Summary: The kids from That 70s Show somehow find their way to Shiz University. Hilarity insues.

A/N: Ok, so, first off, disclaimer, I own nothing involed in this fic. Not Wicked, which belongs to Steven Schwartz and Gregory Maguire, among others, or That 70s Show, which belongs to The Fox Corporation and its creators. Second, this idea was born of an extremely strange day where I watched both a bootleg of Wicked and several 70s Show reruns and started thinking about what would happen if Jackie and Glinda teamed up...this was what was born of it. Most of the deatails are from the show Wicked, although I took a few from the book and filled them in for effect.

It was a regular day for the kids of Point Place, Wisconsin. They were sitting in the Foreman's basement watching TV. Jackie walked defeatedly through the door. This was the first odd thing to happen all day, usually Jackie burst into a room with enough energy to set off a bomb.

"What's with you Jackie?" Donna asked, "Is everything OK? You seem bummed out."

Jackie shrugged, "This town is so boring. We've done everything worth doing. And, I already spent all of my allowance so I can't go shopping."

"It's not so bad." Eric chimed in, "At least we have the basement. And each other, I mean, we're fun."

"Foreman, don't say things like that," Hyde paused, "Or I'll have to kick your ass!"

"You want to know what would be fun?" Kelso spoke excitedly

"Kelso! We are not eating everything in the fridge again!" Eric cut him off, "I threw up way too much last time."

"Was that the time that you threw up and it came out purple?" Fez laughed, "That was funny. But it doesn't solve our current problem. We are bored."

"I have an idea of something to do." Hyde smiled and pulled his stash out from under his chair.

Elphaba Thropp sat reading a book on her bed in her Shiz dorm room. It was raining, and a Saturday so she had no class and had opted not to go for a walk with her room mate Galinda and her younger sister Nessarose. It was nice to be able to sit quietly in her room by herself. Ever since Galinda had decided they were friends she barely ever had a moment to herself, let alone enough of them to get through any of the thick books that lined her shelves.

"Elphie!" Galinda's high pitched squeaky voice rang in Elphaba's ears as she entered the room, "You're still here? What are we going to do with you?" Elphaba laughed

"I was planning on staying all day and finishing this book thank you very much!" She continued to read and tried to ignore her roommate. But Galinda refused to be ignored.

"No you're not, because me, you, Nessa, Boq, Fiyero and Avaric are going to The Ozdust tonight." Galinda walked over to her closet, "What are we going to dress you in?"

"I'm not going to the Ozdust tonight." Elphaba fought, "We go their every week, and I'm sick of it. Let's do something else."

"Well, do you have any other suggestions?" Galinda sighed exasperated.

"This was a good idea!" Jackie giggled as the six friends sat around in a circle, "This is always fun."

"You know what would be even more fun?" Fez laughed, "If we all got into the Vista Cruiser and drove to The Hub."

"Fine, Fez," Eric looked around, "But I think instead of the cruiser we should take Kelso's van."

"Yea, and instead of the Hub," Kelso laughed, "We should just drive to the middle of nowhere!"

"This does not sound like a very responsible thing to do guys!" Hyde shook his head, "Well, I'm game! Donna, you in?"

"What else am I going to do?" Donna was the first to stand up and head out to the van.

"GUYS!" Kelso jumped out of the van when it had stopped in the middle of an open field, "I brought my 'Darkside of the moon 8-track!' so we can listen to it!"

"Dark Side, very cool." The others all agreed.

"Guys, there's just one problem with this whole thing." Eric was practically shaking

"What is it Eric?" Donna, as usual was the only one concerned about her boyfriend's welfare!

"That very large tornado is headed right toward us! Everybody get in the van!"

"I can't believe I let you talk me into this." Elphaba sighed as she walked with her friends toward The Ozdust Ballroom. "We really need to find some place else to hang out."

"Well, I heard about this new place called 'The Philosophy Club' It's supposed to be really different." Avaric chimed in.

"I've heard about it too," Nessarose snapped, "It's just a pleasure faith trap. No self respecting unionist would ever go there."

"Well, I guess it's the Ozdust." Galinda laughed towards the green girl. "I mean, come on Elphaba, there are a lot worse things than having a regular hang out."

"I personally like the comfort of having a place where we can always go." Boq chimed in, although none of the others really cared much about his opinion.

"Well, I personally think it's really dull," Elphaba shook her head, "Although that isn't." She pointed towards an object that was flying through the sky. "What is it?"

The van landed and the six kids inside of it all stopped screaming for the first time since it had been picked up by the tornado.

"What the hell was that!" Eric shouted at the top of his lungs. "That's not supposed to happen!"

"Eric are you crying?" Donna moved closer to try and see Eric's eyes

"No!" But he pulled back so that she wouldn't see his crying.

"Haha, He is crying!" Fez shouted, "Foreman is crying like a little girl."

"Fez, man, that's not fair." Hyde answered, "I mean, no little girl would cry as much as Foreman! BURN!"

"Jackie, I'm scared hold me?" Fez approached the younger girl

"Ew Fez, NO!" Jack pushed him away, "Michael, where are we?"

"I dunno Jackie," Kelso looked around the van. "Maybe we're in heaven! I'll bet that's it, I bet we died and went to heaven!"

"I don't think so." Hyde said, "Because if this is heaven, Jackie wouldn't be here."

"Here's a crazy idea," Donna said, "Why don't we get out of the van, and see where we are."

"Big Red is right." Hyde agreed, "We should go investigate our surroundings."

"What is it?" Nessa asked, her wheel chair was keeping her from getting too close to the strange object that had just fallen in front of them.

"I don't know." Fiyero was circling it with the others trying to figure out what it is, "Elphaba, you read more than any one else in the world, have you seen anything like this before? In your books?"

Elphaba shook her head, "No, never anything like this."

"It's really ugly." Galinda commented, "Whatever it is." Suddenly a door on the thing opened and six people walked out of it.

"That girl is GREEN!" Kelso shouted seeing Elphaba as he walked out of the car

"Michael! That is so rude!" Jackie smacked him, eyeing the six strangers standing in front of them, "Hi, I'm Jackie. And the rude one is Michael Kelso." Before she could introduce the rest of the group, Fiyero interrupted her.

"Where did you come from? And what is that thing you came in?"

"Fiyero!" Galinda smacked her boyfriend, "I'm so sorry! You know boyfriends!"

"Do I ever!" Jackie exclaimed, "This one was a total doofus before I started dating him!"

"I was not a total doofus!" Kelso corrected, "I was still extremely good looking!"

"Michael, sh!" Jackie bossed, "No one asked you for your opinion. I was talking to, what's your name again?" She turned to the little blonde


"Great, so now we know two of their names," Elphaba cut in, "Jackie, Michael, I'm sure you're extremely interesting. What about the rest of you, I'm Elphaba Thropp, this is my sister Nessarose, her boyfriend Boq, and this is Avaric. You were already introduced to Fiyero sort of." She gestured towards him, but Fiyero had already grown bored with the conversation and had made his way inside of the van.

"Well, I'm Donna Pinciotti." The tall redhead seemed instantly attracted to the green girl's straightforwardness. "And this is Eric, Fez, and Hyde." She pointed to each guy as she said their names. "Now that we have introductions out of the way, where are we?"

"Shiz University." Boq stated matter of factly.

"And where is that?" Hyde's curios expression was hidden behind his large sunglasses. They always helped him to appear laid back.

"Shiz is located in province of Gilikin, at the center of Oz." Nessarose explained

"Did you say Oz?" Eric asked "Like with the Wizard and everything?"

"Foreman," Hyde said, clasping his arm on his friend's shoulder, "I have a feeling we're not in Point Place any more!"

So that's just the first chapter. In the coming chapters...

What would happen if Jackie and Galinda go shopping?

What if Avaric takes Fez and Kelso to The Philosophy Club?

Who can be more intellectual and sarcastic Donnaor Elphie?

Who can care less about things, Hyde or Fiyero?

Who is a bigger dork, Eric or Boq?

Which 70s guy will find himself falling for Nessa?

Is any of this really happening or are the kids just REALLY stoned?

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