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Chapter 8

The two teenagers arrived at Kim's house, and both had just entered her bedroom. Ron threw the bags onto Kim's bed.

"Ron! Be careful!"

"What? They're just clothes, not anything breakable."

"The shirts are cashmere and satin! You don't just toss them around like rags." She quickly picked the bags off the bed and proceeded to gently take the items out and lay them on the bed.

Ron looked admonished, and plopped down on her desk chair, his head hung low.

"I'm sorry Ron. I shouldn't have barked at you like that." She walked over to him and quickly kissed Ron on the lips. First he smiled, and then so did she.

"Kim…" Ron said as he took both her hands into his, "There is still something that I would like you to do."

"What's that…? Oh that's right. Ron, I've apologized and said I was sorry so many times. What else do you want me to do?"

"Remember in the cafeteria when you said you would do anything to get me back?"

"Yeeeesssss…" Kim was starting to get a little worried where this was going. "But we're already back together, aren't we?"

"Do you remember how I said I would 'Get back to you' in regards to that?"

"Uhhh. Yes. I think so." Actually Kim didn't have to think. That scene had been replayed over and over in her mind during the day and her dreams at night. It was one of the worst days in her life.

"Well, I'd like to cash this promise in."

"I said I would do anything, what would you like me to do? I'm all yours." She stood straight in front of him, her hands out at her sides with the palms forward.

Ron's eyebrow shot up at this statement. Kim was so trusting of him. He knew she truly loved him. Here was Kim Possible, standing in front of Ron, her boyfriend, saying she would do anything he asked. Anything. I would be lying if a few adolescent thoughts didn't enter Ron's mind. But he had a better idea.

"Kim, I've actually thought about this for some time." He stood up from the chair and stepped up to her, pulling Kim into his body. Kim was slightly surprised.

"Oh…! Ron!" He placed his hands on Kim's lower back, and she slightly leaned away from him, pressing her waist into his. "I never thought…"

"Oh, no Kim. N… nothing like th… that." The contact surprised him a little, and it was making things… stir. He quickly backed himself off, knowing that Kim would soon feel what was starting to… uh… rise. "I would never ask you to do anything like that. I respect you too much."

Kim felt a little confused. She was glad he wasn't going to ask for a sexual favor, but a little disappointed at the same time.

Ron continued to hold her gaze for a few silent seconds, and then spoke again. "You know how we have that assembly on Monday in the gym?"

"Yeah…" She was getting a little suspicious

"Well, I would like you to request to speak to the student body for a minute or two afterwards. I'm sure they will let you do this."


"I'll let you know then."

"Ron, I'm not going to promise to do something before you tell me what it is."

"You said you would do anything, Kim. Well, this is what I want you to do. Can you trust me?"

"OK. I trust you Ron."

"Good." He then planted a kiss on Kim's lips that left her breathless. Dang, this boy can kiss!

"Now I need to go get Rufus from the vet, and make sure he's OK after getting that bad cheese. Then I'm going to spend all day Sunday, tomorrow, cleaning out our garage. Again."

"Need any help?"

"Nah, that's OK. Besides, I have a score to settle with a certain concrete Garden Gnome. I know he's in there somewhere. See you Monday morning?"

"OK, see you then." Ron gave her another quick kiss on the lips, and then gave her a hug. "I love you KP." He whispered into her ear, and promptly left her room before she could even respond in kind.

All day Sunday, Kim couldn't help but wonder what Ron was going to have her do at the assembly on Monday. Why would he want me to talk to the ENTIRE student body? I hope it's nothing embarrassing. He did say to trust him, so I will. I just hate not knowing.

That evening Ron called Kim.

"So Kim, are you ready for tomorrow?"

"Not really, Ron. I wish you would tell me what you are planning. You know how much I hate not knowing something."

"Hey… I asked you to trust me, didn't I?"

"Yes, you did, and yes, I do trust you."

"Good KP. Oh, you know what?"


"I Love You."

"I Love you too, Ron."

"Goodnight KP."

"Goodnight Ron."


The next day at school, the lunch hour had been extended to accommodate the assembly. Apparently, Team Impossible was going to be there to lecture everyone about the dangers of drugs, and the importance of completing their education.

All three members were there with their TI uniforms on, but a very noticeable GJ patch also adorned the clothing. Both Ron and Kim couldn't help but smile at that.

After the lecture was over, a short Q and A session ensued. Not many students asked questions, so it was very short. When there were no more questions, Mr. Barkin approached the podium.

"One last thing before we adjourn, Miss Kimberly Possible has asked for a word with the entire school. Miss Possible, if you will step up here, please? You have just a couple of minutes."

Kim looked over at Ron, and she stood up. "Ron, I still don't know what I'm going up here for. A little help here, please?"

"I'll be right up there with you Kim. I've got it all right here." Ron waved a folded piece of paper that he had just pulled from his pocket.

Kim walked up the steps of the stage, and over to the podium. Ron had followed her every step of the way. She stepped up behind the podium, and looked out over the entire school body. She then looked back at Ron who was standing a few feet behind her, and to the left, with a questioning glance.

Ron stepped up beside her, and handed her the folded piece of paper. "Just do what it says, Kim. I trust you."

"Wha…?" Why did he say he trusted me? She unfolded the piece of paper.

There was only one line of typed text. It said the following: "My name is Kimberly Anne Possible, and I must apologize to my boyfriend, Ron Stoppable. I… (insert your formal apology here)"

WHAT? This is it? She turned the paper over, looking for anything else. There was nothing. She looked back at Ron, who just motioned her to continue.

He's letting me apologize in my own words, but he's made me do this publicly? Well, my website says that I can do anything… I am soo going to hurt him later… Then I'll physically tell him how sorry I am.

"Ronald Stoppable, you are so dead." She said under her breath, but loud enough that Ron could hear. All Ron could do was grin sheepishly.

Kim took a deep breath, adjusted the microphone, and began.

"My name is Kimberly Anne Possible, and I must apologize to my boyfriend, Ronald Dean Stoppable. I am so sorry for what has happened the last few days."

The entire student body inhaled collectively at what the head cheerleader was doing.

"I did something that broke a sacred trust between us. I kissed someone else. I realized immediately that it was wrong, and that it shouldn't have happened at all. To make things worse, I secretly spied on him to see what he was doing." She looked back at Ron, who had a surprised look on his face. He hadn't known that she had watched him and Tara in the gym. "But what I saw was something that truly opened my eyes. Ron had the chance to kiss someone else, and he didn't do it."

Tara hung her head. She knew that Kim would be upset with her. She then mouthed the words 'I'm sorry' to Kim, who immediately mouthed back 'No big'.

Kim continued. "HE was able to resist. He was strong, and I was weak." Kim turned towards Ron, but continued to speak near the microphone. "Yes Ron. I said I was weak, and that you were strong." Tears began to flow out of her eyes.

"Ronald, I am so, so s… sorry that I k… kissed him." Kim's lower lip began to quiver. "P… please forgive me Ron. I love you. I… I told you once that you were m… my everything. You are th… that, and so much more. sniff> At the risk of sounding like a cliché, Ronald Stoppable, you complete me."

Ron could stand back no more, and took two huge steps and the two embraced each other on stage, and in front of the entire school. Everyone stood and cheered at what they had just witnessed. That is, all except for one, and I'm sure you know who that was. (Three guesses and first two don't count)

Mr. Barkin scowled at the blatant infraction of the schools PDA rule, but he let it go. He was sure he would get an earful from the school superintendent later, as this was in front of the entire school, and a few other teachers.

Mr. Barkin then quickly walked back to the podium. On his way, he placed a hand on the embracing teen's shoulders, and quietly told them to break it up.

"Now maybe this school can get back to being somewhat normal." Steve Barkin muttered under his breath. He then spoke into the microphone. "This assembly is dismissed."

Almost as if on Que., Kim's Kimmunicator beeped, and Kim shot her grappling gun at the ceiling. The two swung over the crowd, beating everyone to the exit.

Mr. Barkin shook his head in wonder. "Yup, back to being normal."

The End…

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