Chapter 5

Andrew, Monica and Henry watched as Adam maneuvered through the crowed of angels and up to the microphone at the front. Tapping it a few times to make sure it was working, he then made the announcement he had planned a few minutes ago. "Everyone, could I have your attention please?" He spoke loudly and clearly into the microphone and everyone at the party fell silent and turned their attention to him. "Okay listen, there are about ten minutes to midnight and the New Year and when the clock strikes midnight, everyone has to kiss someone. So find a partner and get ready for the greatest welcome into the New Year we have ever seen!" Adam announced excitedly. Everyone really seemed to love the idea, as they cheered loudly and quickly searched for a partner. Adam smiled proudly to himself and hopped down off of the stand before heading back toward the others.

As he approached, Monica, Andrew and Henry wore expressions that told him 'well done'. Adam looked expectantly at Monica. "Partners?" He asked as he held out his hand hopefully, but Monica only shook her head apologetically. "Sorry to disappoint you Adam, but Andrew's my partner." She told him gently before turning to Andrew in hopes that he wouldn't disappoint her. He seemed surprised, but joyful at the same time. "Really?" He confirmed in a sweetened voice as he placed a gentle hand on his friend's shoulder. She nodded contentedly, knowing they had been friends for so long that it wouldn't be too weird.

"Well, I'm going to go find Celeste." Henry smiled with equal contentment as he turned and disappeared into the ground in search of the young, blonde angel. Adam chuckled and shook his head as he thought about his choice. It didn't take long. "And I'm going to find Gloria." He sighed, referring to Monica's young charge before turning to leave.

Glancing around, Monica spotted her old supervisor, Tess with Sam, the Special Forces angel. She also noted that Ruth was with Ronald, the file clerk of the business and Kathleen was with Raphael, another one of Monica's old friends. There were only a few more seconds until midnight and Monica and Andrew turned to each other happily. "I love ya." Andrew told her quietly as he looked down upon her angelic features. Monica smiled. He was her best friend and she was happy to be doing this. "I love you too."


"Happy New Year." Andrew whispered as he leaned in. Monica smiled and their lips collided passionately.