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Chapter 29

"He's starting to come around" Ginny said to her brother and Hermione who were sitting around Harry's bed completing that nights homework.

"I'll go get Madam Pomfrey" Hermione said as she got up and walked up to the front of the hospital wing.

"Harry's starting to come around Madam Pomfrey," Hermione said.

"Very well dear, could you please fire call the Headmaster and let him know as I go and check on our friend." She said, as she grabbed her bag and started down to the last bed in the row, Harry's bed, he always ends up in that bed, she thought as she got closer.

"Alright all of you, I need you to go wait over by my office well I run a few checks on Mr. Potter, when the Headmaster comes down tell him to wait there with you, I'll call him down when I am ready." Madam Pomfrey said as opened her bag and got all of her supplies ready.

"I hope that everything is alright, it was pretty scary there for a little while." Ron said as he wrapped his arms around Hermione trying to comfort her.

"I know Ron," Hermione said as she laid her head down on his shoulder.

Across from the two lovebirds, Ginny sat alone, trying to catch glimpses of Madam Pomfrey, working on the boy that she was slowly starting to fall in love with.

"Things all happen for a reason, Ms. Weasley, for now I believe that Mr. Potter will come out stronger from this and ready to be really trained." The Headmaster said as he sat down beside Ginny in chairs to wait.

"Harry is trained Headmaster, he took care of himself, which is more than anyone can say for you. Harry should not have to go through this alone, but you, you made it that away by forcing his destiny on an 11 year old boy." Ginny said to the Headmaster than got up and walked out of the wing.

"I'm sorry for my sister Professor, she is having a difficult time with this, he has never been out as long as he was this time sir, I think it has us all scared." Ron said as he moved to sit in the chairs along with Hermione and wait until they were called.

"That is quite understandable Mr. Weasley; I will hold nothing that Ginny says against right now."

The group sat quietly, waiting, as the door to the wing flew open,

"I just ran into Ms. Weasley and she informed me about Potter, why are you all down here?" Professor Snape asked as he walked over to the Headmaster.

"Madam Pomfrey kicked us out from over there while she working on Harry professor, and I am sorry that we didn't think to call you, to tell you that Harry was starting to come around." Hermione said in a sincerer voice, she actually meant what she was saying.

"That's understandable Ms. Granger, so what are we doing, just waiting I presume."

"Feels like that is all we ever do in this place," Ron said as the each group member went back to their own thoughts.

About a half-an-hour later Madam Pomfrey called down for the Headmaster and Professor Snape to join her by Harry's bed. Ron and Hermione watched the adults leave and the moment they were gone, Ron's arm was back around Hermione's shoulders and her head was on his shoulder, each lost in their own thoughts and memoires of their friend.

"Hey Herm, do you remember the nights we spent in the library trying to find information on the Philosopher's Stone." Ron said

"Yeah, god, that seems so long ago now, or how about all the quidditch matches that we watched, with Harry pulling those stupid stunts." Hermione said.

"Hopefully, some day, we can watch him do them again Mione," Ron said as the two lapsed back into silences. The two sat waiting, remembering past times and how their friendship, the Golden Trio was formed.

Mean while down at the other end of the ward, Harry was just starting to fully wake up.

"So how long was I out this time?" Harry asked as he reached for his glasses and put them on.

"A little more than a week Harry, but you woke up yesterday briefly and rambled on about professor Snape being in two places at once. Now Harry what we need you to do is start from the beginning." The Headmaster said as he leaned forward with all of his attention on Harry.

"Well I went out for my normal morning run with Ron, and I guess I went out of the wards and didn't realize it, I had just started to turn around when I noticed that Ron wasn't with me, I had just started back when I tripped over something, the last thing I remember was seeing the ground come at me fast, than…umm…waking up here. I'm sorry I can't be more help professors."

"Very well Harry, now Professor Snape are you able to fill in the information where Harry is not," the Headmaster asked has he gave all his attention to the professor.

"If that is what you need Headmaster, I felt that a student went out of the wards, I have them set up that way so I can tell if any students leave to attend a meeting for example, I went to see which student I could catch, and from a distance I watched Potter go down, but than he was being pulled deeper into the forest, that's when I saw Bane picking up Potter and bring him back into the wards. Once both were safe in the wards, I ran back into the forest to look around where Potter had fell and saw nothing. Than I met up with Bane and brought Potter back here. So as you can see I didn't do anything that any other professor would not have done." The professor said as he finished telling his part of the story.

"Very well you two, if you have nothing else for Mr. Potter I would like him to get some rest and invite his two friends who have been waiting very patiently down at the other end of the ward." Madam Pomfrey said as she cleaned up the area surrounding Harry's bed.

"Very well, I have some duties that need attending, thank you for taking time to talk Severus, and Poppy thank you for calling me when Harry woke up. I bid you all a good night I shall tell the duo that they may come down." The Headmaster said as he stood up and walked out of the ward, in his wake came the two teens that were waiting.

"How are you doing mate?" Ron asked as he settled into the bed that was next to Harry with Hermione at his side.

"Alright, not feeling that strong right now, but Madam Pomfrey says I should be fine in a day or two, so you two know what that means, Ron you may call for tonight, inform with new information, than dismiss, let me know about any problems that you come across, all good." Harry said in a quite voice, so only his friends could hear.

"Understand Harry, we will be back afterward." Ron said as he got up and with Hermione left the ward, making the call on the way out. The two headed right up to the Room of Requirements.

Ron passed the room waiting for people to answer. Soon the room was full with all the DA members, Ron stood at the front and cleared his throat.

"Thank you all for coming, as I'm sure you know Harry is back in the hospital wing after something happening last week. I was instructed to call you all here and inform you of some new information. Harry is fine and awake, he should be released in the next few days. Each unit is to still follow its normal schedule and report to training with their unit leader. If for some reason your training needs to be canceled you will be notified in the normal way. Does anyone have any questions?"

Many hands went up in the air, Ron closed his eyes, and one by one called on each and answered the best that he could, until a disruption interrupts their meeting.

"Get to where you belong, NOW" Ron shouted as everyone rushed out of the room, and headed to where they belonged.

After Ron and Hermione left the ward Harry turned to Snape,

"Do you want to tell me what actually happened or are you sticking with that story sir." Harry asked with a sarcastic tone.

"Nothing different than what you heard other than, I have a tracking spell on you to alert me when you go out of the wards; I went to get you, saw Bane attending to you, than I went back in to look around to see what I could make of it, that's when I saw Wormtail trying to escape as a rat and was able to capture him in not a very human way. Other than that nothing is different from what the Headmaster heard." Snape said in a hushed voice.

"I understand, I thought that I saw I glint of silver as I fell, now onto my second point for the night, why the hell are you in my head?" Harry asked in the most serious voice he could muster still he let a little laughter through.

"After Lily learned of the prophesy concerning you she went into study mode, she was worse than Granger when she got like that, if you can imagine that, anyway, she was able to find a spell that would have a guardian of sorts instilled on her son, to come out in times of great pain for the child. It was her way of watching over you for your whole life. I do not believe that you were ever meant to know, because she would have never wanted you in that amount of pain. Yes, I know when you are in pain, because that guardian is connected to me, and no your cutting was not enough pain for me to know, I do not know information that you share with him, nor the reason that he was called into action, all I feel is a slight pull in my mind. I also know that he was called on often in your childhood, but every time the Headmaster assured me of your safety. Than once you came to Hogwarts he has not been called into action until last week. Got anymore questions Potter?"

"Not at this time sir, thank you for telling me, at least I know that my mother loved me." Harry said as he turned his head away from the professor.

"He's calling," Snape said in a hush tone, before running out from the room.

"Good luck Severus," Harry whispered as he watched his mentor flee the room.

Professor Snape quickly walked out of the castle and to the edge of the wards, where he transfigured his clothing into his death eater ropes, as he stepped out of the wards he followed the pull of the mark to his meeting. Unfortunately for him, he did not go very far. The mark pulled him to the front gates of Hogwarts, just in time to watch the Dark Lord open the gates and walk onto the grounds surrounded by all his members from every walk of life.

"Dumbledore, I'm back!!!!" the Dark Lord shouted as his men split up and covered all the areas around the castle.

"It ends here and now Potter," the Dark Lord said as he closed his eyes and began chanting in Parseltongue, he opened his mind, and followed the connection that the two share until he reached Harry's mind.

"It ends in here Potter, this is where the battle will be fought, mind against mind, get ready to die." The Dark Lord said as he was out at the gates.

At the same time Harry Potter let out an ear-curdling scream as the Dark Lord broke all his defenses and entered his mind.

"You're all alone in here Potter no one will hear you scream as I kill you, and rise to power, rise to the level of a God."

"That might very well be true Tom, but I will not be the one to die tonight and as for you being a God, who in their bloody mind would want to worship you..."

"Now why is that Potter?"

"Because again, like normal you have don't have a chance, how do you expect to win, when you don't even know who or what you are fighting dumb ass, you would have thought by now not to underestimate me…God I only what 1 and I was able to kick your ass, and again at 11, and 12, and well I think you gave me off at 13, oh than I won again at 14 and umm again at 15…"

"ENOUGH!!!!!" The Dark Lord shouted…

"Now now Potter lets not taunt the snake man, he has no idea what he is facing, let alone even what is going on in his own ranks."

"Snape, what are you doing here?"

"Well you a see, I'm a guardian, to your worst enemy, I have not been on your side since before Potter was even born you arrogant bastard."

"ENOUGH, this ends here…Avad…"

"NOW Harry," Snape shouted just as the mindscape changed and the group was in forest.

Harry and Snape turned and ran with the Dark Lord following behind them,

"This is not game…" The Dark Lord said as he followed the two men deeper into the forest, into the heard of the forest.

"He didn't give me time Severus, I'm not ready.." Harry said panting as the two waited for the Dark Lord to catch up with them.

"Harry you are ready, you have always been ready, you have a lot more in here than the Dark Lord had anticipated, him attacking you mentally is the best thing that he could have done, look for your loyalties, look for your friends, look for everyone who believes in you, their power, their strength is inside of you. You just need to look." Harry closed his eyes,

"You are going to die Potter," The Dark Lord hissed as he pointed his wand at Harry, but before he could get the spell off, both men cried out in pain.

When the world came back into focus Harry was standing in front of the Dark Lord at the gates, his friends, his family, was surrounding him fighting off Death Eaters, fight for the light. When Harry opened his eyes they shined the brightest green that was ever seen.

"It ends here Tom, Avada Kedavra!!!" Harry shouted, griping his wand tight he held the spell as long as he could; the Dark Lord was so surprised at the change that he never noticed the green light coming, until it hit him in the chest. Harry held the spell as long as he was able, even after the Dark Lord went down.

All the battles had stopped to watch the two. As Harry ended the spell, he walked over to the body, in front of the Dark Lord; Harry closed his eyes as the Sward of Gryffindor materialized in his hand. Raising the sward above his head, he cried out,

"This is for all you have killed; I am avenging the death of my parents Lily and James Potter, of Cedric Diggory, of Sirius Black and all the others who have lost their lives. May there be a worse place for you than Hell and my there be peace in our world. Ultionis Fidelitas Diligo Nex!!!!"

He brought down the sward as hard as he could well repeating the spell, going through the neck of the Dark Lord, and watched as his fallen enemies head rolled towards him.

"It's done," Harry said quietly to himself, "It's done," he repeated again trying to get himself to believe it. Harry sat down on the ground and watched the mayhem as the Death Eaters fled, the moment the Dark Lord went down his faithful service scattered.

A man in black ropes kneeled down next to Harry, everyone else was to busy to notice the state that their hero was in.

"You finished it Potter, you fitful your destiny, it'd done" Professor Snape said

"It's time for you to live Harry" he continued.

"I don't know if I can Severus," Harry said with tears forming in his eyes, and the bloody sward still clutched in this hands.

"We will do it together, all of use will learn from each other Harry," Severus said as he swept his arm across the ground. The two sat on the blood soaked ground and watch everyone realize exactly what it means now, what it means to be free.

THE END...For Now...

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"The After Shock"