, how the heck are we gonna take this guy down?" asked Cyborg.

"I have the feeling that Raven's taking it into her own hands," said Robin pointing.

The two were shooting shields and energy blasts at each other as fast as they could. No one had ever seen such a battle. They sent anything they could find flying at each other; cars, lamp posts, parking meters, anything.

"Tired yet?" asked the man with an evil smile.

"Not even close," said Raven chucking a truck at him. He ducked out of the way and the battle continued. The other Titans made sure to watch from a safe distance. Then they both willed up all of their powers and at the same time shot at the other. When the two energies collided there was a great explosion that sent everything flying. Raven was thrown to the ground, knocking her out for a moment.

She slowly opened her eyes and looked around. There was smoke all around her, but she saw a figure walking through it. The man emerged and stood above her. Before she could move an inch he raised his hand and sent a blast of energy into her head.

"I don't think we'll be meeting again," he said, smirking evilly. Raven screamed with pain and then it all went black again.

The Titans had seen the two be thrown back from the explosion. They waited for the smoke to clear to look for Raven. They found her on the ground, unconscious. "Raven!" they all yelled and ran to her. Slowly she came to and saw her four friends around her.

"Are you okay?" asked Cyborg.

"Yeah, I think so," said Raven, slowly sitting up and rubbing her head. "Where did he go?"

"I believe he has gotten away," said Starfire.

Raven slowly got to her feet and rubbed all of her nicks and bruises. She felt a little dizzy, but other than that she believed she was okay.

"Don't worry, we'll find him," said Robin.